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34th Fighter Squadron Fighter Squadron Members in WW2 Pacific.

On the island of Ie Shima during WW2 near Okinawa in the Pacific Theater.

WW2 34th Fighter Squadron Members W - Z on Ie Shima.

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The 34th  Fighter Squadron
Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt
from IE Shima Island North West of Okinawa

Can you tell me what these raised fuel tanks are for? One of the Supply Tents
Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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34th Fighter Squadron Members W-Z

  • Paul W. Williams 
  • John J. Witkowski 
  • Lee R. Witterstaeter 
  • Dean A. Wolf 
  • Gene E. Wood 
  • William J. Woods 
  • James K. Worley 
  • Hayden Wright 
  • John N. Wyndham 
  • Charles T. Young 
  • Charles C. Zeidlik 
  • Lawrence J. Zwirz  .
  • 907 N. Hayes St., Amarillo, Texas 
  • 273 Rosewood Terrace, Rochester, N.Y. 
  • 1426 Valentine, Beaumont, Texas 
  • RR #5 Eaton, Ohio 
  • 426 West Alger Sheridan, Wyo. 
  • 377 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 
  • 175 Dewey Ave., Spartanburg, S. Carolina 
  • 116 Chesnut St., Camden, Maine 
  • 603 N. Queen St., Martinsburg W. Va. 
  • Route #4, Boise, Idaho 
  • Middle River, Minnesota 
  • 2971 Harding Ave., New York, N.Y. 

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the 34th fighter Squadron

USS Kitty Hawk

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