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This is a list of the airplane movies at the family video store which have airplanes in them.  Some of the movies have multiple aircraft in them.  Some of the movies, however, have only real quick shots of these airplanes which will be listed in the review sheet for these movies.  Macomb is the home of WIU,  Western Illinois University. 
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Black Thunder  Aircraft:F-16 Falcon, SR-71 Black Bird, Mirage 2000 F-16 Movies F-16 Books   F-16 Models
The Blue Max   WW1HistoricalAircraft:Tiger Moth, SE-5, Fokker Triplane + a couple of others which I don't know the types
Blue Thunder Aircraft:
Blue Tornado    Aircraft:F-14 Tomcat   F-14 Movies  F-14 Books  F-14 Models
A Captive in the land Aircraft: B-17 B-17 Movies   B-17 Books
By Dawns Early Light   Aircraft:B-52
The Bryl Cream Boys   WW2Aircraft:
Collision course   Aircraft: Cessna 421 Golden Eagle
Delta Force Commando   Aircraft:
Hanover Street WW2Aircraft:
Freedom Strike   Aircraft:F-14
Forever Young  Aircraft:B-25
Flight of the Intruder Viet Nam War:  Aircraft: A-6 Intruder  A-6 Movies  A-6 Books  A-6 Models
Final Countdown  Aircraft:F-14 Tomcat:  USS Nimitz    F-14 Movies   F-14 Books F-14 Models
Final Mission  Aircraft:F-16  F-16 Movies F-16 Books   F-16 Models
Fire Hawk   Aircraft:  H-1
Firebirds  Aircraft:AH-64
Fly Boy  ---->  Great kids movie Aircraft:AT-6 / SNJ-3  Texan, Spitfire, Messerschmitt, Hawker Hurricane, Radio Control Models
Eye of the Eagle I  Aircraft: H-1
Eye of the Eagle IIAircraft: H-1
Eye of the Eagle III  Aircraft:H-1
Enola Gay   WW2 HistoricalAircraft: B-29 B-29 Movies   B-29 Books
Philadelphia Experiment  Aircraft:F-117
Murphy's War   Aircraft: Bi-Plane
Mercenary   Aircraft:H-1
Midway   WW2 Historical Aircraft:
Memphis BelleWW2 Historical Aircraft: B-17 
   B-17 movies   B-17 Books
Life Flight   Aircraft: Choppers
Supreme Sanction  Aircraft:AH-64
Tuskegee Airman  WW2 Historical Aircraft:
True Lies    Aircraft:AV-8B Harrier

Warlords   Aircraft: Cobra
Air force one   Aircraft: Boeing 747
Tomorrow Never Dies  Aircraft:  L-39
ThunderBall   Aircraft: Vulcan Bomber
Conair   Aircraft:
Empire in the Sun   Aircraft: Zeros
Iron Eagle I Aircraft: F-16, Mirage 2000, Cessna 150 Aerobat
Iron Eagle II  Aircraft:F-16   F-4   F-16 Movies  F-16 Books   F-16 Models
Iron Eagle III Aircraft:  P-38 Lightning, A-6M Zero,  Messerschmitt Me-109,  Spitfire,  P-51 Mustang, Rutans Mud Fighter
Iron Eagle IV Aircraft: F-15 
Into The Sun Aircraft:F-15 
Navy Seals   Aircraft:C-130 
Solo   Aircraft:  Tiger Moth
Soldiers Vengeance   Aircraft:  H-1
Silver Strand   Aircraft: Blackhawk - Seals
Spirit of St Louis  Historical Aircraft:The Spirit of St. Louis built by Ryan Aircraft
Tail of a Tiger    Aircraft: Tiger Moth 
Super Carrier  Aircraft:
Surface to Air  Aircraft:F-14, F-16, F-5, USS Kitty Hawk   F-14 Movies   F-14 Books F-14 Models  ----  F-16 MoviesF-16 Books   F-16 Models  ----   USS Kitty Hawk Exhibit






Here for a list of WW2 Fighter Groups

Listing of Bomb Groups

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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
The 34th Fighter SquadronThe 34th fighter Squadron WW2 Exhibit USS Kitty Hawk Aircraft Carrier Exhibit.

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