34th fighter Squadron Yearbook

Information Needed on the 34th Fighter Squadron and WW2 Vets in WW2, Please send me your information.

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Information about the Radar Pickett Ships around the island of Okinawa in World War 2 is greatly needed, please help.

These are personal photo sets and stories from the readers and members of the 34th fighter squadron located on the island of Ie Shima in WW2.

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From:  RobRielly@aol.com
Mr. Dyrek, I have enjoyed looking over your P-47 website and hope that you will be able to help me.  I am a historian currently researching the radar picket ships during the battle for Okinawa from April through August 1945.   The Navy set up a ring of 16 stations surrounding the island in order to give  warning of raids headed for the landing site.  These ships took heavy losses and casualties, soon becoming targets of the kamikazes.  Assigned to fly a protective CAP over the ships were Marine Corsair F4U fighters from Yontan and Kadena fields on Okinawa.  On many occasions, they were also covered by Wildcats and Hellcats off the aircraft carriers.  In my research I found evidence in a destroyer action report that 4 P-47 Thunderbolts flew CAP over the ships on one of the Radar Picket Stations on June 6.  This was a highly unusual entry as the P-47s on Ie Shima were there for long range flights to Japan and China, picket  protection was usually a Navy-Marine assignment.  Since I want to credit the flyers who flew over the ships in my book, I am now looking further to see if I can turn up anyone who might have first hand knowledge of Radar Picket Patrol.  Ken Elender says he doesn't have any information about it and I have contacted the P-47 Association as well.  Can you shed any light on this or can you put me in contact with anyone who can?  Thanks for the help.  Rob Rielly 
We are looking for information about War Correspondent Jack Singer for his nephew Jeff Hubbard.  Jack Singer was a War Correspondent for the U.S. Navy and was stationed on the USS WASP when it was sunk in 1942.  We are also looking for information about any members of the ships company. Please send me information at the bottom of this page if you have any information.  You can email me or give me a call (818) 419-1260.  Thanks for your help

 Jeff Harband

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located on the island of Ie Shima in WW2



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