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Union Pacific's Magnificent Machines - DVD-R
Union Pacific's Magnificent Machines,UP Potpourri,
- DVD-R.

This exciting program offers a contemporary look at the mighty Union Pacific on main lines, branch lines and everything in-between at a host of great railfan locations, from Chicago to the California coast, Donner to Dallas, Minnesota to Mexico, Rochelle to Reno, and Tehachapi to Tennessee Pass. You'll witness the UP from aboard a locomotive cab and a dome car, and go trackside to enjoy the UP's amazing collection of vintage equipment - such as a 4-6-6-4 Challenger, a Centennial diesel and a rotary snowplow - in operation on lines in Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming. Color, 1 hr. 39 min.

Union Pacific Potpourri Volume 2 - DVD-R
Union Pacific Scrapbook - DVD
Union Pacific Steam Classics - DVD
Union Pacific Streamliner Collection - DVD
Union Pacific Streamliners and Classic Steam - DVD-R
Union Pacific Super Cabs and Steam - DVD-R Enjoy a big dose of Union Pacific's revolutionary wide cab diesel locomotives and excursion steam favorites 4-8-4 #844 and 4-6-6-4 #3985 in action at a host of scenic western locations as you watch hi-tech SD60Ms and GE Dash 8-40CWs muscle everything from coal drags to time-sensitive intermodals up Sherman Hill and visit a number of exciting national train conventions where #844 and #3985 strut their stuff at the helm of freight and excursion trains. Color, 1 hr. 28 min.
Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision - DVD
0RV7172Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision - DVD.
This program takes you trackside to view the action on the rugged 240-mile section of Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision between Milford, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada. You'll see a wide variety of revenue trains, a ballast work train, hotshot doublestacks that require pushers on the eastbound 2% grades east of Caliente, 70 mph pacing scenes, Amtrak's Desert Wind… and even climb aboard a locomotive for a unique view of the Clover Creek Canyon tunnels! 1 hour.
Union Pacific Superpower - DVD-R
Union Pacific Turbines on the Wastach - DVD
Union Pacific Vintage West - DVD
Union Pacific Volume 1 - DVD
Union Pacific Volume 2 - DVD
0RV2180Union Pacific Volume 2 - DVD.
This program presents exciting Union Pacific diesel power - captured from 2003 to '05 - on Colorado's Joint Line, in western Nebraska, across southern Wyoming, and in eastern Utah. In all, you'll view 100 trains led by a wide variety of diesel power including SD70Ms, GE AC units, and others. Color, 2 hrs. 36 min.
Union Pacific's Cascade Sub, Part I - DVD
0RV2246Union Pacific's Cascade Sub,
Part I - DVD.

Eugene to Cascade Summit.
This journey through Oregon's scenic Cascade mountain range covers the 113 miles of Union Pacific track between Eugene and Cascade Summit. Climbing 4,422 feet in elevation, you'll view numerous tunnels, rock sheds, bridges, horseshoe curves and 40 miles of 1.6% grade as well as plenty of diesel action, piggyback trains, Amtrak's Coast Starlight, and more. 1 hr. 49 min.

Union Pacific's Cascade Sub, Part II
Union Pacific's Chester Sub - DVD-R
Union Pacific's Cornhusker Mainline - DVD
0RV6493Union Pacific's Cornhusker Mainline - DVD.
The Council Bluffs Subdivision.
This program takes you along the UP's Council Bluffs Subdivision, the busiest main line in North America. Starting at Bailey Yard – the world's largest classification yard – you'll head east through the Sand Hills region, across vast cornfields and into Grand Island. Along the way, you'll see ultra-modern SD90s and Dash 9-60ACs on fast freights, BNSF's busy flyover at Council Bluffs, and coal drag action on the Ravenna Subdivision. Color, 1 hr. 10 min.

