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Expedition North Pole Woolly Mammoth Picture Gallery

Pictures of the Woolly Mammoth located in Khatanga Siberia
on the 2002 North Pole Expedition

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  Woolly Mammoth 

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Picture Gallery of the Woolly Mammoth in Khatanga,
Katanga, or Hatanga Siberia, Russia.

One of the more famous parts of the city of Khatanga is the Jarkov Woolly Mammoth.
Seen in this pictures of the woolly mammoth are the entrance of the, so called, ice cave
where the Woolly Mammoth is kept.  Really the ice cave is not a cave at all but a service
tunnel that travels under the entire city of Khatanga.  These series of service tunnels
carry electric, water, sewage, phone, and steam heat to all of the homes in Khatanga.
The interior of the tunnels (Ice Caves) appear to be made of corrugated steel sections
just the same that a Quonset Hut is made of.  Evenly 1/4 sections of corrugated steel
bolted together, used to make a building or, in this case, a tunnel.  This tunnel
was naturally kept at about a minus fifteen degrees Fahrenheit.

The Woolly Mammoth is abut 20,000 years old and was killed off at the beginning of the 
last ice age.  Other theories state that there were very fine particles of stone found
in the tusk of the Woolly Mammoth which may be particles ejected, at high speeds,
by an asteroid impact. 

The significance of this Woolly Mammoth is that it was the most intact mammoth
that was ever found.  The scientist working on the mammoth used a heat gun to
melt the surface of the mammoth and then remove very thin layers of, first, the mud,
then the hairs and then the skin and sub-layers.  The object of this meticulous
effort was not only to find out about the mammoth, but to find out about the
environment that the mammoth lives.

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Complete Photo Gallery, With Beautiful Photos of the 2002 North Pole Expedition through Siberia.



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