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  Is Reincarnation Real, A True Story 

La reencarnacin es real, una historia real





Is reincarnation real? Look at this true story
about a little boy who thought that he was a pilot


Is Reincarnation Real?  This little boy has a real experience to tell you, so watch this video.

Now, after you watched this video, listen to this.  I've been thinking about what the Bible has said about every soul would be resurrected and then Judged.   Is it possible that every living soul that is being resurrected is alive today.  Have we all been resurrected and are being put through the test that the Bible talks about at the end times.  Back when there was about six billion people on the earth, I was first having this thought.  I was reading an article about how many people have ever lived and died on the whole planet in all of time.  The article said that there were just over six billion people who have lived and died.  Well, there were about six billion people on the earth at that time, now officially, seven billion, but the idea still works.  This is going to shock a lot of people.  OK, there were six billion people who lived and died, and there were six billion living at the time of this article, and it was the year 2000 which was six thousand years of Biblical History, hence, 666. 

Now, think of this.  Everyone has been resurrected and we are living in the time of judgment.   If you don't believe that, what is it going to be like during the time of resurrection?  Are people just going to be taken into heaven and sitting there twiddling their thumbs and waiting until they appear before the court of God.  No way.  We are already resurrected and we are already in front of the court of God.  With all of the violence, murder, hate, sex, and filth on our TV, we are being tempted, on a daily basis, to become sinners.  The devil is working at full force to create hate in every way.  We are having wars that have been designed to create hate.  Countries are continuously being bombed and threatening each other that they will be bombed.  Anything filthy is legal on TV, but you will be charged with sex crimes if you do anything that you saw on TV.  Drugs are legal on TV.  Movies are showing the countries Role Models using coke, crack, pot, and every form of drug as recreation, even on kids programs.  If you used any of these drugs you can be arrested for their use.  Murder is on almost every movie and a murder movie is entertainment.  If you murdered someone, or even talked about committing murder, you would be arrested.  These are the devils days of temptation and we all being tempted in every way on our TVs, our Music, with our Role Models and in every way, we are being tempted to do the wrong things.  Yet we keep teaching our kids that these things are cool. 

So it makes sense that we may very well have already been resurrected and are going through the test to see what we will do before the planet is destroyed.  How far are we away from total destruction.  I haven't looked at the official dooms day clock lately, but many times in the last forty years we have been on a couple minutes from midnight.  Midnight is the end.  But this doomsday clock only talks about nuclear war.  Now the Global Climate Change is causing terrible things to happen on our planet.  Just yesterday, 12-14-2011, I watched a video that told about a Russian study about the huge quantities of Methane that have just been found to be escaping into the atmosphere from the Arctic Ocean.  The Methane Hydrate that is located at shallow levels, all around the Arctic Oceans perimeter, is now turning into gas.  This is a huge problem since there are billions of tons of this Methane Hydrate and Methane is 23 times as effective as a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide.  We are in big trouble.

In the Bible, it says at the end days Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies.  What is it now?  Jerusalem is surrounded by huge armies of all countries, and there are wars, civil wars, and demonstrations in all of the countries around Israel.  The Bible says that Knowledge will be greatly increased.  We are doubling our knowledge every year and a half and we have learned things in the past fifty years that couldn't ever have been learned before we had this tremendous technology.  We are greatly increasing our knowledge.  We are destroying our planet by over fishing; our coral reefs are dyeing; our atmosphere is being polluted; our forest are being removed; our mountain tops are being removed; our rivers are becoming dead with dead zones in the ocean; most of our ground has all been cut by a bulldozer or tractor; our food supplies are less than what we are needing to feed our people; floods are happening in major scales like they have never happened before; our storms are getting even more violent; more countries have nuclear bombs; we are having more and more wars; we don't trust our masses of people and there is no where to go; almost every new movie says GD;  our glaciers are melting and our aquifers are being emptied; our oceans are being polluted and our species are dwindling. 

Are we getting closer to a time of judgment?  We are certainly coming to a time where every person on the planet may die, we are real close.  Is this judgment day?  Just watch the Terminator Movie Series and see what it says.  It is very possible that every soul that has ever lived has been resurrected and that reincarnation is real and we have all been reincarnated and are now being judged.

Take care of yourself and be very careful of what kind of programs that you watch or music that you are listening to.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

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