Eddie Shaboo Training the Seabees with Super Judo Instruction in WW2 Ie Shima Island

Eddie Shaboo Training the Seabees Judo

Former Wrestler, Eddie Shaboo, is giving Super Judo Instruction in the Central Pacific Area  
Photos donated by

Mary E. Shaboo, Program Support Assistant
Health Care for Homeless Veterans

The Marines at the Ernie Pyle Memorial
during the ceremony.

Judo Instructor, former Wrestler, Eddie Shaboo, trains the US Seabees Super Judo
Photos donated by Mary E. Shaboo


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A Letter from Mary

So, on the photos I sent; the one of my Dad standing with the medals  were awarded for the Atlantic Fleet Belt, Pacific Fleet Belt and I am not sure which is which, but the box in his hand is full of various medals also.  The article about "Shaboo Training the Seabees" (I hope you were able to  read it, if not let me know and I'll either type it out or try faxing it to you.) This was prior to go to the White House to train the police force   and  secret service personnel. (I have a letter from the White House thanking  him  for the training he provided.) 

Now, the one of Ernie Pyle was taken in  Saipan and the weapon was Not his, he was not allow to carry a weapon  as a foreign war correspondent.  One of the guys in my Dad's squad handed him  the  weapon.  I also hoped you could make out the inscription at the lower right  corner.  If you can not, of course I know it by heart "To Eddie Shaboo   the  greatest little Jap fighter this Seabee Correspondent ever met." 

The   photo of the three men, my Dad was on the right, the other two people were   men in his squad, I never know their names.

Anyway, I wish I could send you the whole album, so you could peruse.    I also have an article about Tom Mix betting 10,000 on Dad to pin 3  heavyweights in 15 minutes.  He did and Tom Mix gave him a diamond  ring.  Hoot Gibson's name, also, is in that article.  He dated Ida Lapino's sister also at one time and I have a photo of her and him.

He did have a colorful past.   Well, I'm at work and my supervisor was just  checking on me. So I must close for now.  Please stay in contact so I know  how things are going with your write-up. OK.

Ernie Pyle: A Hoosier Childhood   by Bob Bales
Book Description
Ernie Pyle: A Hoosier Childhood is based on the childhood of Ernie Pyle. Never before published photos of the young Ernie Pyle and  his family and relatives add weight to the story's authenticity. Ernie's story teaches us that it is most often the simple things in life that  provide the glue in a community. Values such as honesty, persistence and concern for those less fortunate often bring the greatest honor to a community and true victories, as ever, are won by those have faith, perseverance and hope. A little novel with a great heart, A  Hoosier Childhood is a book for readers interested in the forces that created a great American journalist. 

About the Author
Bob Bales was a B-24 bomber pilot during World War II. Bales organized and operated the Air Force Operational Art Program as the official illustrator to the Air Force. After working for Walt Disney on several major motion pictures, Bob played a key role on the  five-member team responsible for developing Pepperdine's Malibu campus. A Ph.D. in business administration, Bob still considers his  greatest accomplishment to be his Eagle Scout badge. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama. 

The 34th Fighter Squadron Exhibit is designed to honor the pilots and squadron personnel for their heroic action in World War II.  WW2 was a tough war which we were very close to losing. The men in these pages deserve to have their names and their aircraft placed into the new cyber history book at Yellow Airplane.  This exhibit shows the aviation squadron located on IE Shima island south of Japan.  This Japanese island chain created the stepping stones to the defeat of the Japanese in World War 2.  As the war progressed, the allied forces built many seaports, airports, small airstrips and supply depots along this Japanese island chain.  The 34th fighter Squadron and its aircraft, the P47 Thunderbolt is one of these bases.
Airplanes create dreams.  Dreams of leaving the restriction of a two dimensional world.  Dreams of having freedom to travel anywhere, in any direction at any time and any distance. Aircraft give us the big advantage to do all of these things in only a short while.  When we dream of airplanes, we lift our heads to the sky.  We feel the pride of having limitless capabilities.  We don't pick up airplanes, airplanes lift us up and our minds are launched into new horizons.  We need airplanes and we need to keep airplanes in all of our minds.  Aviation gives our people an upward mobility that no other branch of technology can ever do.  As long as we feed our dreams, we have someplace to go.
C. Jeff Dyrek



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