Adventure travel takes you on a photography expedition tour through Alaska.

Mirror Lake Alaska was the next stop north, Alaskan Travel Expedition of 2006.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster at the Kenai Peninsula Alaska. Oct 2006
Beautiful Pictures of Mirror Lake Alaska, North of Anchorage  This was the next stop north of Eagle River Alaska.  Mirror Lake Alaska was absolutely fantastic and it's one place that I'm certainly glad that I stopped.  There are a number of homes around the lake, a nice park and many sea planes
Fotos hermosas de Lago Espejo de Alaska, el norte de Anchorage Esta fue la siguiente parada al norte de Ro Eagle Alaska. Lago Espejo Alaska era absolutamente fantstico y es un lugar que yo estoy ciertamente contento de que me detuve. Hay una serie de casas alrededor del lago, un bonito parque y muchos aviones mar


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Alaska Expedition 2006.

Beautiful Mirror Lake Alaska

A Home on the shore of Mirror Lake

Another house and an airplane on Mirror Lake Alaska, Look at the beautiful Trees


  Photos by C. Jeff Dyrek 


After I originally after I headed north out of Anchorage, I was heading up highway one going to Wasalla.  But then I had to stop in Eagle River and drive around in the mountains.  When I was satisfied with this I again headed toward Wasalla Alaska.  But there was a sign called Mirror Lake.  Mirror Lake, I thought, I have to stop there, it has to be fantastic with these beautiful mountains in the background.  Mirror Lake was just off of the highway so it didn't take long to get there. 

I AM GLAD THAT I STOPPED!  Mirror Lake Alaska is exactly what they call it, mirror lake.  It's one of the most beautiful views that anyone can ever see.  I certainly hope that I show my views of Mirror Lake properly in these pictures. 

The Top picture shows the trees just as the clouds have passed opening up the light to the fall foliage.  You can still see the cloud in the background looking like a perfectly white sky.  The bottom of the mountain is showing with the golden lining of the fall colors reflecting in the mirror of Mirror Lake. 

It's sure nice to have a telephoto lens on my camera.  Here's one of the houses on Mirror Lake Alaska.  It seems like a lot of Alaskan's have their own airplane and I believe that there are more airplanes in Alaska, per capita, than any other state in the union.  This is part of the explanation of why there are so many smart people in Alaska too.

The bottom of the picture shows another house nestled among the golden Fall trees.

If you go to Anchorage, GO TO MIRROR LAKE ALASKA.

I stayed at mirror lake for quite some time.  I took a lot more pictures, some of which you will see on the next couple of pages.


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