More Aircrews and nose art of Ole Droopy Drawers and other P-47 Thunderbolts

34th Fighter Squadron Showing the P-47 Thunderbolt Nose Art on Ole Droopy Drawers

This is Page 14
from the 34th fighter Squadron Yearbook

More Aircrews and nose art of Ole Droopy Drawers and other P-47 Thunderbolts

Lower on this page is a letter from the pilot of Droopy Drawers, Larry Jennings, the man who loaned me his 34th Fighter Squadron Yearbook so I could make this website.   By the way, this 34th Fighter Squadron exhibit was the first exhibit in the Yellow Airplane Museum and I thank Larry very much for this loan and for his service to his country.   C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster
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The 34th  Fighter Squadron
Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt
from Ie Shima Island North West of Okinawa
The 34th Fighter Squadron Yearbook Page 14

Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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Dear Mr. Dyrek,

 My grandma was a WAAC, and she was in the motorpool. She has some great stories about driving Wendell Wilkie and meeting with Curtis Lemay. The story about Droopy Drawers is really just a family anecdote, but it’s a favorite. She was with my grandfather while he was stationed on Okinawa and was walking down the street one day and the elastic on her underwear gave out while she was walking in front of a group of airmen. Well, as you may imagine, there were many whistles and catcalls and such, and she scurried home thinking it was one of the more embarrassing moments of her life. She was even more embarrassed when, a few weeks later, her husband took her to see the freshly painted plane, “Droopy Drawers”. So we don’t actually have proof that it’s based on that incident, but it would be a major coincidence if not! Especially as I just learned from her today the he was with the 34th as an armament chief – Albert “Jack” Shields. I never knew that – I always just knew he was with the “ Hollywood 8th” when it went to England , but apparently that was his first tour with the service. When he re-upped, he was with the 34th. They stayed on Okinawa until they opened up the Philippines for families. Then they spent some time there before coming back to the States. My grandfather passed on a few years ago, but I will scan and send pictures of him as well. We’re off on a week-long trip in San Diego tomorrow, but I will try to get to them after that. Hope all is well, and I’m glad I could make your day yesterday; it certainly made mine as well!  Roni Leland

4 Aug 2007



A letter from Larry Jennings 2-Feb-2004
Jeff, after taking to you I went to your website and found my picture on page 13.  I am standing under Droopy Drawers   (even scribbled my  initials LPJ below) next to my crew chief, Norm Peiper, my armorer - can't remember his name at the moment - and Bill Colvin who alternated with me flying Droopy on missions (we didn't fly two days in a row because we lost so much weight every mission.). Cheers!
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Aero Detail Vol. 14

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In Detail & Scale Vol. 54

A photo essay of the P-47 Thunderbolt covering all production versions. No  less than ten existing Thunderbolts were photographed to show every detail from the  propeller hub to the position light on the rudder. Includes excerpts from the original operations manual and period photos of the P-47 in action. 225 photos, 3-view drawings and line art. 80 pgs. with 16 in color, 8½"x 11", sfbd.







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