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Tonya and Ed know about the River of Life and the School of Hard Knocks

What is the River of Life and How You can use it to to create success in your life.  If you follow these simple principles, you can attain any goal that you put your mind to.

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Blaire is a girl who is treated like dirt in her circle of friends, she's from the white ghetto of America.


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The River of Life and Your Future Success.

There's a girl that I work with who is in Jail.  I spent years telling her about the whirlpools in the river of live and how if you get caught in one of these whirlpools that you will get sucked in.  If you stay in a whirlpool long enough, you get sucked in so far that you cannot get out.

These whirlpools are on the left, or wrong side of the river of life.  They are like going to the bar, it's fun to go to the bar and you go round and round a couple of times and get out.  You had fun.  But if you keep going to the bar, the farther you get sucked in and the steeper the sides of this whirlpool are.  Finally there is a point of no return and the sides of the whirlpool are so steep that you cannot climb out.

But if you stay on the right side of the river of life, the whirlpools don't suck you down, they suck you up into a better way of living.  The one thing that you must remember is that the wind is always blowing to the left.  The wind is the TV, Music and the trash jokes that are pulling us to the left and trying to get us to do the wrong things, thinking that they are the cool way of life. 

But by using thought alone, a person can think their way to the right side of the river.  But this thought also takes effort too.  Going to school, working on a project, keeping your language clean, and just doing good things and networking with people who do these same kinds of things that pick you up.  We all need to keep this in our minds and be conscious of these kinds of concepts, or if we're not, we will not be aware of the wind blowing us to the wrong side of the river, the side where it is rough and tough and all of the bad things happen. 

But this girl is a tough case because she has spent her whole life being taught the wrong things and the wrong way to live.  She was taught that it is cool to be with a foul mouth person, they are men if they have a foul mouth and are covered with tattoos.  She was taught that to be popular she had to be the life of the party.  So, now she's in jail and will probably go to prison for a year or more just because of her beliefs and her deeds.
At the same time, both you and me need to keep this thought of staying on the right side of the river of life in our minds and we will be successful.  I'm sharing these ideas with you because I know that you are a person of action, not just talk.  You have a high probably of success. 

What are the three types of people in the world.  There is the person that makes things happen, the person that talks about making things happen, and the person that doesn't know what's happening.  If you are reading this page, you do not belong in the latter category.

Always do the right thing and follow the Golden Rule.  Do unto others and you would have them do unto you.  This is the very foundation of success and continued success.  If you don't follow this rule, you may attain an appearance of success, but everything will catch up with you and you will be sucked into one of those whirlpools on the left side of the river of life.  Think about it and think about it some more, never let this thought out of your mind and you will be successful.  C. Jeff Dyrek.

I am very sorry that I am not able to write more about Blaire.  I have worked with Blaire for over twelve years, but I just don't have the time to make more web pages about this subject.  C. Jeff Dyrek


The following pages will show you the efforts that Blaire has put forth
to improve her life and how much of a struggle it is.

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Ed Beckley once said
Work Harder on Yourself than you do the money
Money is attracted and not pursued.

Success is a Day by Day Process

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The exciting story of  building the B-24 Liberator
Warren Benjamin Kidder (Ben) was the last man to live on the Willow Run property before his house was torn down for the factory construction.  He has done a tremendous amount of research on building the Willow Run Plant and the B-24.  The book is one of the best that I have ever read and you can see a large exhibit here with lots of great photos of the B-24 Liberator under construction plant in World War 2.  Exhibit Added Feb 2000
11 New Pages and a Major Exhibit Upgrade July 2007

By Warren Benjamin Kidder.

willow run, a colossus of american industry



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