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            Stealth Fighters & Stealth Bombers.

Stealth Aircraft  & Spy planes, airplane models including the F-117 Nighthawk,   F-22 Raptor,   YF-23 Black Widow,   SR-71 Blackbird,   B-2 Stealth Bomber,   U2 / TR-1 Spy Planes.  These airplane models are great for hobby collections.

Spy Planes Models.  This page contains many types of stealthy aircraft.  The modern stealth airplane is defined as a plane with a low radar return signature.   However, another unknown stealth factor is that the internal electronics produce a very low emission of  radio frequencies.   To further understand this type of emission, you can test this yourself by taking a hand calculator or a camera strobe and holding it near the antenna of an AM radio.  Flash the strobe then listen to its recharge on the radio or play with the calculator and listen to the logic gates switch on and off.  These are radio spectrum emissions.  Military aircraft design engineers go through great lengths to squelch these types of emissions.  Spy Planes can hear this noise, just as can ground base listening stations that are looking for spy planes or other aircraft.  Becoming a stealth aircraft is more than making the fuselage into the proper shape and coating it with RAM, Radar Absorptive Material.  It covers all spectrums of technology.

There was a secret stealth design, read more here.

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Stealth Fighters & Stealth Bombers & Spy Planes

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F-117 Stealth Fighters
F117 Stealth Fighter Models Here
U-2 1/72 Model
Pre Built Molded Resin Model

Made of durable molded resin, this 1/72 scale model measures 11" in length and has a  wingspan of 18". Hand painted and detailed, model comes ready to display on the included mahogany base.   ....#0009382 $169.95

Shadow Flights
America's Secret Air War Against the Soviet Union
Curtis Peebles. 
Hardbound Book

Early in the Cold  War, the United States conducted a secret air war against the Soviet Union. As the struggle began, U-2 pilots were the pathfinders who flew into the unknown, seeking  information on how the USSR might be preparing an attack on the West. Flown by a  handful of U.S. and allied aircrews, these photographic and electronic intelligence-gathering missions were unknown to the world at large. This is the  intriguing and exciting history of that secret, and often very hot "theater" of the Cold War. 352 pgs., 30 B&W photos, 6¼"x 9¼", hdbd.    ....#0005447 $19.95

Here to read more about Gary Powers and the also the Hog Wild Incident.

Picture of The front page from the Original Russian Transcript of the Gary Powers Trial in Russia

This is the original Russian Transcript for the Gary Powers Trial in Russia.  It will be on sale on the Golden 50th Anniversary in 2010.  This is a very famous historical document.  

Gary Powers' crashed U2 Airplane

Here's a picture of Gary Powers' crashed airplane and below is a picture of the Gary Powers Trial.

This is the Verdict Page from the Original Russian Transcript from the Gary Francsis Powers Trial Gary Powers on trial in Russia
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SR-71 aircraft
SR-71 Spy plane Models

SR-71 Spyplane  Videos

SR-71 Spyplane Aircraft Art

B-2 Spirit 1/100 Model
Pre Built Molded Resin Model

Made of durable molded resin, this 1/100 scale model measures 8" in length and has a wingspan of 20 ½". Hand painted and detailed, model comes ready to display on the  included mahogany base.     ....#0009344 $169.00

X-Acto Knives and Products

B-2 Spirit Model w/FREE Print
Pre Built Model

.....#0008710 $129.00

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F-22 Raptor models
More F-22 Raptor Models Here

The most advance fighter plane ever developed, the F-22 is planned to be the USAF's principal fighter early in the 21st Century. Supersonic cruise without afterburners, thrust vectoring and a stealthy radar profile 

F-22 Raptor Movies

F-22 Raptor Books

F-22 Aviation Art







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