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These model ships, battleships, aircraft carriers and submarines. 

Plastic model ships are real sharp looking  but they are a little easier to build than wooden ships.  However, the wood model ships look fantastic when they are properly completed.  These ship models cover famous US Navy ships and historic ships.  Ships like the USS Arizona, now found in Pearl Harbor as a memorial; the USS Missouri, which fought in World War 2 and the ship where the Japanese Surrender was signed' the USS Forestall,  an aircraft carrier that Senator John Cain served on and a carrier that survived a tremendous fire which was started when a stray missile that shot across the deck and hit John Cain's airplane, these battleships and aircraft carriers have a lot of history and building model ships will be a great asset in gaining knowledge of this history and the stories of the men who served on them.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

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