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Train and Model Railroad Software.

TrainMaster Locomotive Simulator - CD-ROM

Train and Model Railroad Software to help plan and design railroad layouts, railroad signs, service tracking, locomotive simulations and more.

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Train and Railroad Accessories and Software.

Train and Model Train Accessories are an important part of any model train setup.

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Sign Creator CD-ROM" hspace="10" src="

Stained Glass CD-ROM" hspace="10" src="

Train Engineer Deluxe" hspace="10" src="

Train Engineer Deluxe Macintosh.

This easy-to-use software lets you design your own railway and then run your trains from the engineer's seat! Its simple 3D graphics, full motion video and genuine train sounds make on-screen highballing a thrill. Requires PowerMac, System 7.5 or later; does not work on G3 or G4 Macs.

Train Trek Layout Simulation" hspace="10" src="

Train Trek Layout Simulation, CD-ROM.

Plan, build and operate your next layout without ever cutting a board or soldering a wire! This easy-to-use software lets you create an entire layout - with popular features such as hidden yards, varied elevations and separate passenger and freight train routes - on your computer. After "building" your layout, you can simulate operations either manually or automatically with the simple push of a button. A great tool for planning the real thing. Requires Window XP.

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Ultimate Data Software with Service Tracker" hspace="10" src="

Window Designer CD-ROM" hspace="10" src="

Maintenance-of-Way Cyclopedia of American Practice- 1921" hspace="10" src="


Handy Converter for Model Railroaders" hspace="10" src="


alt="Model Builder CD-ROM" hspace="10" src="


American Advertising Collection CD-ROM" hspace="10" src="


Brickyard CD-ROM" hspace="10" src="

Car Builder's Cyclopedia of" hspace="10" src="

Car Builder's Cyclopedia of American Practice 1922.
This CD-ROM is a digital version of the Cyclopedia published by Simmons-Boardman in 1922, which features definitions and illustrations of standard freight cars of the era; their parts and equipment; and illustrations of their specialized fittings. High-resolution photos, diagrams and line drawings can be easily printed in popular modeling scales such as HO or N. Requires Windows 95 or above and Web browsing software.

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Train and Model Railroad Software to help plan and design railroad layouts, railroad signs, service tracking, locomotive simulations and more.

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