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Photos of the 34th Fighter Squadron Personnel Section A - B in WW2.

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Photos of Roll Call For Personnel in WW2 Ie Shima in the Pacific Theater near Okinawa.
the 34th fighter Squadron Yearbook Page 3.

This is the squadron Personnel section from the 34th fighter squadron located on the island of Ie Shima in WW2.

Photos and a Personnel List A-B of members of the 34th fighter squadron on Ie Shima.

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Photos of the 34th  Fighter Squadron
Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt
from IE Shima Island North West of Okinawa.


Roll Call for the 34th Fighter Squadron
Photos Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek.


34th Squadron Home

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34th Squadron Members A-B

  • Henry C. Allen 
  • Russell E., Anderson 
  • Jolly L. Armstrong 
  • Verne Armstrong 
  • Mason F. Arrowood 
  • Michael J. Auciello 
  • Robert R. Auld 
  • Raul Avila 
  • Paul F. Bailey 
  • Ramiro R..Baltazar 
  • Stephen Barker, Jr. 
  • Elmer C. Barnhart, Jr. 
  • Pasquale T. Basile 
  • Harry A. Berman 
  • Joseph H. Berryman 
  • Sidney S. Berthel 
  • Stanley C. Bigus 
  • Stanley E. Bishop 
  • Lawrence Blackhurst 
  • Gordon Blanchard 
  • George 0. Blare 
  • Marx J. Block 
  • Andy R. Boles 
  • Ward J. Bonavier 
  • Hursel G. Bostic 
  • Charles W. Bottigi 
  • John T. Bourke 
  • Ernest A. Boury 
  • Route #2 Box 93, Lipscomb, Alabama. 
  • 124 Vasa E. Fergus Falls, Minn. 
  • Perkinstown, Wisconsin. 
  • 609 E. Sanborn St. Winona, Minn. 
  • Route #3 Rutherfordton, No. Carolina 
  • 59 Elliot St., Norwood, Mass 
  • 1826 N. 57th St. Seattle, Washington 
  • 1421 Essex St., Los Angles, Cal. 
  • 2114 Miami St. South Bend, Indiana 
  • 2019 Nary St., Corpus Christi, Texas 
  • 118 Valley Road., Garden City, L.I., N.Y. 
  • 434 E. Chestnut St., Washington, Penn. 
  • 1110 W. Alley, Meadville Penn. 
  • 448 40th St., Oakland, Cal. 
  • 2519 Wichita Houston, Texas 
  • 54 Mount Washington Ave., Malden Mass 
  • 843 N. 24th St., Philadelphia, Penn. 
  • Duke Center, Penn. 
  • 159 Wellington Ave., Washington, Pa. 
  • Taft Ave., Mendon Mass 
  • 524 E. Washington, Greensburg, Indiana 
  • 5206 Sherwood Rd., Little Rock, Ark. 
  • Route #1 'Sycamore, Virginia 
  • 4076 20th St., San Francisco, Cal. 
  • Jenkinjones West Va. 
  • Wilton, Maine 
  • 3429 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Ill. 
  • 3228 Dubuque, Des Moines Iowa 

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