Curtis P-40 Warhawk in Eastern India in WWII

John Spiegel in WWII
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A great photo of John Spiegel, EAA Chapter 350, standing next to a P-40 in Eastern India in WWII
The pilots of the American Volunteer Group, the first Americans to see action against the Japanese, demonstrated their daring and skill less than two weeks after the United States entered World War II.

A Beautiful Curtis P-40 Warhawk in Eastern India.

Photo by John Spiegel in WWII


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The Flying Tigers shot down the enemy at a tremendous ratio of 23 to 1
John Spiegel Standing next to a P-40 in Eastern India in WW2

Photo from  Mary Spiegel

 The P-40 Warhawk is one of the best-known U.S. fighters of World War II. But despite its fame, the P-40  was not one of the company's best performers.  Outclassed in virtually every way by other aircraft of its time, it was usually the loser when pitted against a superior foe in air-to-air combat. Slow, lacking in maneuverability, and not well armed, it was nearly a decade behind the competition when it became the  most important U.S. fighter during the early stages of the war. 


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EAA Chapter 350

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The 34th Fighter Squadron fly's a WW2 P-47 Thunderbolt 
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This is a military p-47 thunderbolt



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