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 > Call this the 6000 jump (that's 2000 a minute)

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  balloon: the first polar balloon cup, 1998
  Balloon/parachute: Ivan Trifonov unasuccessfully tries to fly his
  balloon at
  the pole as parachutists jump from helicopters.
  Safonov: Mikhail Safionov, pioneer of ice diving, in the 1999
  Underwater: the top of the world seen from below.

2 guys: At the end of the base evacuation following the appearance of a
  crack in the ice runway, the chopper lands to pick up the last camp
  Sredny: The An-74 usually stops in Sredny Island, a nearly abandoned
  military airport, on the way to the pole. This is the last sunset we
  see for a month.
  Chopper-backlit: Mi-8 helicopters, the workhorse of Soviet aviation,
  fly to
  the pole every few days.
  Kinyov: Vladimir Kinyov, helicopter captain and base commander, who
  in a fishing accident near Khatanga in 1998.
  Sastrugi is the name given to beautiful formations of snow shaped by
  Stalactite: frozen sea-ice slowly expels its salt, forming stalactites.
  Sometimes the blocks of ice shift, creating slanted stalactites.

  Fishing: We tried to catch some krill, but couldn't find enough open
  GPS: hard to see, but the GPS proves we're at the pole.
  radio: I tried every night to make contact with the base, but an
  magnetic storm made it impossible.
  Silvia: at the end Silvia was in considerable pain from blisters.
  Pull: Silvia pulling the sleds through an area of rubble ice -- hard
  Tent: This was our mobile home for 8 days, to be set at the pole and
  apart far from it.

Christopher Pala, Rediscovering the North Pole: The Oddest Place on Earth

The Oddest Place on Earth: Rediscovring the North Pole

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