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--- je paul darc <jepauldarc@msn.com> wrote:
 Mr C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster
1) I've have included a three page attachment of actual records of MIA's in LAO's
in case you can't open it, I will list the names of the six Marines. (1991)
1. USMC, (M), A.C. Reeves, 2421915, 0, Baptist
2. USMC, (M), E. E. Arpin, 2239398, A, Catholic
3. USMC, (M), J. K. Sileroli 2527794, A, Catholic
4. USMC, (M), M. T. Bruner, 2364798, A, Catholic
5. USMC, (S), J. Delaruz, 2410277, O, Catholic
6. USMC, (S), W. V. Christoff, 2420844, NO PREF.
No Help from Fox-News 1992 - 2006, nor Ross Perot, not even U.S. Gov't.

 In late 2005 or early 2006, the local news channel Fox-news, reported that the remains of six MIA's have been returned to the U.S.A. by the Laotian government. I immediately contacted the News Channel (Fox-News) to once again tell my story and sent to them the (attachments). They never returned any info I asked for. Later that week, Fox-News reported that the U.S. Gov't had buried all six within the same coffin. Does the U.S. Marines have a " No-man left behind" motto?

 Straighten out your writing's with a little fact Mr. C. Jeff, Dyrek

 2) You write about Mr. Government, The "Statute of Liberty and Justice" are "homely-Females. "The female is injected with the creation-of-life created within only "Man." The female "only creates the species (MIX) of the Life that was introduced to her."
3) You should re-write your "Freedom of Speech" articles, after you take the time to understand that since George H. Bush, "Pure Capitalism(s) are now what you leave under.

 4) I am very proud to have served in two branches of the "Armed-forces" (U.S. Army, were no Soldier is left-behind) 1962, and the U.S. Navy's MSC- Military Sealift Command as an officer (Lt.) During the fracas with "Lybia" 1986 and I would give my life in an eye-wink to once again, defend the U.S.A. "Once a Soldier- Always a Soldier" We go with what we got! It doesn't matter what the Financially-rich and the Politicians do! Because the American-people do what they can to survive for as long as they can. You can work diligently and still survive somewhere on the street, but still alive. Figure it out. Born Zero- Death-Zero 0=0.



Dear Mr. Paul,
I usually do not respond to anyone who is not willing to sign their name to their letters. I am calling you Paul because that was part of your email address. It sounds like you were trying to accomplish something, but I'm not sure what you want. I am very glad that you have served in two branches of the military, I have too.
Please show me, on my pages, where I talk about Mr. Government, The "Statute of Liberty and Justice" who are "homely-Females. I never remember writing this and would never make a statement like this.
I do agree with you about Born 0 and Die 0 as far as money and possessions are concerned, but it's what a person does in his life is what makes us die with more than 0. People who have done great things for their country, and are remembered for their works, die with more than zero.
Since you have been in two branches of the military, you should know about the oath we have all taken stating that we will fight all enemies both foreign and domestic. In my writings, when I bash the government for allowing the injustice of freedom of speech to be extended to foul language and filthy programs for our kids, I am fighting against domestic enemies. If any person doesn't care what happens to our country, then they do not care for our country or its future. I do care, so I speak out. When we stop fighting for the good things in our country, then only the bad things prevail. This is what the enemy wants us to do, they want people to think that their opinion doesn't count. They want our country to be filled with zero's because we will have nothing to fall back on when they interject their filth and psychological warfare that is hitting our kids from all angles.
I am a disabled veteran and, many times, I must spend over a year at a time in bed, unable to do anything. But I am still fighting for my country on a daily basis, both in my writings and my social programs that I run. I have almost zero money, yet I spend all of it on the betterment of my community. I live in a garage, I do not have running water or an indoor toilet, but who cares, it doesn't bother me as long as I know I'm fighting for the betterment of our country. I only have wood heat and there are times that I am not physically able to carry or split wood to keep me warm, but that doesn't stop me, I just put a lot of clothes on and keep on typing. I served in the military and have an honorable discharge because I put the same effort into my work, then, that I put into it today and there is nothing that can make me stop.
I know that there are a lot of things that are not done right, like the retrieval and burial of the soldiers that you have mentioned. I am very sorry that these kinds of things happen. But, just like your writing this letter to me, I write and write and write some more.
In the Philippines they have a monument to their national hero, Jose Rizal. He became their national hero because he wasn't afraid to write or to put his name on his letters, and through his efforts, the Philippines gained their independence from Spain.
As far as these lost soldiers, if you want something more written about them, I will be glad to put your letter on my site. I did not receive an attachment on this email that you have sent so please send it again.
Thank you very much,
C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster,


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