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Boeing Aircraft Company B-47 Model Aircraft
B-47 Stratojet Jet Bombers Aviation art prints and posters.  These art prints and posters show the incredible capability of the art painted and drawn by these famous aviation artist.  The art here shows the history of the B47 Stratojet.  Also there are comments from people who worked on the B47 Stratojet bombers at the bottom of this page.

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B-47 Aviation Art

Peacekeeper Peacekeeper
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Nixon Galloway. The Boeing B-47 Stratojet was designed a mere ten years after the great B-17 of WWII, but its advancements brought the U.S. Air Force into the modern jet age and gave the U.S. its first intercontinental jet bomber. 28"x 22" limited edition print is signed by the artist and five SAC Wing Commanders.
Stratojet Stratojet
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Chris Cosner. As the United States' first swept-wing, multi-jet bomber, the B-47 Stratojet was a technical marvel and the backbone of the nation's nuclear deterrent for much of the 1950s. 24"x 18" print is signed by the artist.
New Breed Bombers
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 Stan Stokes. 

The highly successful B-47 Stratojet is seen over the desert in this limited edition print. 16"x 11½", S/N by artist    ....#0007806 $39.95

B-47 Stratojet B-47 Stratojet
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The country's first swept-wing, multi-engine bomber, the B-47 Stratojet was a Cold War warrior that represented a milestone in aviation history and a revolution in aircraft design. 20"x 16" poster.
B-47 Stratojet
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Ken Fox. 

The second in our series of Cold War bomber charcoal pencil lithographs is  of the highly successful B-47 Stratojet. Print is 20"x 16" including border with title.  .....#0007115 $9.95

Stratojet Shakedown
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Airplane Art

Craig Kodera. This is for the men and women of the Strategic Air Command who  worked so hard during the threatening time of the early 1950s. Flight crews were constantly on alert or in the air, frequently for 15 hours at a time. 1000 S/N by artist. 23"x 17½" print.   .....#0007777 $265.00

B-47 B47 STRATOJET Street Sign - High Quality Aluminum
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Product Description
Custom Aluminum Street Sign. Made of aluminum and high quality 5-7 year outdoor vinyl lettering and graphics this sign is 4 x 18 inches. Made to last for years outdoors the sign is nice enough to display indoors. Want the 6"x24" size check out our other listings. Cannot find what your looking for just contact us we''''ll get it listed.

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Boeing B-47 Stratojet Bomber at the Museum of Flight, Seattle, Washington, USA
24x18 Photographic Print
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Man Crew of the B-47 Consisting of a Pilot, a Co Pilot Radio Man Gunner, and a Bombardier Navigator.
Howard Sochurek
24x32 Photographic Print
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B-47 Flying over Castle
Howard Sochurek
24x18 Photographic Print
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Detail of Boeing B-47 Bomber at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona
Eddie Brady
16x12 Photographic Print
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Cold War Warriors
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John Young. 

The B-47 became the first modern bomber to fill the ranks of General  Curtis Lemay's new Strategic Air Command. With long range, high altitude capabilities, the "Stratojet" became the backbone of SAC in the early 1950's. As fast as many early jet fighters, with sophisticated defenses and operational altitudes of up to 40,000 feet, the B-47 was a strong deterrent. 29"x 22 ½" print is signed and numbered by the artist and B-47 test pilot A.M. "Tex" Johnston.  .....#0007236 $125.00

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I am Farrel A Paulk , i was a aircraft electrician on the

B-47 from 1951 to 1955. We received the first 3 planes at McDill AFB. and had 3 bomb wings by 1955. We had a All planes general group that inspected the plane before each flight . If there was even a rivet loose they took care of it. being a electron on the B-47. I was all over the plane and would have noticed any cracks in the wings. I don't know where this story came from but i say it is entirely untrue. I am extremely proud of my involvement with the B-47 and don't appreciate a lie like this about our plane.  My e mail is If any one wants to talk with me I say bring it on Thanks Farrel

Dear Farrel,

Thank you very much for your comments.  I don't know when these planes went out of service.  It was my boss that told me about the cracks.  He was a B-29 pilot, then a B-47 pilot.  He told me that this was a top secret since the B-29's and B-36's were taken out of service and the B-52's were not in service yet. He said that the planes were limited to a 1/4 G turn because of the size of the cracks.  On his last flight, the flight surgeon grounded him because of the flu.  His plane took off and a wing fell off and killed everyone in the plane.  He said that, that was the last time he flew and he asked to get out of the Air Force because of this.  He feels that he should have been on that plane himself.   C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster


Here's some information that was previously above top secret about the B-47.  When the B-29's and B-36's were decommissioned we had the all new B-47 Stratojet which could out fly anything in the sky. 

This large bomber, with a jet fighter canopy was our main Strategic Air Command bomber and our first line of air defense.  We didn't have any other aircraft with the capabilities that were needed to take this role in defense of our country, that's why what I'm going to tell you was above top secret. 

My supervisor was a former B-47 pilot.  He flew all of the previous bombers and was given the new job of being a B-47 Pilot.  One of the duties of pilot was to inspect the airplane prior to flight, Preflight.  One tools that he had to use was a ruler, yes, a 12 inch ruler, this was the secret!  He had to measure the crack in the wings before every flight.  The cracks were the secret that we couldn't let out.  The design was flawed and all of the wings of the B47 had cracks.  If the crack exceeded 12 inches, the plane was unfit to fly.  If it was under 12 inches, the plane could be flown but was limited to a 1/4 G maneuver.  We couldn't let the enemy know that our first line of SAC defense had cracked wings.











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