The Falkland Islands War Theater Play

A Play Called, "San Carlos Hilton" 
Falkland Islands War, La guerra de Malvinas.   

Michael Quinn and Neil Wilkinson, HMS Intrepid Society
The new play is about the British Ship, the HMS Intrepid in the Falklands War in 1982.  The play has premiered on Thursday June 10th and Friday June 11th at 7:30 pm at the Peace Memorial Hall, Upper Road, Meole Village, Shrewsbury SY3 9JP

The total drama action of this new stage play, "San Carlos Hilton," about Neil Wilkinson and the crew of the British Ship the HMS Intrepid in the Falklands War must be seen to know what these soldiers really went through in the Falklands - Malvinas War.  Written by Michael Quinn about his navy crewmate Neil Wilkinson and the crew and actions of the British ships crew in action in the Falklands Sound in 1982.  The heroic actions of the whole crew and Neil Wilkinson prevented the HMS Intrepid from being sunk in battle.  New military drama plays make the theater into a true part of living history.  Unlike a new movie, the new stage plays put you right in the action allowing you to feel the action and tragedy that these men were faced with day to day during a time of war.  New theater plays about historical events like the Falkland Islands War - Malvinas War require tremendous acting abilities, pushing the actors and playwrights really hard to get the production correct.  Performances of the play are soon to be in theaters in England and will continue with an aggressive schedule afterwards.  Theater tickets are available from the link on this page.

La nueva obra trata sobre el buque britnico, el HMS Intrepid en la Guerra de las Malvinas en 1982. La obra se estrenar el jueves 10 de junio y el viernes 11 de junio a las 7:30 pm en el Saln Memorial de la Paz, el Alto Road, Meole Village, Shrewsbury SY3 9JP

La accin dramtica total de esta obra nueva etapa ", San Carlos Hilton", sobre Neil Wilkinson y la tripulacin del buque britnico HMS Intrepid en la Guerra de Malvinas debe ser considerada para saber lo que estos soldados realmente pas en las Malvinas - Guerra de Malvinas . Escrito por Michael Quinn sobre su compaero de tripulacin de la Marina Neil Wilkinson y la tripulacin y las acciones de la tripulacin de los buques britnicos en accin en el sonido de las Malvinas en 1982. Las acciones heroicas de toda la tripulacin y Neil Wilkinson impidi que el HMS Intrepid de haber sido hundido en la batalla. Nuevo drama militar que desempea el teatro en una parte verdadera de la historia viva. A diferencia de una pelcula nueva, la nueva etapa juega te colocarn en la accin que le permite sentir la accin y la tragedia que estos hombres tuvieron que hacer frente con el da a da durante un tiempo de guerra. Nuevas obras de teatro sobre hechos histricos como la Guerra de las Malvinas - Guerra de Malvinas requieren gran capacidad de actuar, presionando a los actores y dramaturgos muy duro para conseguir la correcta produccin. Representaciones de la obra sern prximamente en los cines en Inglaterra y continuar con un calendario agresivo despus. Entradas para el teatro estn disponibles en el enlace en esta pgina.


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   This is the Home Page for the Play, "San Carlos Hilton" about the HMS Intrepid and the Falklands War.  
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This page is an Overview of the New Play about the
Falklands - Malvinas War in 1982 Now Done on the Stage by Michael Quinn. 


Benny, Margret Thatcher, and Wilki, Neil Wilkinson

  Actors in the Play 
  Benny, Margret Thatcher, and Wilky (Neil Wilkinson)  

The 3 characters are "Wilky" "Mrs Thatcher" "Benny"
That's, Michael Quinn/Irene James-(my Mother!) and Adam Evans.
The same picture has been posted on the Intrepid website
and my San Carlos Hilton Groups page of Facebook.
Best regards Jeff.
Yours sincerely,


This is the latest video by Mike Quinn added 5-22-2010
about the Soldiers in the Falklands War.