Union Pacific's Feather River Route - DVD
Union Pacific's Last Steam Giants - DVD-R Narrated by legendary railroad artist Howard Fogg, this exciting program features vintage 16 mm color film of big Union Pacific steam operating in the late 1950s. You'll travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming where 4-8-8-4 Big Boys are readied for their last months of service; travel along a Nebraska main line where 4-8-4 800s finish their days hauling freight, not passenger trains; storm up Archer Hill alongside 4-6-6-4 Challengers; and much more. Color, 24 minutes.
Union Pacific's Little Rock Sub - DVD-R 0RV8141Union Pacific's Little Rock Sub - DVD-R.
This exciting program combines action from three busy UP subs: Little Rock, White Bluff and Pine Bluffs. You'll visit them all as you are whisked through the pine trees between Texarkana and Little Rock where plenty of vintage motive power and even older depots still reside; visit Little Rock Union Station and the yard at Pine Bluff; get goose bumps as you stand between two passing trains; see classy C420s on the nearby Little Rock & Western; and more. Color, 1 hr. 45 min.

Union Pacific's Mighty Turbines - DVD
0RV5759Union Pacific's Mighty Turbines - DVD.
In this video, you'll see the whole turbine story, beginning with rare footage of an early steam turbine experiment in 1938. You'll learn how turbine locomotives operate and delve into the differences between turbine-electric and diesel-electric units. The saga ends with an experimental coal-burning turbine unit built by UP in 1962. And as a special bonus, a 1938 GE promotional film entitled The Steam-Electric Arrives! is also included on this tape. Color and B&W, 46 minutes.
Union Pacific's Oregon Blues - DVD-R

The La Grande Sub.
Oregon's Blue Mountains, known as The Blues, are a formidable challenge to the trains of Union Pacific. 2.2% grades and tight curves means helpers and distributed power are required on heavy trains. Now, you can see the struggle as you follow the La Grande Sub from Hinkle Yard to Huntington and follow the big trains - including the Union Pacific's SD70 "Wings" - twisting and turning through the scenic Blue Mountains of Oregon. 1 hr. 30 min.

Union Pacific's Sherman Hill - DVD
0RV6371Union Pacific's Sherman Hill - DVD.
This program offers a detailed look at all three of Union Pacific's main lines over the vaunted Sherman Hill. You'll see a history of rail development on "the hill," the challenging operations that required a host of massive motive power, the transition into the modern railroad era, and footage of "modern" UP steam tackling Sherman Hill's grades again. Color, 1 hr. 30 min.
Union Pacific's Snowy Range Route - DVD
0RV2069Union Pacific's Snowy Range Route - DVD.
The Coalmont and Encampment Branches gave Union Pacific bragging rights to some of the most beautiful ribbons of rails in the West. This program presents a potpourri of classic first- and second-generation diesels tackling 2% grades and spiral loops through dense mountain forests and parks including Fox Park, which is the highest point of rail on the entire UP system. Color, 1 hr. 9 min.
Union Pacific's Triple Track Main - DVD
0RV9111Union Pacific's Triple Track Main - DVD.
The Kearney Sub
Enjoy Class I railroading at its best on UP's triple-track Kearney Sub - the busiest freight main line in North America that sees an average of 100 trains per day. You'll see general freights, distributed power coal trains, and much more… including pre-merger power from Chicago & North Western, Southern Pacific and Rio Grande. Color, stereo sound with optional narration. 1 hr. 36 min.

Union Pacific's Triple Track Main Part I - DVD-R
Union Pacific's Triple Track Main Part II - DVD-R
0RV6413Union Pacific's Triple Track Main Part II - DVD-R.
With an average of 125 trains per day, Union Pacific’s triple main line between North Platte and Gibbon Junction, Nebraska is the busiest freight line in the world. This video series features plenty of faced-paced action with ultra modern SD90MACs and C6044ACs leading the charge. Color, 2 hrs.
Part II: Gibbon Jct to O’Fallons. A fitting sequel to Part I, this video takes you between Gibbon Junction and O’Fallons where an endless parade of coal trains, grain trains, drag freights, autoracks, and speedy intermodals put on quite a show. Incredible dawn and sunset sequences add a stunning backdrop to the action.
Be sure to also see Part I (RV6411).

