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The Lamborghini is an Italian luxury sports car. The first Lamborghini automobiles were put on the market in the 1950's and were an instant success.

The Maserati is a luxury car built in Italy. The Maserati car company was established in 1914. They also build sports car, and have manufactured racing cars.

The corvette has been produced for 6 generations. The first model, put out in 1953, was a convertible. The corvette was named after a small, easily maneuverable warship called a corvette.

The Porche is a sports car made in Stuttgart, Germany. The Porche was was made with its engine in the rear. The original Porche 911 series was one of the most successful competition cars.

The Alfa Romeo is an Italian car, referred to as the Alfa. Alfa Romeo is also the name of the production company. In the 1960's Alfa Romeo started making small cars used by the Italian police.

The Fiat is an Italian made car. Fiat was founded in 1899 in Turin, Italy. Fiat is a major shareholder in Chrysler in the USA. The Fiat 124 was a car of the year.

The MG was a British sports car. It was a two-seater sports car. The MG participated in Nascar from 1960-1964. Elvis drove an MG in the move Blue Hawaii.

Steve McQueen owned a Jaguar XKSS for 10 years. He kept it for 10 years. He regretted selling it, and later bought it back and kept it the rest of his life. Enzo Ferrari thought the Jaguar was the "most beautiful car ever built."

The Shelby Cobra was a British sports car imported and sold by Ford. It was made to compete with the corvette. However, it was a financial failure, and Ford stopped importing British cars in 1967.

The Triumph Motor Company in England manufactured the Triumph sports car. Financial problems caused The Triumph Motor Company to be purchased by other companies, and is currently owned by BMW.

The Datsun 240Z was the first generation of two-seated coupes. It became popular in the US because of its low compared to other sport cars at the time. It was one of the top sports cars of the 1970's.

The Chevelle was built by GM to compete with the Ford Fairlane. In 1970 the largest Chevelle engine, 454 cu in (7.4 L) big-block V8, first became available.

The Boss Mustang was one of the first cars with the Front Spoiler and rear Deck Wing. The name "Boss" came about when the designer of the Boss Mustang was asked about his current project and he answered "The boss's car project was secret."