The following are two videos from Mike Quinn
about the Falklands Play, "San Carlos Hilton"



This is a "tape" publicity interview done on BBC Shropshire,
about a PLAY called "San Carlos Hilton", its a tribute I wrote for my mates
on HMS Intrepid, in the Falkland's.



This is the 2nd part of the interview,
here I describe how I'm putting the Play "San Carlos Hilton" together.
Its a tribute to my mates on HMS Intrepid in the Falklands war.

Cover Painting on the above video was painted by Daniel Bechennec
Visit Daniel's Website for some fantastic Paintings



Pictures of the cast of Mike Quinns play about the HMS Intrepid in the Falklands War, with Neil Wilkinson

  Actors in the Play 
  A collage of scenes from Mike Quinn's Play   



There are three HMS Intrepid sailors that are doing fantastic things,
this is a letter from Mike Quinn (Quinny)

29 July 2009

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your kind words and advice/suggestions.

There is a special bond between our veterans, and with most of us still being quite young, we  have a lot to offer and are making headway with our projects as you know.

All the projects have been the idea of the individual concerned, but each has a common theme. That is to pay tribute to our old ship and explain as best we can about our experiences, when we were young men. The talent and thrust, for want of a better phrase has laid dormant for most of us for 20 years or more, but since the "Old Boy's" got back together, something happened. I think in our circumstance it was the witness of the Intrepid being towed out from Portsmouth and her subsequent dismantling of her in Liverpool , our unique opportunity to visit our old home one last time. Also the fact our Commanding Officer from the '82 Falkland's Campaign is in not very good health .

These are factors which helped us get back "Onboard" , plus the new technology, that is the Internet have made communication so easy. All this would not have happened had it not been for two of our boy's Rab Carrigan and Mike Fleming not exchanged cards at the Falklands 25 Parade two years ago.

Regard's to the Play, I would be very happy with you supporting the publicity for it.

I am minded to put it on my own website when I am ready to launch a site. However, I will send you information on it at every stage. The timetable is that I will perform it at a small local venue next June, that's assuming I can get the cast!, but I have booked the Hall anyway!.

That is only the start, for I want to share the story with as many as possible, because Neil Wilkinson's and Mario's tale will strike a chord with many.

In essence, it is about the small things of life onboard a warship, still much a mystery to the public, and about personal struggle, about our own insecurity, the sense of humour and ultimately about reconciliation from both sides of the conflict.

A War may last only a short time, but it's effects on those it touches can last a life time.

Thanks again for your support.


30 July 2009

Hi Jeff,

Yeh, sure you can use anything I write for your website. If it help's Neil or HMS Intrepid memories please go ahead. Likewise with the Play.

So you are thinking of visiting us in England!.

OK, well first, if you need a few tickets for any of your guests, let me know. We can sort details nearer the time when I am firmed up on arrangements.

My venue is humble, as it is a Community Hall, which can seat 80 people. Intimate is the word. It has a stage area with curtains and rear entrances for the actors, and the venue has a small kitchen too. It was built by returning local veterans of WW1. It is now a little "tired", but is frequently used.

I intend to use the performance to gauge how the audience react to my production, and then I can make adjustments after. This is so I can then use the experience to push the product on to the next level. This might mean a bigger venue or selling the Play onto a professional outfit, or adapting it for TV or Film.

Also before then, I will co-ordinate a Media campaign to highlight what we are doing. Press/Radio/TV local News etc. The tickets will sell themselves , so the publicity is more just to raise awareness of the project and to see who is listening.

This project I hope will build up to the Falklands 30th Anniversary in 2012.

I am nearly finished scripting and had some early readings with friends, very positive response so far (relief).

The next stage is to start Casting, I have some actors lined up, however I need more, and will be seeking advice locally. This is my only "Challenge" at the moment!. I aim to be cast ready by late November to be able to do readings/paper rehearsals in the New Year.

