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This is a special place.  I'm really talking about the place in your brain, that you travel to, when you use a computer.   Your computer can transport you around the world or into distant galaxies.  Your computer system is your teleportation machine that enables you to travel instantly throughout cyberspace.  You can sit on the bottom of the ocean and feel the data running off of your disk drive and through high speed computers in another part of the world. 

With the internet and super large disk drives and computer servers, the internet has become a large part of everyone's lives.  This kind of  interactive media is actually a new sensor for your brain.  I first learned about having a new sense, one day, while I was driving in my car listening to my radar detector.  After having it for only a couple of months I started noticing that it was becoming a part of my own senses in a way.  Interpreting the sounds coming from the radar detector was no longer something that I had to say, "Ok, now! This sound is a radar a long ways off,"  or,  "This is the laser detector going off.

Well, that's about it, the computer is an extension to our brains too.  I use one every day of the week, this is my life and, just like me, there are millions of  computer professionals world wide that know exactly what I'm talking about.  I want you to know that I buy almost all of my computer supplies from Tiger Direct, they and fantastic deals and great service.  When I have product questions their sales people and well trained and very knowledgeable about their computer  products.  This is another reason that I buy from Tiger.  Plus, they send me some great catalogs on a regular basis.

C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster