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34th Fighter Squadron Captain Harry Strawn Jr., Operations Officer. and List of Squadron Members: Bo - De.

This is the text from page 4 of the 34th fighter Squadron Yearbook. List of squadron personnel from Bo - De.

The following pages covers the WW2 military Warbirds like the P-47 thunderbolts. 

and their crews on this western pacific island named IeShima which is located near Okinawa.  Continue by pressing the right arrow located throughout this series of pages.
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The 34th  Fighter Squadron
Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt
from IE Shima Island North West of Okinawa

Operations Officer of the 34th Fighter Squadron
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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34th Fighter Squadron Members Bo-De

  • Joeseph F. Bowers
  • Allen D. Bradford 
  • James N. Brady 
  • Charles A. Briscoe 
  • Clarence A. Brown 
  • Sterling S. Brown 
  • Robert L. Brunson 
  • William L. Buck 
  • Frank E. Buckiewics 
  • Troy C. Burden 
  • Floyd J. Burns 
  • Alfred L. Burrell 
  • Meyer Bushkin 
  • Albert F. Campbell
  • Peter F. Caron 
  • Brendon J. Carroll 
  • Gabriel S. Castillo 
  • William R. Castor 
  • Glenn 0. Chapman 
  • Jack Smith Chapman (1923-1975) Photo 1
  • David F. Cheney 
  • Edward P. Chicvara 
  • Zigmunt J. Ciecierski 
  • Rudolph E. Ciganek 
  • Harry G. Clark 
  • Gustaf R. Clauson 
  • Joseph G. Coleman 
  • Romain E. Colin 
  • William A. Colvin 
  • Kenneth F. Cooke 
  • Willis V. Cornelius 
  • William J. Costello 
  • Lewis L. Cote 
  • Thomas H. Cowley 
  • Howard K. Crane, Jr. 
  • Samuel R. Crocker 
  • Alvin W. Crow 
  • Albro K. Crumb 
  • Orrel Culwell 
  • Stanley S. Cummings 
  • Ulysses R. Cyr . 
  • Arvid E. Dahlstrom 
  • John R. Daley 
  • Joseph D. Dalton 
  • Jack E. Darnielle 
  • Robert H. Daum 
  • Henry N. Davidson 
  • John R. Davin 
  • Anthony C. Davis 
  • Warren.A. Davis 
  • George .L. Dean 
  • Guy DeCara 
  • Robert J. DeCrocker 
  • Claude DeGraaf 
  • Anthony J. Delucia 
  • John F. Deming 
  • 508 S. Queen St., Littlestown Penn. 
  • Ocean City, Maryland 
  • Route #2 St. Elmo, Illinois 
  • Route #2 Oxford, Miss 
  • Box #202 Bonaparte, Iowa 
  • Pleasant View, Kentucky 
  • Route #2 Seminola Oklahoma 
  • 57 5th St., Valley Stream L.I., N.Y. 
  • 47 Weston Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. 
  • RR #1 Rockport, Indiana 
  • 414 21st St., Niagara Falls New York 
  • 518 Washtenaw Ave., Ypsilanti, Michigan 
  • 584 E. 2nd St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
  • 3025 Steinway St., Long Island City, N.Y. 
  • 261 Central Bt., Forestville, Conn. 
  • 4 Circuit Square, Roxbury, Mass 
  • 2815 Morales St., San Antonio, Texas 
  • 1204 W. Springfield, Urbana, Ill. 
  • 8 Southmont Ave., Johnstown, Penn. 
  • 4156 Rosewood Ave., Los Angeles Cal. 
  • Briarwood Wakeham, Mass. 
  • 5148 So. Artesian Ave., Chicago, Ill. 
  • Route #1 Walnut St , Natrone, Penn. 
  • 415 Rodney St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
  • 917 No. Monroe St., Topeka Kansas 
  • 213 W. Caroll St., Tullahoma Tenn. 
  • 322 38th St., Pittsburgh, Penn. 
  • Route #13 Box #501 Tacoma, Washington 
  • 535 Mercer St., Albany 3, New York 
  • 167 Seymour St., Harford 6 Conn. 
  • Route #1 Conover, N. Carolina, 
  • 869 Congress Ave., New Haven, Conn. 
  • 48 Railroad St., Lawrence Mass 
  • Craig's, Mahanoy City, Penn. 
  • Route #31 Belle Mead New Jersey 
  • Route #2, Smithfield Virginia 
  • 1045 N. Curson Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
  • Route  #2 Watervliet, Michigan 
  • Bangor, Alabama
  • 111 Third St.,  Pacific Grove, Cal. 
  • Box #477 Van Buren Maine 
  • 9 Warwick St., Auburn, Mass 
  • 15-803 Lathrop St., Harvey, lllinois 
  • 1030 Roane St., Harriman, Tenn. 
  • 217 W. Williams Bt., Ottumwa, Iowa 
  • 1925 Perry Ave., Wilmington, No. Carolina 
  • 8014 Belfast St., New Orleans, La. 
  • 59 Parkside St., Springfield Mass 
  • RD #1 Amston, Conn. 
  • 14 Coddington St., Newport, Rhode Island 
  • Holland Patent, New York 
  • 3210 Grant St., Richmond., Virginia 
  • 453 Egleston, Kalamazoo, Michigan 
  • 1325 Chicago Drive, SW, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
  • 2048 62nd. St., Brooklyn, New York 
  • RFD #4 Rome, New York

This is a picture of my deceased husband Jack Smith Chapman (1923-1975)  on the island of Ie Shima during the war.    At my other home I have the book you show and photos and a story he  wrote.  Your list  seems to have him listed as  Zack S Chapman.  I remember him mentioning Meyer Bushkin, so I know I  am in the right group. After the war he attended USC. He played second  string football, Graduated Cum Laude and went to graduate school. We   married on February 2 ,1952 and had five children.  He taught school for  18 years in the San Fernando Valley, Calif.  He died suddenly June  17,1975 due to blockage of the artery to the  heart just before the   bypass surgery became popular.  I was about to send this photo to my   family and decided to look up IE SHIMA and found your website. 
Helen  Chapman 
 Veterans,  Read This




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