The script is aimed at life as it was, and I have kept the style of speech as it happened, it may baffle some audiences, but I needed to let the audience see into our world as voyuers rather than the act dumbing out. I think the audience will feel part of the story and feel attached to our characters, knowing these guy's are with us now. Some in good job's, others not so fortunate etc, but in 82 we had a common purpose, and today a common bond.

Thanks again for your support .




Photo's taken at our 1st HMS Intrepid Reunion , in 2009.



Poster for the New Stage Play, San Carlos Hilton, about the HMS Intepid during the Falklands War

  Poster for the new play "San Carlos Hilton" 

The movie is thrilling and will make you laugh and make you cry.  The play was written by Michael Quinn; Directed by Irene James; An Old Girl Production.  It is about the British Ship, the HMS Intrepid in the Falklands War in 1982.  The play will premier on Thursday June 10th and Friday June 11th at 7:30 pm at the Peace Memorial Hall, Upper Road, Meole Village, Shrewsbury SY3 9JP

Play tickets in advance are six pounds.  For more details about the new play and ticket information, contact Mike Quinn at  0174224926



  Michael Quinn, writer and organizer of this fantastic play. 




Michael "Quinny" Quinn, Neil "Wilky" Wilkinson, Russell "Rattler" Morgan, Mike Fleming, Andy "Benny" Goodman.  All crew members of the HMS Intrepid.



Hutch, Benny, Michael Quinn "Quinny".

Note, Benny / Hutch / Mike Fleming / Wilky all feature in "San Carlos Hilton".



The ship's Bell, now in private ownership, inside the names of the babies of the ships company who were Christened on HMS intrepid, are engraved inside.



Mariano Velasco's Airplane hit by Neil Wilkinson on the HMS Coventry

Now, a New Falklands War Movie too!

1-29-2010  Here's the latest news. 
We have now been approached by one of the top award winning producers from Hollywood to make a movie about Neil's story.  We knew about this possibility when the producer contacted me last November and many times in the following months.  The producer and I have already spent five hours on the phone and have had many email contacts.  The movie is in progress and we are moving along much faster on this project than I have ever expected.  The producer was a very nice person to talk to and he gave me the feeling that I was talking to an old friend.  Here is a preliminary movie poster for the project.  

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.


Write to the Webmaster


Click on Pictures Below for Much Larger Views

A special message of thought.

I think one of the most heart breaking sights for me, was sitting in my gun watching HMS Antelope explode!  That then brought it all home to us and it was a very tearful moment, watching one of your own ships explode, when hours earlier it had sailed past us. 

We lost many ships and many good men, but they did too. War is not just about two or three nations going on a battle field and killing each other, people seem to forget the aftermath and the people who have lost loved ones, the younger generation (although taught it in schools) don't fully appreciate what the armed forces of the world achieve.  Neil Wilkinson.


   Bomb Alley 

Painting by Daniel Bechennec
Visit Daniel's Website for some fantastic Paintings

"Bomb Alley" seen from around a "Rapier" battery... 



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An extremely accurate model of Mariano Velasco's A-4 Skyhawk Jet FighterLook at Adam Coleman's Model Building Home Page

This plane is a super accurate replica of Mariano Velasco's A-4 Skyhawk.  In 1982 Mariano Velasco, from Argentina, used this plane to sink the HMS Coventry in the Falkland Islands War.  A couple days later Neil Wilkinson, from England, aboard the HMS Intrepid, shot this plane down. 

Years later, Adam Coleman flew to the Falkland Islands to find this plane and copy it exactly.  Adam took detailed photos of every part of the crashed airplane and even took paint chip samples to replicate the original colors so that they exactly matched the real airplane.  This model building exhibit shows both his model and also the real plane crashed on West Falkland Island.  It was a fantastic job all the way around.

Click Here to See the Master Model Builders Exhibit Page

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