UP on the Sunset Route - DVD-R
Wedges, Rotaries & More - DVD-R Removing snow from the tracks requires heavy-duty machinery, as you'll see in this blizzard of thrilling snow removal action. You'll view wedge plows pushing snow off the tracks, steam and diesel rotaries chewing through mountains of snow, and a modern-day Jordan spreader hard at work on the Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, Denver & Salt Lake, Southern Pacific, Wyoming Colorado, Cumbres & Toltec and Kyle railroads. Color, 45 minutes.
Western Pacific - DVD
This video showcases the colorful Western Pacific from 1970 to 1980, the final decade before its merger with Union Pacific. You'll follow long freights through the scenic Feather River Canyon and Nevada desert, watch WP trains thread their way through Oakland street traffic and a congested rail yard, visit Altamont Pass and Stockton Tower, enjoy a host of colorful F-unit, Geep and U-boat motive power, and more. As a bonus, you'll also see the WP during the Pearlman years, WP subsidiary lines and footage of the California Zephyr in its final months of operation. Color, 1 hr. 18 min
Windy City Rails - DVD
Windy City Rails Volume 2 - DVD
Windy City Rails, Volume 3 - DVD
Windy City Rails, Vol 4 - DVD
Wings and Triple Track Volume One - DVD
0RV2315Wings and Triple Track Volume One - DVD.
This program features non-stop Union Pacific run-bys - with plenty of SD70Ms in the UP "Wings" paint scheme - on the busy triple-track Nebraska main line west from Gibbon Junction (the meeting point for UP's Marysville Subdivision and the east-west Nebraska Division main line) to locations around Bailey Yard in North Platte. 1 hr. 30 min.
See also Volume Two, item #RV2316.

Wings and Triple Track Volume Two - DVD
Wisconsin Central Volume 1 - DVD-R
Wisconsin Central Volume 2 - DVD-R
By the 1990s, the Wisconsin Central - which operated between Chicago and Superior, Wisconsin - was among the premier regional railroads in North America. This series presents the exciting WC branch line activity, which served the paper, printing, mining and other regional industries, all prior to its purchase by Canadian National. Color, 2 hours.
Volume 2: Fond du Lac, Stevens Point, Junction City
This video picks up where Volume 1 (RV6151) leaves off, taking you to the yard and shops in Fond du Lac before taking you west to visit locations such as Van Dyne, Oshkosh, Neenah, Dale, Weyauwega, Gill’s Landing, Stevens Point, and Junction City where you’ll see the WC’s fleet of SD45s, F45s, GP40s, SDL-39s, GP30s, and switchers in yard, local, and mainline action during all four seasons.
Be sure to also see:
Volume 1 (RV6151)
Volume 3 (RV5354)
Volume 4 (RV6164)
Volume 5 (RV5363)

Wisconsin Central Volume 3 - DVD-R Junction City to the Twin Ports and Owen to the Twin Cities
Your WC rail tour continues from Junction City to more than twenty Wisconsin and Minnesota locales such as Superior, Auburndale, Marshfield, Ladysmith, Chippewa Falls, Colfax, Somerset, New Brighton, Minneapolis and more. You'll enjoy colorful WC action in many scenic settings and run-through power from the likes of Canadian National and Union Pacific. 1 hr. 35 min.
Be sure to also see:
Volume 1 (RV6151)
Volume 2 (RV6153)
Volume 4 (RV6164)
Volume 5 (RV5363)

Wisconsin Central Volume 4 - DVD-R The Bradley Subdivision, The Pembine Subdivision, and the Manistique Subdivision
This volume takes you along the Bradley, Pembine, and Manistique Subdivisions from Ladysmith, Wisconsin, to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, through four seasons of beautiful scenery. Along the way, you'll enjoy Wisconsin Central's colorful locomotives and visits from vintage steam and diesel power in northwoods locations such as Ladysmith, Prentice, Bradley, Rhinelander, Argonne, Pembine, Gladstone, Manistique, Trout Lake, Rudyard, and Sault Ste. Marie. Color, 2 hours.
Be sure to also see:
Volume 1 (RV6151)
Volume 2 (RV6153)
Volume 3 (RV5354)
Volume 5 (RV5363)

