Alpha Jet, the Belgian Air Force Online Museum  Exhibit

Dornier Alpha Jet Aircraft  in the Belgian Air Force.

Alpha Jet, jet fighter / trainer from the Belgian Air Force
Alpha Jet Exhibit Home Page.

20 years of Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force.
Fantastic photos of every part of the Alpha Jet in Action in the Belgian Air Force. This is Online Museum Exhibit Home Page.

20 aos de Alpha Jet de la Fuerza Area belga.
Fantsticas fotos de todas las partes del Alpha Jet en la accin de la Fuerza Area belga. Esta es la prueba en lnea museo de la pgina de inicio.

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Dornier lpha Jet, Aircraft Jet Trainer and Jet Fighter Aircraft Models

The following pages show many great photos and drawings of the Alpha Jet as used by the Belgian Air Force.  Start the Alpha Jet tour below. 

Marc Arys' book on the Dassault / Dornier advanced training/light attack military jet, the Alpha Jet, first flown 1973, is well on its way to become a best seller.

A joint venture by France and Germany, A-Jets have of course been ordered by the joint venture partners as well as ten other countries, including Belgium. So this is what the book is all about ; A-Jets in the service of the Belgian Air Force for two decades now, hence the title "20 years of Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force". 
  Alpha Jet Jet Fighter Model Airplanes 

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This is the cover from the Book
20 years of Alpha Jet
in the Belgian Air Force

by Marc Arys

In the following pages you will
see the many photo's and the history of the 
Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force

Start the Alpha Jet Tour Below

20 years of the Alpha Jet in the Belgian Air Force
Photo Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

This is the Alpha Jet Home Page
Start the Alpha Jet Tour
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Your Alpha Jet Tour

To Order This Book Contact

Marc Arys

Ter Bronnenlaan 10
1910 Kampenhout

E-mail:   /


Technical data of the Belgian Alpha Jets




2Snecma/Turbomeca Larzac 04-C5 with
1.350 kg of thrust each

Wingspan  9,11 m
Length 11,84 m
Height 4,19 m
Weight 6,100 kg  Max takeoff weight: 8,000 kg (18,000 lb)
Max. speed 540 kt  623 mph
Load factor + 8,6 G/ - 4,6 G
Range 2.775 km with external fuel tanks RP22

45.000+ ft
Armament * DEFA 553-canon 30mm in a centreline
fuselage pod with 150 rounds
* 7,62mm machine gun in a centreline
fuselage pod (not any more since 2001)
* various underwing loads :
- exercise bombs MK106
- retarded bombs of 250 kg
- bombs MK82 "Snakeye" of 500 lbs
- bombs BLU-1CB of 750 lbs
- CLUSTER bombs BL755 of 600 lbs
- rockets & bomb rack SUU 20A
Variants of the Alpha Jet
  • Alpha Jet A: Attack version originally used by Germany.
  • Alpha Jet E: Trainer version originally used by France.
  • Alpha Jet 2: Development of the Alpha Jet E optimized for ground attack. (This version was originally named the Alpha Jet NGAE (Nouvelle Generation Appui/Ecole or "New Generation Attack/Training"),
  • Alpha Jet MS1: Close support-capable version assembled in Egypt.
  • Alpha Jet MS2: Improved version with new avionics, an uprated engine, Magic Air-to-Air missiles, and a Lancier glass cockpit.
  • Alpha Jet ATS (Advanced Training System): A version fitted with multi-functional controls and a glass cockpit that will train pilots in the use of navigation and attack systems of the latest and future generation fighter aircraft. This version was also called the Alpha Jet 3 or Lancier.




Alpha Jet Model Aircraft

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  Alpha Jet Jet Fighter Model Airplanes 



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