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It's All True
It's true, the service men are underpaid in every area.  Even a garbage man makes a lot more than a service man, even one who is working on complex weapons systems computers.  One thing that I never understood was why does the government take out taxes at all on these guys.   I'm a disabled vet and only making 14,000 a year myself.  That's not enough to do anything on, that's why I have a website, so people can write to me and complain.  Ha. Ha.  But it's true.

But that's not what makes me mad.  The the thing that gets my goat is, for instance, the Washington shooters that were arrested, sure they need to be shot, but one area that the media was using to make them look bad was that the dad was in the military.  The media is against our country and is run by Communists, that is why they have so much violence on TV and that's why they are making every serviceman look bad in one way or another.  Look at the Hollywood movies about Viet Nam.  Almost every movie shows the Americans as a rapist or murderer.  I'm sure it happened but the large majority of the service men helped rebuild the villages and helped the civilians in the areas. Why is it that this is not on TV or in the movies.

FOX Kids Saturday Morning Cartoon.

Did you ever look at Saturday morning FOX Kids TV.  I watched Fox Kids for two minutes and saw the end of a Family Guy cartoon.  The name implies that it is a family program.  The name Fox Kids implies that it is something good for your kids, but at the end of the program that I watched was the statement, "We need an all girl sex orgy, ... We're all turning gay."  When I asked our former chief of police if I would get in trouble if I said this to a group of ten year old girls, he jumped up and almost slapped handcuffs on me.  Then I said that was a direct quote from a kids cartoon on Fox TV.  

Where is our country headed?

I know that you are a Veteran and so am I, but tell me this, where is our country headed?  Just look in the Bible, it will tell you.  We are going to hell.  When I hear the President say that Iraq, Iran and North Korea are the root of all evil, it makes me sick.  The question is, how can you tell which country is actually evil?  By letting the media decide for us who is evil or not?  No, you can tell if a country is evil or not by what they are teaching their children.  Just think of what the devil would teach his children.  He would teach them drugs, sex and violence.   Our cartoons teach all of these, just look at the Eddie Murphy production, PJ's about an American ghetto family.  The program I watched did a parity on Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First" skit.  Except, on PJ's is was not Who's on first, it was who's on crack, crank and coke, making the idea sound like fun.  Is Eddie Murphy doing good things for our country, not no, but HELL NO!!!! 

Eddie Murphy

Just look at Eddie Murphy's movie, the Nutty Professor II."  This showed the professor getting married, when he looked at his soon to be bride, he glanced at her cleavage the he instantly ended up with an incredible erection that swung back and forth as he was screaming.  This lasted for over a minute when suddenly his zipper popped open and Eddie Murphy's head stuck out.  Remember that this movie was targeted at kids, but Eddie Murphy, the dick head, is rich so he's considered a good guy.

No, I don't believe in this type of programming at all, it's all part of a psychological warfare program against America and it is following the words of Carl Marx perfectly.  We are not only loosing, we have already lost, it will just take a little more time before we really see the effects.

Separation of Church and State

This is why a kid can't wear the word God or Jesus on a shirt in school.  If a school prints these words, it might be called Separation of Church and State, but when a kid wears it, it is his freedom of speech to do so.  The school didn't write it, the kid is the one who is making a statement of his belief.  We have lost and the ACLU is the owner of the victory.  Their managers, along with most of the Hollywood managers, and Eddie Murphy should be shot for high treason for making these kinds of programs that are attacking our kids minds in a way that it will destroy the future for our country.  

What about dope dealers.

What about dope dealers.  When police want to arrest the dope dealers the police chiefs say no, let's wait until we find the big dealer and then we can arrest him too. So the investigation goes on for a year or more continuing to allow the dealers to infect the neighborhood with his dope for the whole period of time.  But, what is the real reason.  They are making money.  They want the kids to be infected with dope because they, in one way or another, make money.  That's what it's all about.  If we stopped the drugs and crime, we would not need police officers and most of them would be laid off.  Crime creates jobs and therefore creates cash.

We need Singapore Laws

We need to have Singapore's laws in this country if we are going to win.  Singapore's laws put an end to drugs and crime. I've been to Singapore, but just recently, I returned from North Central Siberia and it was so refreshing to see how pure the kids and adults were there in the city of Khatanga. But that won't last long.  They now have access to the Simpsons and Beavus and BuThead on their TV's too.  Can you believe it, today, even in Northern Siberia, these TV Programs are teaching disrespect and drugs to their kids as well.  Who is the devil?  Just watch FOX Kids.

This is all part of why the servicemen get dirt for pay. They are treated like dirt and are cut down in almost every news program or movie.  TV, Hollywood and the other forms of communications media are part of the conspiracy to destroy our country, all under the guise of Freedom of Speech and Civil Liberties.

