34th Fighter Squadron, with P-47 Thunderbolt fighters, in 1944 Ie Shima one of the Japanese islands of World War 2

The 34th  Fighter Squadron
Flying the P-47 Thunderbolt
from Ie Shima Island North West of Okinawa

The 34th Fighter Squadron
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Kermit Kelley 
This photo was sent in by his son Dan Kelley Here the Japanese Surrender Pilots poses with a Military Police, MP


a japanese betty bomber with the japanese surrender delegation on ie shima
Scanned by Dan Kelley
Photo by Kermit Kelley


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Japanese Propaganda Art Exhibit
This is a very rare exhibit of Japanese art from WW2 1941 -1942
Exhibit Added 10 June 2007

Propaganda Art was used by forces on all sides in WW2 as well as all wars in history.  This kind of art gave pride to the citizens of those countries who produced it and gave a unity in support of the wars.  This exhibit is an excellent example of Japanese Propaganda art.
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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron

USS Kitty Hawk

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