Siamak Hatami, Explorer Adventruer from Iran, famous people in Iran
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Siamak Hatami in the Iran Iraq War.
This is what the a7 corsair II looked like at NAS Lemoore, California
Explorer/Adventurer from Iran
Famous Iranian People

en la guerra entre Irn e Irak.

Winter of 1987 in the Iran, Iraq War. 

Siamak Hatami from Iran.
Siamak Hatami was the first person from Iran to stand on the North Pole.  To see the North Pole Exhibit, Here
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Siamak Hatami in the Iran / Iraq War 1987
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Siamak worked in logistics Engineering Department.  He told me that all men must join the military for two years.  When Siamak was attending his university, he, voluntarily, joined the service to fight against Iraq.  He was in the service for seven months, at this time.   The one interesting thing that Siamak told me was that he really enjoyed his time in the military and that he wished that he would have stayed in the service.  Even more interesting, this is exactly what many of the servicemen from the United States had told me.  After they were discharged from the service for about ten years, the servicemen would write and tell me that they wish that they would have stayed in the service, it was a better life.  That's my opinion too.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.




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