From Poland to Pullman: One Mans Journey.

By Lorri Timbs
Immigration from Poland to Pullman Illinois.

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The Story of Jacob and Anna Dyrek and their travels from Poland to Pullman.  Immigration from Poland to Pullman, Illinois in the early 1900's.
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by Lorri Timbs
teacher: Ms. Braniff
Eng. 102
25 January 1999

 In a classic story of the experiences shared by over 350,000 Polish immigrants of the 1900's era, Jacob Dyrek left Poland and came to America.

I.    Reasons the Poles left Poland

 A.   Threat of war
 B.   Ineffectual Rule of Czar Nicholas
 C.   Religious persecution
 D.   Poverty

II.  Preparing for the journey

 A.   Exit papers
 B.   Packing
 C.   Getting to a port
 D.   Booking passage
 E.   Health inspections

III.  The journey

 A.   The conditions on ship
 B.   Waiting in port
IV.  Arrival on Ellis Island
 A.   Legal
 B.   Emotional
 C.   Examinations
V.   Arrival in Chicago
 A.   Living quarters in Pullman
 B.   Employment
 C.   Making adjustments
VI.  Conclusion
 A.   How Jacob's story compared to other immigrants

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