go to Yellow Airplanes home baseA Fantastic Aerial Photo of the USS Kitty Hawk with Planes on Deck.

The Kitty Hawk by ET2 Darren Drake
The aircraft carrier, USS Kitty Hawk in formation with other navy ships

The USS Kitty Hawk is never alone. It always has other navy ships with it. This is the way the military works, everyone looks out for another. When you're in the military, especially in the navy, you're someone, you're important. Read below about the navy ships in operation.

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The USS Kitty Hawk, CV63

is a Military Ship with one of the best safety records in the fleet


A great view of the uss kitty hawk and its planes, from above

Click picture for a much larger view

navy ships are military ships, they have a tremendous function

Photo from ET2 Darren Drake
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk


Click here for a fantastic video of an F-14 Tomcat breaking the sound barrier next to the USS Kitty Hawk, 

by Darren Drake

Ships Operation

 Of course this picture is of the USS Kitty Hawk and its planes, but there are a couple of other things that you must look at. Notice, in the far background, there are two other ships. When aircraft carriers go out to sea they are not alone. There are a lot of other ships in the carriers task group.   These ships include cargo supply ships, tankers, guided missile ships, destroyers, submarines (you never see the subs) and more. This is a giant floating armada and if you try to fly close to it, less than 200 miles, you will have a jet fighter on your wing checking you out and escorting you while you fly over the carrier.  We used to see the Russian Bear, a four engine aircraft, flying over us sometimes twice a week. There was always two F-14's and an another aircraft flying in tight formation with it, just in case.
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I should be a Navy Recruiter. It was great being out to sea and experiencing all of this action and being around all of this high tech stuff every day. When you're in the Navy, you are treated like a professional.  You are well trained in the best schools with better equipment than any civilian school can afford to provide. You are not stuck in a single town for the rest of your life because you get to travel, everywhere. And, you just have a great time and spend it with good friends that you know for years. I have seen both ends of the spectrum. I was in the Navy, I worked as a civilian for the Army and I've worked for civilian companies for many years. If I had to make the choice again, I'd stay in the Navy, It was the best.0009524HSPACE=20 VSPACE=10 BORDER=2 height=177 width=250 align=RIGHT>

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USS Kitty Hawk 
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