Aircrew of the B-24 Liberator Shady Lady

Aircrew and Story of the Shady Lady B-24 Liberator
bomber from World War 2 
De las tripulaciones y
la Historia de la Shady Lady B-24 Liberator
bombardero de la Segunda Guerra 2

One More MissionA Journey from Childhood to War Page 8

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by Jesse Pettey, World War 2 Bomber Pilot

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B-24 Liberator Bombers

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Photo of the AirCrew of the B-24 Liberator Shady Lady in World War II

Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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  Jesse Pettey


With the latest orders in hand, ten airmen, Crew #144 meet for the first time in an orderly room at Hammer Field:  First-Pilot Second Lieutenant Dave Thomas, Copilot Second Lieutenant Jesse Pettey, Navigator Second Lieutenant Richard Krall, Bombardier Second Lieutenant Robert Cline, Flight Engineer and waist gunner Corporal John Ribovich, Radio Operator and Top-Turret Gunner Corporal Russell Westaby, Nose Gunner Corporal John Masterson, Tail Gunner Private John Tighe, Waist Gunner Corporal Earl Williams, and Belly-Turret Gunner Sergeant Kenneth Melron.  World War II.


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One More Mission: A Journey from Childhood to Warby Jesse Pettey

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    Thanks for posting all of this great info. My Grandfather is Lt. John Wren who flew the Shady Lady #2 (42-51336) on his last mission. I am documenting all of his stories on video and would love to get a quality scan of this ship and permission to use it.   
    Thanks Jeff Lopinot



Lt. John Wren who flew the Shady Lady #2
A B-24 Liberator Bomber in World War 2 describes his time
in Stalag Luft III, German Prison Camp

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Ploesti: Into the Fire & Fury
William S. Phillips.

On August 1, 1943, Col. Leon Johnson led a squadron of B-24Ds over target Ploesti in operation 'Tidal Wave', losing 53 of 179 aircraft in the attack. 850 S/N by artist. 31"x 22" print.

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