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The movies here have a variety of aircraft types.  I really don't know what kinds of aircraft are in these movies.  If you can tell me the aircraft types seen in these video movies please let me know at the bottom of this page.

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6301937074Kamikaze: Death From the Sky
6301937074Kamikaze: Death From the Sky 

From the back cover 
BANZAI! American Sailors ran for cover as Japanese Kamikaze pilots came diving from the sky. With suicide on their minds and planes packed with bombs, the doomed pilots became the dreaded terror of U.S. naval carriers in the Pacific. Witness gory footage of the  horrifying Kamikaze campaign shot during the last ten months of the WWII. Kamikaze-Death From The Sky is the real story behind these catastrophic forces of destruction. Machine guns blazing, mercilessly attacking war ships by day and in the darkness, they plummeted to their deaths for Emperor Hirohito. Spilling their blood an baptizing their souls in fire-- they would stop at nothing to destroy the enemy forces. Kamikaze-Death From The Sky is a video viewing experience you won't soon forget. 

1567111580Test Pilot : Taking Chances in the Air (Risky Business)
by Keith Elliot Greenberg, 
Pedro E Ybanez (Photographer),
Bruce S. Glassman (Editor)

From the Publisher 
Meet Major Rex Bailey at Edwards Air Force Base in California. He'll take you into the cockpit of a Stealth Bomber and show you  how he tests its limits in the air. He'll also show you all the work that goes into preparing for his test runs. You'll spend some time in  the simulation chamber and get an insider's tour of some of the Air Force's other special aircraft! 

  B000050Y6PLifeline from the Sky-Weapons at War 

0780020855Spitfire (1942)
0780020855Spitfire (1942) 

     Also known by its British title The First of the Few, this 1942 film is an engaging, touching account of R.J. Mitchell's dedicated efforts to design and build the Spitfire, the RAF fighter plane whose superior performance eventually won the air war against Germany in World  War II. Actor Leslie Howard produced, directed, and starred in this inspiring drama at a time when England had come to embrace him  as a patriotic figurehead. His humbling performance as Mitchell--who sacrificed his health in pursuit of the goal--can't help but merge in  one's imagination with Howard's real-life death under Nazi fire while on a still-mysterious RAF mission. Consistent with the theme of  heroic selflessness is Howard's extraordinary generosity to costar David Niven, whose own rakish performance as Mitchell's brave, dedicated test pilot is a real star turn. For a movie that is essentially about an inventor working himself ragged night and day while the love of his life helplessly looks on, Spitfire is anything but static, redundant, or soapy. A film with a bright personality, Spitfire is a fitting, final  testament to Howard's unique image and gifts. --Tom Keogh 

6301358546Fighter Attack (1953)
6301358546Fighter Attack (1953) 

6301798139 6301798139The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) 
List   19.98  

Robert Aldrich's tense, 1965 drama about a plane crash in the Sahara is a unique psychological study of men in desperate circumstances. In this somewhat revisionist view of classic heroism, every character within the mixed lot is stretched to his limit, and  individual efforts to brave the elements and hostile nomads are duly punished. What is left is collective will and ingenuity. One could call this an allegory for transcending Cold War madness, perhaps, but Aldrich (Kiss Me Deadly) makes this such a gritty, immediate experience that you can feel the desert sand in your teeth. Superb performances by James Stewart, Richard Attenborough, Hardy Krüger, Peter Finch, and the rest. --Tom Keogh 

From our Customers

Dear Jeff    
I found your site whilst looking for the film The Flight of the Phoenix. 
I watched this film many years ago in 1976 when I was on crutches with a broken Femur awaiting a bone graft, as a 21 year old who loved  sport I was very depressed.

My favorite actor has always been James Stuart who was in the film, watching the film all those years ago gave me great pleasure and cheered me up no end, it ranks among my top three films but have never seen it since. I tell my children about the film and would love to watch it again and hope they will watch it.  Is it possible you may source the film? I would greatly appreciate your efforts.
Your sincerely
Tony Stevens

6300209032The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1955)
6300209032The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1955) 

   During WWII, a British bomber plane (containing a crew member bearing valuable secrets) is shot down into the North Sea. The  Air-Sea rescue unit sets out to locate the passengers and bring them to safety. However, the squad encounters numerous obstacles every step of the way. Will the life-saving team eventually succeed in its mission? 

  Now on DVD
John Wayne
The High and the Mighty 
John Wayne plays an airline pilot with   Robert Stack and they fly an airliner through a storm across the ocean ... great movie.  But it's this tune that John Wayne whistles from time   to time that's so catchy

Movie Suggestion by Rick Oliver

6302224322633 Squadron (1964)
6302224322633 Squadron (1964) 

great footage of the vintage RAF Mosquito fighter-bombers

6301965817Battle of Britain (1969)
6301965817Battle of Britain (1969) 

   There's something about this film that's so irresistible, despite its grandiose manipulation. Maybe because it recounts the greatest air battle  in history, achieving the greatest aerial battle in film history. Maybe because it has such a terrific cast (Harry Andrews, Michael Caine, Trevor Howard, Curt Jurgens, Laurence Olivier, Nigel Patrick, Christopher Plummer, Michael Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Robert  Shaw, Patrick Wymark, and Edward Fox). Maybe because it's so technically well-made, thanks to the Bond team of producer Harry  Saltzman and director Guy Hamilton and the great cinematographer Freddie Young. Or maybe because there is something truly riveting about watching the British kick the Nazis back to Germany. --Bill Desowitz 

6304039255The Tuskegee Airmen (1995)
6304039255The Tuskegee Airmen (1995) 

   This true story of the black flyers who broke the color barrier in the U.S. Air Force during World War II is a well-intentioned film  highlighted by an excellent cast. Proud, solemn, Iowa-born Laurence Fishburne and city-kid hipster Cuba Gooding Jr. are among the  hopefuls who meet en route to Tuskegee Air Force Base, where they are among the recruits for an "experimental" program to "prove"  the abilities of the black man in the U.S. armed services. Fighting prejudice from racist officers and government officials and held to a consistently higher level of performance than their white counterparts, these men prove themselves in training and in combat, many of them dying for their country in the process. Andre Braugher costars as a West Point graduate who takes charge of the unit in Africa and in Italy (where it's christened the 332nd). The film is rousing, if slow starting and episodic, but it's periodically grounded by a host of war  movie clichés, notably the calculated demise of practically every trainee introduced in the opening scenes (ironic given the 332nd's  real-life combat record--high casualties for the enemy, low casualties among themselves, and no losses among the bombers they escorted). Ultimately the Emmy-nominated performances by moral backbone Fishburne and the dedicated Braugher and the energy and cocky confidence of Gooding give their battles both on and off the battlefield the sweet taste of victory. --Sean Axmaker 

6302224454Men of the Fighting Lady (1954)
6302224454Men of the Fighting Lady (1954) 

Life aboard a  Korean War Aircraft Carrier

6302923026Task Force (1949)
6302923026Task Force (1949)

Gary Cooper stars in the development of the Aircraft Carrier

Task Force (1949) 

630223607XA Wing and a Prayer (1944)
630223607XA Wing and a Prayer (1944) 

Showing the Hellcat during the Battle of Midway

List   9.98


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