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The Truth About Global Warming and Climate Change Exposing World Problems.

This is a letter to my friend about Global Warming and Global Climate Change.  Global Warming is only part of the world problems, this it the truth that talks about Global Climate Change and Everything Else.

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our earth is mother earth, if we don't watch our envirnomental habits, we're in trouble

Yes, you're right.  Killer Miller did teach that the only constant is change.  We are moving through time and a succession of events have happened and will happen.  I've looked at societies, or should I say empires, and they come and go.  The one common thing is that they changed.
When I took Anthropology, Dr. Kurjack talked about an empire that a railroad engineer found in Iraq.  It was a British engineer and his job was to build a railroad.  He was interested in ancient cultures and found some rocks that were carved.  It turned out that they excavated the site and found a huge city with flush toilets and a sewer and water system.  With a super close study, they found that the city was made with bricks which were made by heating them in a fire.  It took so many trees to make so many bricks.  So the city cut down all of the trees and the forest and there was nothing left but a desert. 
This exact same thing happened over and over making regional climate changes, some areas have recovered, but others never did.  A program showing the Mayan culture showed that the trees were all cut for farmland.  I really don't know if this had an effect on the culture, but they were nuts anyway with all of the kill ceremonies. 

 What I'm getting at is that our society is going nuts.  When I see a little kid suspended for drawing a picture of a gun, and the TV is Kill, Murder, Viagra, and Kill some more with GD on all of the Actors Lips and Spread Legs for the Actresses, we cannot keep going on. 