Wisconsin Central Volume 5 - DVD-R
Gateway to the Pacific" hspace="10" src="
Best of the West Combo - DVD Mountains, Montrose and More - DVD
Rio Grande Finale Volume 2
You'll roll "through the mountains, not around them" on the Moffat main line as you visit Glenwood Canyon, Palisades near Grand Junction, the Escalante Canyon narrow gauge route, the North Fork Branch and the charming, but antiquated Montrose Branch. New and old technologies share the rails on this exciting tour. 1 hr. 8 min.
Santa Fe Swan Song - DVD
Travel Santa Fe "all the way" during its last decade of service before the mega-merger with rival Burlington Northern. You'll enjoy unique views of this fallen flag along busy main lines and branch lines - even unusual street running! - at locations such as Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, Garden City, La Junta, Lamy, Santa Fe, and Long Beach. A delightful mix of modern and "senior" motive power - from GEs and EMDs to CF7s - shares the rails on everything from short locals to massive, high-tonnage unit trains. Color, 1 hr. 16 min.
Union Pacific's Magnificent Machines - DVD
UP Potpourri, Volume 1
This exciting program offers a contemporary look at the mighty Union Pacific on main lines, branch lines and everything in-between at a host of great railfan locations, from Chicago to the California coast, Donner to Dallas, Minnesota to Mexico, Rochelle to Reno, and Tehachapi to Tennessee Pass. You'll witness the UP from aboard a locomotive cab and a dome car, and go trackside to enjoy the UP's amazing collection of vintage equipment - such as a 4-6-6-4 Challenger, a Centennial diesel and a rotary snowplow - in operation on lines in Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming. Color, 1 hr. 39 min.

California Diesels - DVD
One Hundred & Fifty Trains a Day
If you enjoy mainline freight railroading, you can't find a better spot than Union Pacific's incredible triple-track line across Nebraska, which handles more than 150 trains per day.
In this fast-paced program, you'll travel across that line from O'Fallons to Grand Island to view a multitude of trains, visit massive Bailey Yard and go to the top of Golden Spike Tower, and see exciting action on Buttermilk Curve, at Gibbon Junction, and at many other great locations. Widescreen, 1 hr. 15 min.

Rails Chicago '95 - DVD
The newest addition to the Rails Chicago series, this program presents fast-paced 1995 action of Soo Line; Santa Fe; Burlington Northern; Southern Pacific; Metra; Conrail; CSX; Amtrak; Union Pacific; Chicago & North Western; Elgin, Joliet and Eastern; and many others at locations in and around Chicago, including Hammond (Indiana), Blue Island, Joliet, Elmhurst, Franklin Park, Homewood and other locales. Dolby Digital 2.0, 1 hour.
Sounds of Steam
Sounds of Steam, CD.

Thrill to these action steam sounds from the early 1950s and '60s, featuring passenger and freight, mainline, branchline and shortline Northern American railroads. You'll hear famous trains such as the Pennsylvania Railroad K4, Union Pacific Big Boy, Reading T1 2100, Twin Seams Mining Shay, Colorado and Southern 2-10-2, Norfolk and Western Y6b and Y6a, and many more. It's like a steamer in your stereo!

Steel Rails Under Thundering Skies
The Era of Diesel
The Ultimate Beaumont Hill - DVD
Union Pacific Classic Collectors' Series Union Pacific Classic Collectors' Series, DVD

This 3-part program offers a look at UP steam in the 1950s. Union Pacific Big Boys displays these leviathans on Sherman Hill and includes rare footage of Big Boys double-headed and lashed up with turbine engines; Union Pacific Challengers features 4-6-6-4 pacing footage and sequences of Challengers in helper service, muscling freight through scenic locales, and more; and Union Pacific Steam shows hardworking light and medium duty UP steamers along branch lines and in busy freight yards. Color, 1 hr. 30 min.

Vignettes of the Burlington Northern, Volume 1 - DVD
Vignettes of the Burlington Northern, Volumes 1-2 - DVD
Buy Both and Save!
These programs recount the final years of the Burlington Northern at major locations prior to its incorporation into BNSF. You'll view a wide range of motive power and trains, numerous other roads, and much more.
Volume 1 - Visit St. Paul (Minnesota), Valley City (North Dakota) and Bushnell (Illinois) from 1992 to July, 1996, to view a wide variety of motive power, including early Geeps and wide-nose SD60s; freight, intermodal and coal trains; neighboring roads Soo Line, Chicago & North Western, Union Pacific and Toledo, Peoria & Western; and more. 1 hr. 17 min.
Volume 2 - Visit Chicago, Birmingham (Missouri), Minot (North Dakota), the Sand Hills of Nebraska and Mt. Pleasant (Iowa) from 1990 to July, 1996, to view E-units, wide-nose SD70s, and others; a variety of trains; Amtrak operations; pool power from numerous other roads; and more. 1 hr. 38 min.

Union Pacific's Caliente Subdivision - DVD
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