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Model Train Layouts,  How-to Layout Your Electric Train Sets, Books and DVDs. 

Building a Model Railroad Step by Step

Model Train Layouts.  How to Layout Your Railroad Scenery Books and DVD's, all the things that make a model railroad look real. Model Railroad Store, learn Model Train Layouts, Learn how to set-up Model Railroad Scenery.

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Model Train Layouts,  how-to Layout Books.

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Building a Model Railroad Step by Step" hspace="10" src=" 0R04172
HO Railroad from Start to HO Railroad Model Train Layouts from Start to Finish.
This book provides the construction steps for building a walkaround 4'x 8' layout. Photos, diagrams, and helpful instructions show how to construct benchwork and scenery, lay track, build detailed structures, weather freight cars, and more. 88 pgs., 100+ color photos, 55 illustrations, 8?"x 10?", sfbd.
Getting Started with Lionel Trains 0R01641
How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes Sassi. This practical, heavily illustrated guide shows you the essential principles and techniques for designing and constructing detailed, realistic model railroad scenes that will make your good layout great. Pojects include structure, scenery, and detailing techniques for both urban and rural settings. 88 pages, 245 color and B&W photos and illustrations, 8?"x 10?", softcover.
How to Build Realistic Scenery 0R04161
Lionel Showroom Layouts - DVD Enjoy this look at two of the grandest Lionel layouts ever built and get modeling tips from the pros who built them. First, you'll travel to Jackson, Mississippi where a train club recreated the famous 1949 Lionel Showroom Layout in meticulous, stunning detail. Then, you'll follow the story of Lionel's new, multi-level Showroom Layout from table construction, scenery, and wiring to the layout's public debut. Color, 1 hr. 35 min.
Model Railroad Mania Vol. 1 - DVD-R N Scale Layout.
Get a big dose of model railroad action on this amazing 32"x 18" N scale layout that features the Norfolk Southern's busy mountain main line between Bluefield, Virginia and on, West Virginia. True to the prototype, this layout features plenty of grueling mountain grades, lush scenery, long bridges, a wonderful mix of motive power and non-stop "modern" railroad action. You'll watch this one again and again! Color, 30 minutes.

Model Railroad Techniques - DVD-R Volume 1. This program shows you many of the techniques used to create scenery and "weather" the incredible 32"x 18" N scale layout featured above. You'll learn how to model trees and other foliage out of real weeds, "carve" rock formations, detail and weather locomotives and rolling stock, and more. Though shown in N scale, these techniques can be applied to layouts of any size or scale. Color, 1 hour.
Modeling and Beyond Volume 1 -5 Combo - DVD These five DVDs bring you in-depth, how-to modeling instruction plus footage of prototypes on which to base your designs. Color, Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo, 4 hrs. 36 min. total runtime.
Volume 1: Installing and Blending Photo Mural Backdrops
Learn how to install a backdrop to a model railroad. You'll see a heavily wooded backdrop and Bas-Relief buildings blended into a backdrop, watch rocks being sculpted, learn how "half" trees and shrubs can be blended into a flat scenery mural, and more. Includes high-resolution pictures that can be printed from your computer. 1 hr. 8 min.
Volume 2: Scratch Building Structures
In this volume, the scratch building of four unique structures will teach you a wide variety of techniques. Structures include a small boiler house; offices attached to a roundhouse; a repair facility with complete interior detail including lighting, an interesting removable roof, and a small lean-to; and a passenger and freight station that is built as if it were sliced down the middle. Includes high-resolution pictures that can be printed from your computer. 1 hr. 3 min.
Volume 3: The Rio Grande Southern, Modeling the Prototype
You'll see why the Rio Grande Southern makes such a fine railroad to model as this video brings you great coverage of both the prototype and On3 layouts. Learn how to build some of the best looking evergreen trees you've ever seen and experience today's RGS firsthand. 1 hour.
Volume 4: The Last Steam Operated Sawmill
This video brings you one of the last steam operated sawmills in the United States. You will see this huge complex and experience every aspect of its operation from log delivery, to the mill pond, to debarking, sawing, edging, sorting and the finished goods. Color, Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo sound. 30 minutes.
Volume 5: Four Narrow Gauge Layouts
See finished layouts from four well known modelers, filmed as if they were real life, with authentic sounds, sights and professional narration. This video includes an Sn3 layout of the Rio Grande Southern as it appeared in the late 1930s, an HOn3 as it appeared in the 1940s, and more. 55 minutes.
Norfolk Southern: N-Scale Layout - DVD 0RV2109
Painting Backdrops for Your Model Railroad" hspace="10" src=" 0R04187
Great Toy Train Layouts of America Parts 1-6 - DVD" hspace="10" src=" Maintaining & Repairing Your Scale Model Trains You can save money on shop repairs and avoid frustration by mastering some fundamental repair skills. Here, step-by-step instructions with accompanying photos and illustrations teach you the basic techniques needed to maintain and repair DC-powered model locomotives, rolling stock and layouts. These are skills all railroad modelers should have. 80 pages, 165 B&W photographs and illustrations, 8?"x 10?", softcover.

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HO Model Train Layoputs, How-to Model Railroad Scenery Books and DVD's, all the things that make a model railroad look real. Model Railroad Store, learn Model Train Layouts, Learn how to set-up Model Railroad Scenery.
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