In 1971, I took my semi-automatic 22 rifle to school

When I was in high school I took my twenty-two caliber, automatic rifle to school.  I walked down the hall when suddenly the School Principle said, "Where are you going with that gun Jeff."  I replied that I was selling the rifle to my teacher and am bringing it to school for him.  The principle said "Ok, just checking."  Sure he was concerned and that's why he asked.  But the point is, I had more freedom of speech and more civil liberties, at that time, than we ever have today.  It's the TV with all of its crime and hate and sex and violence that is causing our kids to grow up into the foul mouth murderers and thieves that we see now.  That's why they call it Television Programming.  We are programming our kids to kill, swear, rape and have disrespect for every person and every law that was ever made. 

Things are happening exactly with the teachings of Karl Marx 

This follows exactly with the teachings of Karl Marx.  He said in his book, "the Communist Manifesto," that he could take a democratic country and make it pay for the rope to hang itself.  And how is this to be accomplished?  By teaching the kids about sex, drugs, and useless things and break up the family.  That's a perfect description of the American kids and their families today. 

How many murders have you seen on TV today

What do you think?  How many murders have you seen on TV today?  How many Viagra adds did you see?  How many families do you know who are still together, can you tell me?  Karl Marx is winning, it's true.  Today our kids see murders, sex and violence on a constant basis.  Their families have been broken up time and time again.  Many families have all of their members who have different last names.  Their dads are considered to be sperm donors.  It's all true.

Karl Mark's followers have been infiltrating our country since WW2.  They started real easy with the attack on the root of the families by creating Soap Operas.  What?  You say, "How can this be true?  I was raised on Soap Operas, my mom watches Soap Operas all day long and she turned out OK."  Well, I remember watching my brothers wife. He was ten years older than me and I used to stay at his house when I was a kid.  His wife would fold and iron the laundry all the while watching Soap Box Operas for the entire day.  When my brother got home, whatever she watched on TV, he received it as soon as he opened the door.

The Anatomy of a Soap Opera

What was on these programs?  Just think about it.  In a Soap Box Opera you would see a man and woman with the perfect marriage.  The man would go to work and the woman would work hard all day cleaning and taking care of the family.  But in the program, the man calls home and says, "Honey, we have to get this project done by Friday and I have to stay late for the whole week."  "No problem," his wife says, but in the program, he is really having sex with the beautiful secretary instead of staying late for work purposes.  After several programs during the day, like this one, the last program that the TV Station plays before the man gets home is Divorce Court.  Now, this same set of programs are on every day, five days a week.  Can you tell me what my brothers wife was being programmed with.  "You didn't really have a project to work on so late: you were messing around on me instead, and I want a divorce."  That's what was going through my brothers wife's mind.

Psychological Warfare Theory

This is how psychological warfare works.  Step by step the families are taken farther into the darkness of the lies of Karl Marx.  After many years and several generations, because of these kinds of programs, our kids mostly end up coming from broken families, Washington D.C. shooters are murdering people on the streets, kids have foul mouths like something unbelievable and the schools have to have metal detectors to protect the kids.  That is what is happening to our country now.  But our Veterans never even get to see the psychological warfare because it's a slow war where time and compromise are the camouflage of its existence.  But it's still a war and we must recognize that it is really happening before we can fight against it.

What about the responses to this article

I have a number of articles like this on my website, just go to .. and click anything that says Veterans.  But, the biggest reply that I get to this article is, "Change the channel" or "Parents should be screening their kids"  Excuse me, but this pisses me off.  When do you think that parents today are responsible enough to screen their kids when the parents were just kids themselves when they had their kids.  Many of these parents don't even know who their own dad is.  Today's parents have no idea how to properly raise their children.

That's about it.  We don't have a chance unless all of the veterans march on Washington and force the President to enact strict laws on TV programming, music and video games. But it will never happen because the TV lobbyist are paying too much for campaign contributions and the politician needs these funds. 

Look at Ross Perot, he couldn't even buy TV time.  President Clinton and his other Big Party Opponents wouldn't allow Ross to participate in the debates, saying that it was their debate and not his.  What does this mean?  It means that this is not a democracy any more.  When all candidates don't have an equal chance to get into the debates or on the news media, then the media is running the country.  Since when do the big politicians have the right to control the vote or who is in the debates.  The truth is that it wasn't their debate, IT'S OUR DEBATE.  We are the citizens of the United States and WE ARE THE ONES THAT SHOULD DECIDE WHO THE PRESIDENT IS GOING TO BE, NOT THE MEDIA or BIG CAMPAIGN PROMOTERS.

That's all I've got to say, the media is telling you what to think and they are killing AMERICA and turning it into America.



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