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2016 Airplane Calendars Are In Stock Now

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You will love These 2005 2016 Airplane Calendars they have beautiful pictures that are suitable for framing.

These 2005 Calendars have many beautiful pictures of airplanes of all types, military airplanes, jet fighters, military vehicles, ww2 aircraft, Warbirds, aerobatic aircraft and general aviation aircraft and photos of any kind of aircraft you can think of.  These make fantastic gifts for your friends and family.  


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2016 Airplane Calendars Are In Stock Now


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0080011442 width=650 alt="2005 Airplane Calendar Picture of a P-51 Mustang with D-Day Stripes.">

0080011 Ghosts 2005 Calendar

This large format wall calendar features beautiful air-to-air photography of today's best WWII warbirds, including a P-51D   Mustang, a B-25J Mitchell, a Grumman F3F, a Fieseler Storch, a Lavochkin La-9, and a Fairey Firefly. Each page also  features silhouette images and specifications for the featured aircraft and lists that month's significant WWII events by  day. 20"x 14" wall calendar.  .....#0080011 1

The Calendars shown below are but the cover pictures were so nice that I couldn't delete them.  C. Jeff Dyrek.

0080006600 width=600 alt="High Heels and Wheels this 2005 Calendar Art Picture has on it.">

0080026388 width=600 alt="Picture of a Blackhawk Helicopter flying very low.">

0080024469 width=600 alt="Picture of two P-38 Lightning Warbirds in Combat in WWII">

0080002600 width=600 alt="Beautiful Pinup Babe in this Calendar Girl Picture.">

0080010469 width=600 alt="Beautiful Bikini Girl stands in front of an F-4 Phatom II in this picture.">

0080025HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=1 height=469 width=600 alt="The Navy Calendar Photo from 2005 of 1850">

0080007HSPACE=10 VSPACE=2 BORDER=1 height=600 width=600 alt="Photo of P-40 Warhawk Flyby, Great photo.">




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