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Pre Mission Planning; Pilots listen as the commander points to the mission map in WW2.

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Japanese A6M Zero
from the 34th fighter Squadron Yearbook.

Pre Mission Planning in the Ready Room, WW2.

In the Ready Room the pilots go though pre mission planning for a bombing run on the main island of Japan.  The pilots listen to the plan as their commander points to the mission map in this picture.

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The Pilots learn about their days work and wonder if they will return.

Pilots listen to the Commander in Pre Mission Briefing.
Picture Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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We need to figure this out, said the captain of the 34th fighter squadron.  We need to get these P47 Thunderbolts to the target and get every thunderbolt back with out losing a single one.  These P47 's are our main defense, we need them to attack ground targets, we need them for bomber defense and we need them to knock the enemy Zero's before they get us.  The P47 is important to us, let's plan this mission without any flaws.


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Pilot's Man. P-47 Thunderbolt

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Jim Walker, US Navy Veteran in Europe and in the Pacific
Fighting in both WW2 War Theaters, Fighting Criminals in Portland, Oregon.  A look at the life of Jim Walker.
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the 34th fighter Squadron
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