Willow Run B24 Production Exhibit, Michigan

The Willow Run Airport History, B-24 Bomber Plant and Airport Construction

B-24 Liberator Bombers - Story of the Worlds Largest Factory in WW2.

Willow Run, Colossus of American Industry, written by Warren Benjamin Kidder.  A true story of the production of the B-24 Liberator and the building of the Willow Run Airport  Bomber Plant.  

Ejecutar el Willow Bombardero de plantas y al aeropuerto,
B-24 Libertador Bombers - Historia del universo ms grande de la fbrica en WW2.

Willow Run is a book that was written by my friend Warren Benjamin Kidder about the B-24 Liberator, WW2 Bomber Production Plant and Airport near Detroit Michigan.

The following pages tells about this great factory and production plant where the WW2 B-24 Liberator was built which uses many references from this book.  This book is about the Willow Run manufacturing plant for the B-24 Liberators in the pastoral countryside east of Ypsilanti, Michigan, near the Village of Denton just outside of Detroit..  Ben Kidder was the last person to live on the Willow Run property before Ford Motor Company built the famous B-24 bomber plant.  Ben actually met Henry Ford a couple of times and Mr. Ford knew Ben also.  I've read a lot of this book, Willow Run, and it is very surprising that the Ford plant could complete these B-24 Liberators with a new B-24 's coming off of the assembly line every 56 minutes.  This book, Willow Run, tells the whole story in great detail.  The B-24 Liberator was built by license of the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation in San Diego, California.  My Aunt was one of the workers at the consolidated Aircraft Company in San Diego building the B-24 Liberators.  She was at my house today, here in Macomb.  C. Jeff Dyrek.
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of the Willow Run B-24 Manufacturing Plant built by Henry Ford


This is the cover from the Book

Willow Run
Colossus of American Industry
by Warren Benjamin Kidder

The Factory was designed and build by Charles E. Sorensen.

"Without Sorensen's Mass Production of the B-24 Bomber
The Air War against Hitler's Third Reich
Would have Been Impossible."
(The Eighth Air Force)

In the following pages you will
see the many photo's and the history of the  
Willow Run B-24 Liberator Manufacturing Plant

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willow run, b-24 liberator manufacturing plant in detroit michigan
Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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Learn about the Willow Run Airport History and the History of the building of the B-24 Liberator.  Click the Arrow Below

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  " The Eighth Air Force in WW2 "

The following is an excerpt from a letter from the
8th Air Force to Ben Kidder.

F.C. "Hap" Chandler

Dear Ben:

Thank you for taking the time to visit our matchless Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum. It was a pleasure to work with you regarding the history and "Time Line" of the Mighty Eighth during World War II.  Your book, "Willow Run"  Colossus of American Industry is a classic and much needed addition to the history of the Mighty Eighth's activities during World War II.  It has been very helpful to our year long study of the accomplishments of the wartime 8th Air Force as, without the production of large numbers of B-24 bombers, the air war against the Third Reich would have been impossible.


 Henry Ford's 80 Acre Factory with a mile long assembly line.
Employed more than 40,000 people.

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When Japan’s Admiral, Irsoroku Yamamoto bombed Pearl harbor, and destroyed all of the US battleships laying in anchor, he said:

"I FEAR all we have done is to awaken a sleeping Giant."

What the Admiral did not know was that his giant, was already awake and building the largest industrial factory in the world with a production line more than a mile long at Willow Run, where Henry Ford would employ 40,000 people to Mass produce the twenty ton, four engine, B-24 "Liberator" bomber at the unbelievable rate of one every hour.

The B-24 would be flown by the Mighty Eighth Air Force to defeat Hitler in his war against England which, in just a few short days after Pearl Harbor, would be declared by America’s President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to be America’s war as well.

In Sheer magnitude and complexity, Sorensen’s production of the B-24 Liberator bomber at Willow Run would represent the greatest achievement of the industrial age in war or peace.

In the South Pacific, Sorensen’s B-24s would be used by General MacArthur, for his island hoping battles to open way for the atomic bomb to be dropped on Yamamoto’s own Japan and bring about an end to the war that, he himself, had started at Pearl Harbor.

On December 3, just four days before Admiral Yamamoto<’s airplanes bombed Pearl Harbor, he could not have known that already finished paving the last of six concrete runways totaling 40,6447 feet on a 1,434 acre airport which required seventy five miles of drain tile, up to four feet in diameter, that he had started on July 22; And, that on December 11th he would produce his first B-24 bomber part in a still unfinished factory.

Sorensen continued building his 3,503,016 sq. ft. factory, and increased production until he achieved his goal of making the B-24s at the rate of one an hour, which the Eighth Air Force later discover was the same rate Hitler was shooting them out of the skies over Europe.

Sorenson’s production goal at Willow Run was enormous, its achievement prodigious. His task was to increase production output from a craft production rate of a bomber every thirteen days to a mass production rate of a bomber an hour. And, in two days less than a year from ground breaking, he had produced the First Center Wing Section for the airplane in a still unfinished factory. By April 1944, he was producing four hundred and sixty-two bombers at the rate of one every 59.34 minutes.

The enormous accomplishment of Sorensen and the men and women from Willow Run can only be fully appreciated when one realizes that in 1941, before Ford entered the aircraft industry it required 201,826 man-hours to manufacture a single B-24 bomber. In March 1944, Sorensen’s Willow Run Procedures of mass production had reduced those man-hours to only 17,357.

Without his vision to build Willow Run, and his ability to manufacture the B-24 at the rate of one an hour, the Allied Forces would not have had sufficient long range heavy bombers for their massive raids over Europe; and, to reopen the Atlantic Ocean, where Hitler’s submarines had taken control of the international waters and shipping lanes, destroying 750,000 tons of shipping during the first three weeks of March 1942.

Lack of long range heavy bombers had already brought about many early defeats in the Philippines. Including the "Bataan Death March," and without Sorensen’s vision and industrial expertise Hitler could easily have won World War II.

Every time I have written about Willow Run there has hovered in my mind the image of Charles E. Sorensen whose fate was so grandly conceived that he was destined to significantly change the course of twentieth century history.



The Ford Willow Run Factory and Airport, B-24 Plant at Willow Run, Michigan.

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