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Alpha Jet, A real close look  This is an excellent book showing many pictures and illustrations of the Alpha Jet by Marc Arys.  Marc is also a friend of mine and does a lot of work with the B-25 Mitchell.
Short Straw: Memoirs of Korea. A Korean War Pilots Story 
This is an excellent book.  I personally know Captain Bernard Peterson and he fought in both WW2 and in Korea flying the F4U Corsair.  His friend throughout these wars went on to fly the F-4 Phantom in the Viet Nam War.  You will love this book Review.
Gee Bee Airplane History: Farmers Take Flight  
The Story of the Gee Bee Airplanes by June. I. Granville
Jessie Pettey, One More Mission, A Journey from Childhood to War.
Mustang Manual
Willow Run B-24 LiberatorThe story of the construction of the B-24 Liberator.  This is an excellent book.  I am a personal friend of the author, Warren B. Kidder ( Ben )  Ben was the last person to live on the property where the Willow Run Factory was to build the B-24 Liberator.  He also wrote an excellent book called Alaska about his adventures working in Alaska.   Ben was also a personal friend of Henry Ford.




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