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The 34th Fighter Squadron Yearbook Page 35.

Drawings of Action Scenes
by D. C. Jones.


These WW2 paintings depict the conditions
on Ie Shima during the war.
Soldiers playing cards and Soldiers Marching.

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Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

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Click Here we see lots of action, battle action, war action.  There's a time to
play cards, and there's a time go to war.  Men sit in protected area playing cards
with a lookout standing guard.  These men are on the island of Ie Shima which is located
within seeing distance of the island of Okinawa's North West corner.  The color pictures of the
island today are just fantastic.  Ie Shima looks like a scuba divers diving paradise.  That's
one of the dreams in my life is to go diving off of the coast shores of Ie Shima. 


But I'm done dreaming and its about time to go back to work just like the men on Ie Shima.


When these guys were at war, they weren't at war all of the time every single minute.

   They do have time off and these times are some of the most enjoyable moments that a person may ever
have in their entire life.  Every minute is remembered and ingrained into the minds of the men and women
 and even dogs that have served in the military.   But, look through this exhibit and you will find maintenance men,
camera men, store houses and offices.  These men were the machine behind the soldiers that took the
battle to the enemy, yes, our pilots that put their lives in jeopardy every day to
keep the rest of the soldiers, doing the maintenance, safe
and a long way from the enemy. 

  Don't think for a minute that
these guys didn't see any action.
You can bet that they did indeed
see tons of action.  But when it
was over, it had to be back to
life as normal, work, fix, and
pray that you never get hit




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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron

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