take a walk on top of the arctic ocean while you're on the north poleIcy Ivan

Ivan Trifonov a man of adventure
What does this man do for fun

The South Pole is an adventure that you can soon take.  At this time you can go to the North Pole by clicking on the banner below.

When you walk on the north pole you will feel like an astronaut walking on another planet.  The north pole in the very top of the world and the exact middle of the arctic circle.  This is an adventure of a lifetime.  An adventure that will give you bragging rights to your groups greatest adventure.  I want to go myself and it will happen soon.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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North Pole Pressure Ridges in the in the North pole Ice Pack as seen from a Parachute

As the ice shifts from wind or arctic ocean currents cracks are formed
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More about pressure ridges, as seen on Europa which can be compared to the ice pack of the north pole

The frosty plains of Europa