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Why we really need to think about what our Veterans did for us and why.

Did our veterans of foreign wars  so some perverts can put filthy cartoons on the public airwaves?

These vets fought with their lives so we can have a clean prosperous future for their kids and grand kids.  Now we are showing cartoons that talk about sex and homosexuality.  Is this what these vets fought for.  Did our military forget why the veterans went to war?  Do vets have the right to a freedom in America, freedom of violence, crime, perversion?  Is freedom of speech going to far allowing our government to be sub ducted by the enemy.


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Who were our veterans and what did they do for all of us

Our veterans were men and women just like you and me.  Most of them are grandfathers and grandmothers now, but because of their works we are able to enjoy the freedom and wealth that we see now.   While in the Navy, I've been to other country's and had a chance to see how they live.  It's incredible because even our own welfare people are tremendously rich as compared to the average person in most of these countries.  It's because of the great sacrifices that our soldiers have foregone, that we are able to enjoy this great wealth that we Americans do.   They fought for the right to go to school, the right to have the freedom of movement and the right to enjoy the freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 
The question is, are we doing everything we can to ensure that the good that they fought and died for still remains good?  Are we people that are keeping our chance for a good education alive by going to school and doing our best?  Are we people that are  keeping the freedom of movement as a right by obeying the traffic  and interstate transportation of product laws?  Are we keeping our freedom of speech alive by using it for good things or are we driving violent and perverted thoughts into our children's brains?  Are we keeping the freedom of religion alive by going to church? 

 I didn't say anything one way or another here, but, I did ask some questions.  What's going through your mind right now?   What was going through our Veterans minds back in those dread awful wars and how would they feel about the way we are taking care of our country now?   If we don't take care of our country, the ideas of these great veterans and the original context of our constitution, we're in big trouble because we have lost!  I do know that we have a lot of very good people in this country and I want to do everything I can to keep myself headed in that direction.  This is what all Americans need to do also.   Nobody's perfect but we can strive to do the best we can to keep ourselves out of crime, violence and perversion.  We must always think about the things that we do and always ask ourselves what good is this going to do for our country and all mankind.  How is this going to make us a better person?  What is this going to do for our community? 

Veterans Day


What would Segent York think about our tevelision and movies today?
Sergeant York (1941) 

6303091962Above and Beyond (1952) 
I/41nO2XnFSKL._SL500_AA240_.jpg" ALT="What would these pilots do to a country that was feeding drugs to our kids" HSPACE=5 VSPACE=3 BORDER=3 height=200 width=108>
Twelve O'Clock High (1949)
I/51CPSNKB80L._SL500_AA240_.jpg" ALT="These soldiers came back home. What did the other flyers die for?" HSPACE=5 VSPACE=3 BORDER=3 height=200 width=147>
6304936362Memphis Belle
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This article was written by C. Jeff Dyrek,   10 Nov. 1999



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is freedom of speech eroding our democracy

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