Last night I went to my friends Anniversary party.  This was my first time out of the house in more than six months except to go to the store or doctor.  There was a lady who showed up that was a councilor of some kind.  She talked about kids and how she had to talk to the kids.  She said that the kids are suing for anything, that it was a lawyers world.
Years ago, my brother who was ten years older than me was going through law school.  He told me about his lawyer friends and mentioned that when divorce court came on tv that their incomes went up ten times. 
A teenager that I was talking to was telling me what he was doing.  I told him that he can't do that.  He said, what do you mean, I just watched it on tv.  Our TV is being used to provide feedback to kids showing them everything that is wrong.  Like I said Murder, Kill, Hate, Violence and Paris Hilton is a great lady and your little girl should grow up spreading her legs in front of the whole world.  Yet, when any kids do anything that they see on TV, lawyers make money.  This is what happened to our country and almost all countries.  We are taught wrong, so we will do wrong and the lawyers incomes will increase tremendously.
A number of years ago I read about the VA Hospital.  When I first went to the VA Hospital it was a bunch of doctors who didn't want to hear what my problems were, they had an attitude that all I wanted was a free ride and everything I said was a lie.  The same thing for the civilian doctors.  But a few years ago, the VA found out that if they treated the patients with the same troubleshooting techniques that pilots, or electronics technicians did, (Completing a check list, and finding the problems), they found that their overall cost was way down.
The Civilian Doctors know this very well.  I even heard an AMA representative on TV say that they were not here to cure the illness, but to reduce the symptoms.  They too want to keep a steady income.  This is why doctors offices are total touch offices.  You have to touch the door, then a second door, then the water fountain, etc.  I take my mom to the doctors office and I have to sit in the waiting room with people who have the flu.  I know because I asked them.  Twice I caught the flew from there.
Read on the net about misdiagnosis.  I looked this up and I found out that there were 120,000 people who die every year from misdiagnosis.  If an airline had 120,000 people die every year, there would be huge problems.  This is why a pilot has to do a check list.  At PATCO, even if I had to change a knob on a radio, I was required to check the sensitivity across the band, transmitter frequencies and power output across the band, squelch levels, and other things before the radio was allowed to be placed back into the airplane.  Checklist save lives. Doctors make money keeping people sick and having repeat business.  Lawyers keep their pockets filled by allowing freedom of speech to be anything except God and Jesus. 
What I'm getting at, is that we have big problems. Economic problems, Drug problems, Murder Problems, Divorce, fights, theft.  Modern movies always say GD somewhere in the movie.  In just two hours of watching TV I will hear about eight Viagra ads, Viva Viagra they sing and in our kids minds this rings over and over.  Our music is so bad that I can't repeat it or I will go to jail.  Family Guy is so violent, disrespectful and sex oriented, that all of the producers, writers, actors and anyone showing this on their channels should be shot for high treason against the betterment of the country.
What about oil companies?  Look at this link and watch the video of their engines.  or this link
Why is it that we are spending so much money on fuel, because they have us by the balls.  These engines produce no pollution, use no fuel, have no carburetors, radiators, or exhaust systems.  If we adopted these engines there would be no controversy on carbon emissions. 
We have to breathe the air, and whether or not global warming is real or not, putting all of this carbon in the air is not doing any good for anyone.  Digging wells everywhere is not good.  Starting wars for oil is not good.  We, our country, all the way from the Music, Movies, Law, Medicine and to Emissions, is doing bad things for everyone.
Not too long ago you told me that planting trees in the city takes care of the carbon emissions.  Not too long after that WGN news said that planting 150,000 trees and letting them grow for their entire lifetime, will absorb only one week of the carbon emissions of just Chicago alone. 
The only truth is the Bible.  It said that the end days will be as the days of Noah.  Nothing but sex and more sex and not anything goes, but everything goes.  Take a look at a porn website.  They have everyone Sodomizing eighteen year old girls.  I have a friend that lived in a commune in Oregon for about fifteen years and he had a number of boyfriends.  A few of years ago he finished his dream bike, it was all home made custom and super beautiful.  He couldn't drive it because he had to have numerous operations on his rectum.  His buddies had too much fun and he told me that he had too much fun himself. 
We are having climate change.  The conveyor belt is breaking down real fast.  I watched the pictures of the North Pole ice being flushed out of the Arctic Ocean last year.  It's all broken up.  Without the freezing of the ice, the conveyor belt stops.  This is what keeps Europe and Western Asia warm.  They are as far north as Canada and with the global cooling that will result, they will have severe problems with crop growth.  Africa is having a fungus growing on their wheat crop which is, in many places, killing 100% of the crops.  Africa is in real trouble already and this is making it worse.
Ethanol is causing the cost of bread to go up and the quantity of food to drop world wide so we can drive cars that are sucking fuel.  In the middle east the earthquakes have increased in numbers over the past decade.  I am wondering if this could be from pumping out of the oil out of the ground and causing the hydraulic counter pressure to be reduced and movement of the rock to be increased.  I also wondered if pumping all of this weight out of the ground could be actually causing our earth to wobble.  It wouldn't take much of a wobble to increase earthquakes world wide. 
I'm a GoogleEarth-a-holic.  It totally shocked me.  Everywhere where there were wilderness areas, there is now a house or a tree farm or just an empty field.  This is in the US and in Canada.  I always loved to go to Northern Arkansas because of the wilderness.  I went there since I was a kid.  Now every back road is filled with motor homes and cars pulling boats.  The wilderness mountains are now housing projects.  The rivers now flood every year in the spring, where the trees stopped the rapid runoff.  It's true.
Talking about 38,000 PhD's signing the petition.  Look at what the doctors did to me.  They didn't try.  When I read about the reasons that 120,000 patients were dying every year, they never said that the doctors didn't try.  
But the Bible said that in the end days the people will grow weary of the great numbers: The Sun would be getting hotter:  There will be more earthquakes:  More Hunger:  Pestilence and Pestilences will increase: and we would be as the days of Noah: and with the Anti-Christ, even the elect would be deceived.  This is why I don't belong to any church.  No way.  A denomination is another word for a division.  Jesus said that there is only one religion.  Yet look at all of the different churches.  When I was going to church on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, we would have discussions which were all about how the other denominations were wrong.  We never talked about how the Devil was attacking our country.  Never!  That's the main reason why I stopped going to church.
I listen to preachers on the tube and on the internet and weigh their talks with what the truth is, what the Bible says.  A lot of these guys are super smart, super smart.  But they don't teach 1st Timothy 5:23.  If I would have followed what the Bible said, I wouldn't have to have all of these operations that I never needed.  They operated on me when all I needed was to have an antibiotic or really a daily glass of wine.  The Catholic Church teaches to drink wine, Why don't the other churches.
But to get back on subject.  All kinds of things are happening and we are at the point that Knowledge IS being Greatly Increased.  Tomorrow I will see the surface of Mars again from another spacecraft.  Great signs in the heavens.  I listen everyday to stories about wars and rumors of wars:  Will we see pillars of clouds over the middle east soon?  We are heading for a huge depression, but this time instead of people coming together, we are trained that the solution to all problems is to shoot the teacher or feed everyone Viagra.
So Global Warming, whether we believe it or not, is only a small portion of the problems that we will see in the near future. 
Take care and God Bless you,
Your old friend,

What About our Social Environment?  Are we affecting it too?

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