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34th Fighter Squadron Pilots Photos On
Ie Shima in World War 2

These are the members from D-H
from the 34th fighter Squadron Yearbook.
34th Fighter Squadron Page 5

Squadron Personnel List D-H and Pilots Photos for the 34th Fighter Squadron members on Ie Shima in World War 2

This is a complete list of men from D-H of the 34th fighter squadron located on the western Pacific island called Ie Shima.  This small island is located just north west of Okinawa.  These photos of the men and the pilots were taken in World War 2.

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 The 34th  Fighter Squadron
Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt
from IE Shima Island North West of Okinawa


The Orderly Room at IE Shima Island
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


34th Squadron Home
Webmaster,I don't usually write to things like this but found your site accidentally . Martin Hobman was my uncle. He died of throat cancer many years ago. To a young boy of 8 years of age He was a regular war hero.  I believe he was a gunner. They truly where the greatest generation. Seven of My uncles where in WW2. Best of luck M. Jack Hobman



34th Fighter Squadron Members D-H

  • Ward J'. Derks 
  • Nicholas J. DeFrisco 
  • John A. Dobb 
  • Carl E. Doerr 
  • John D. Donavan 
  • Irving Dorfman 
  • Henry K. Ducoty 
  • August H. Duda, Jr. 
  • John J. Dundon 
  • Joseph A. Dziedzic 
  • Richard W. Eaton 
  • Joseph C. Egelhofer 
  • Fred J. Endres 
  • John Ewart 
  • Joseph J. Ferry 
  • Charles W. Fisher 
  • Donald F. Fitzgerald
  • Robert A. Fitzgerald
  • Harvey E. Foster 
  • Wallace P. Fournier
  • Salvatore L. Fricano
  • Harold W. Fux 
  • Donald W. Gaffney
  • Dominick Galie 
  • Benson B. Gardner 
  • William B. Garlick 
  • Ralph W. Gehl 
  • Adrian A. Gerber 
  • Robert N. Gerhart 
  • Aaron J. Gershowitz 
  • Peter Z. Giocondo 
  • George Gordon 
  • Archibald C. Gratz
  • Curtiss H. Gruye 
  • Harry Gunsky 
  • Leo F. Gutowski 
  • James H. Hagerman
  • William H. Haines, III
  • John F. Hall
  • Raymond F. Hankins 
  • Victor H. Hankey 
  • Walter C. He1ms 
  • Harvey J'. Heiner 
  • Lorin C. Herring 
  • Stanley B. Hilberg 
  • Martin Hobman 
  • Alva E. Hoffman 
  • Edson R. Hollnagel 
  • Howard Z. Holman 
  • Claude B. Honeycutt 
  • Harry L..Hossler 
  • John F. Hough 
  • Philip D. Hruska 
  • Donald Hudson 
  • Jack R Huey 
  • 2 East Central Ave., Zeeland., Michigan 
  • 180 E 104th St., New York, N.Y. 
  • 127 Myrtle Ave., Muskegon Michigan 
  • 450 E.7th St., Alton, Illinois 
  • 533 Custer Ave., Billings Montana 
  • 602 Lake Shore Drive, Michigan City, Ind. 
  • 8038 Bliss Ave. Detroit, Mich. 
  • 2764 Monroe St., Toledo, Ohio 
  • 32 1/2 Louisa St., Binghampton, New York 
  • 12 Manchester St., West Warwick, Rhode Is. 
  • 163 Main St., Leeds, Mass 
  • 4395 Broadway, New York., N.Y. 
  • Box #222 Chatsworth, Illinois 
  • Route #3 Mount Vernon, Ohio 
  • 1322 E. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Michigan 
  • 207 W. Chippewa St., Dwight, Illinois 
  • Route #1 Box #1 New Albany Miss 
  • 252 Dennison Parkway, Corning New York 
  • 12186 Cherry Lawn Detroit, Michigan 
  • 28 Grove St., Millbury Mass 
  • 268 W. Tupper St., Buffalo, New York 
  • 526 So. Main St., Opelousas Louisiana 
  • 3706 Drakewood Drive, Cincinnati Ohio 
  • Box #189 Fai.rbanks, Penn. 
  • 431 Glendale M., Hampton, Virginia 
  • 20 Adriance St., Poughkeepsie, New York
  • Caledonia, Michigan
  • Baltic, Ohio 
  • 640 E. Main St., Rockhaven Penn. 
  • 1411 N.Kentucky, Oklahoma City Oklahoma 
  • Ferry St., Stockton, New Jersey 
  • 3707 Towanda Ave., Baltimore Maryland 
  • Serena Park, Carpinteria, CA 
  • Tacoma Ave., South Tacoma, Washington 
  • 2100 Anthony Ave., Bronx, New York 
  • 15 Corey St., Amsterdam, New York 
  • Box #273 Park City, Kentucky 
  • 55 North College Ave., Flourtown, Pa. 
  • 17 S. Julian Place, Tompkinsville Staten Island, N.Y.
  • 135 N. Essex Ave., Orange New Jersey 
  • 75 Harpers Ferry Road Waterbury, Conn. 
  • 1103 Kirkwood. Ave., SE, Atlanta Ga. 
  • 2207 Prospect Ave., Hew Holstein, WI 
  • Route #2 Dover Feycroft Maine 
  • 1512 4th St., San Fernando, California 
  • 2008 Brookfield Ave Baltimore, Maryland 
  • 6627 47th Place, Riverdale Maryland 
  • 3508 36th Ave., Minneapolis Minn 
  • 376 N. Maple Ave Kingston Penn. 
  • 306 Sanson Ave. Alabama City, Ala. 
  • 111 McClelland St., Philadelphia Penn, 
  • 102 Conwell Ave., West Summerville, Mass. 
  • Route #5 Paola Kansas 
  • 275 N. 1st St., Albemarle North Carolina 
  • 447 M. Millwood Ave., Wichita, Kansas
This exhibit was from a yearbook about a WW2 fighter squadron in the Western Pacific.  There is a possibility that this yearbook is the only copy still in existence.  If you know anyone from this squadron or have any information to add to this exhibit, 
Please send me e-mail at the bottom of this page.


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