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A beautiful F4 Phantom built by Inaki Ruiz. 
This is a Tamiya model where detail is absolute. 
This Following series of airplane model photos are great F-4 Phantom photos

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This is the
Inaki Martinez Ruiz 
Model Aircraft Home Page


A few very excellent models made by Inaki from Spain

  The  kit is really complete and few things have been added. I have included  the cables of  the RIO´s instrument panel and modified the seats. Some   extra pipes on the gear bay. There was a problem inside the intakes   because it did not fit very well and there was a considerable hole. The  upper side of the fuselage comes in a piece and the union is by screws.   The wheels are of rubber and uses screws too. It is easy except the   intakes problem , is an excellent kit, with almost all details included.   The decals are enormous but fit perfectly. The both pilot's arms were   modified with another figure's arms because the pilots are identical. It   is expensive, (it is 1/32 scale) but it's worth it

This is Inaki's Model Airplane Home
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Falklands Exhibit Index - Malvinas ndice Exposicin

ENEMY CONTACT, The Movie being made about Neil Wilkinson and the Falklands War "ENEMY CONTACTO" Contacto con el enemigo, la pelcula que hizo sobre Neil Wilkinson y la Guerra de las Malvinas
San Carlos Hilton  a New Stage Play on the Falklands War Nueva Obra de teatro "San Carlos Hilton" sobre la Guerra de las Malvinas
A New Falklands War Jet Fighter Simulatorr A las Malvinas Jet Fighter Nueva Simulador

A New book about the Final Days of the HMS Intrepid

Un libro sobre los ltimos das de la HMS Intrepid

New Falklands War, Malvinas Art Paintings

Guerra de las Malvinas, Islas Malvinas Art Paintings
Model of Mariano's Airplane, professionally built Profesionalmente construir Modelo de avin de Mariano
About The Wilkinsons Acerca de The Wilkinsons
Pablo Carballo Argentine A-4 Skyhawk Pilot Pablo  Carballo piloto argentino A-4 Skyhawk t

Aircraft of the Falklands War

Aviones de la Guerra de las Malvinas

British & Argentinean Ships of the Falklands War

Los buques britnicos y argentinos de la Guerra de las Malvinas

The End of the Falklands - Malvinas  War

El fin de las Malvinas - Guerra de Malvinas

Falkland Islands, Malvinas War Books

Islas Malvinas, la guerra de Malvinas Libros

Free Videos of the Falklands, Malvinas War

Videos Gratis de las Malvinas, la guerra de Malvinas

Maps of the Falkland Islands

Mapas de las Islas Malvinas

The HMS Brazen

El HMS Brazen


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The Last Word:  Building model airplanes and other types of models, brings out the engineer in your kid. This teaches kids
the very basics of engineering giving your child the advantage, far above, the other kids who did nothing but play sports.
Our world needs highly skilled people and a highly trained workforce and building models is the first step in the right direction for kids
to attain their goals, whatever they may be.