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34th Fighter Squadron Bomb Shelters.

WW2 Bomb Shelters on Ie Shima.

the 34th fighter Squadron Yearbook  Page 52.
      34th Fighter Squadron Page 52
The Bomb Shelters on Ie Shima were a necessary part of life.  You needed to eat, you needed to sleep and sometimes you needed to sit in a bomb shelter.  WW2 was fierce and the island of Ie Shima was real close to Japan which made it a prime and easy target for the remaining Japanese fighter aircraft and bombers.  On this page you can also see the P-47 maintenance setup for removing engines and a B-29 which probably made an emergency landing.  The plane here is a P-47 Thunderbolt, "Droopy Drawers."    Press at the right arrow below the picture to go to the next page in this exhibit.
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Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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Pictures of Ole Droopy Drawers, a P-47 Thunderbolt Nose Art Name.
Pictures of a B-29 Superfortress on Ie Shima.
And Pictures of Men sitting in Bomb Shelters in WW2.


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