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The New Movie - Enemy Contact - the Falklands War - Guerra Malvinas



Neil Wilkinson and Marian Velasco finally meet in Argentina
Mariano Velasco and Neil Wilkinson in Argentina.
TITLE: Enemy Contact the New Falklands War Movie.

Based on the story Neil Wilkinson - A tormented war hero searches for the only person in the world who can save him... his former enemy from the Falklands War.

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Based on a Real Event.

Basado en un hecho real.

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Enemy Contact from the Falklands War

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In 1979, Neil Wilkinson, a young man from Leeds in the UK, made a decision that would forever change his life. He joined the Royal Navy. He figured he was leaving behind life on the tough side of the tracks and never looked back. Little did he know that life was about to get tough again.

Neil was sailing off into the toughest place of all.


"These are the important things in life, when you go through such bad times,
to be able to meet each other and forgive each other. 
But, there's nothing to forgive.  Each of us had to fulfill our duties." Mariano Velasco


Enemy Contact (Teaser - English) from TSB Entertainment on Vimeo



Enemy Contact (Teaser - Español) from TSB Entertainment on Vimeo





Falklands War, One sank the other's ship


Falklands War: The other one shot him down



The Movie? Progress is being made.

2016 - Look at the teasers above, this movie has gone from a man trying to find forgivness from his ghost in the past, to making a documentary, to having a movie being made of this entire event. The Ghost (PTSD) kept haunting Neil for years.  Now, the ghost has been forgiven.  Watch the movie teasers above and you will have a glimpse of Neil's fight all the way from 1982 in the Falklands War. 

Neil has very kindly offered to help and is sending me some pics, my wife and I watched the B.B.C footage of Neil going back to the Falklands and also meeting with the Argentine pilot, we were touched, it was a very moving experience for him and a memory that so few people share in this world, to meet with a man who was your enemy and then to realize that he survived, then have personal contact and become friends, brilliant. We have had some personal experiences that we will always remember, some people in this life spend their whole time never moving out of the box, to have seen the things that we have is in a sense a privilege and better when it's enclosed with eventual good memories.  Brian Barnes.

1-14-2012  Here's the latest documentary news. 
The new documentary has been produced   We have had many phone conversations and questionnaires.  There has been very much research done on this new movie production already.  Research came from reading books, watching other movies, YouTube, Newspapers, interviews, the internet and many other sources.  The pace of activity has really increased on this new blockbuster movie with people working on it in Argentina, England, Australia, France, and in the United States where a team of many people are working on the documentary project in many different ways.  Many of the films props have already been acquired.  All of the British Navy uniforms, from 1982, have already been purchased.  The New Series is in progress and it's production will be done by one of the top Hollywood, award winning, producers.  Believe me, this is an adventure movie, a war movie, a historical movie, a new screenplay, and a huge adventure for everyone concerned and we have started the original work in November of 2008.   If I remember right, it was Napoleon Hill who said, "Whatever a Man can Conceive and Believe, He can Achieve", and the making of this new war movie is even farther than anything that I have ever conceived before. 

Keep your eyes on this page and other pages in the Falkland's Exhibit because there are periodic changes that are all very exciting.  My goal, as a Webmaster, is to allow every reader of this page to have a chance to write your comments and give your input at the Falklands War Forum at the bottom of this page.  We will monitor your ideas and what you think about the new movie poster and the movie, as I post more and more information as it progresses.

Thank you,

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.


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5-22-2012 From :  Thanks for the kind words, Jeff!
And yes the YellowAirplane page gets a lot of traffic on the Neil story.
That's fantastic. People love this story and it's fitting that they do because it's truly fantastic.

San Carlos Falkland Islands
   Bomb Alley 

Painting by Daniel Bechennec
Visit Daniel's Website for some fantastic Paintings

"Bomb Alley" seen from around a "Rapier" battery... 

Pintura de Daniel Bechennec
Visite sitio web de Daniel por algunas pinturas fantsticas

"Bomb Alley" visto desde alrededor de un "Estoque" batera ...


  This new documentary takes you 
  into the center of the action on the Falklands in 1982 

  Este nuevo documental que lleva al centro de la accin de las Malvinas en 1982 

   Rapier Over San Carlos Waters 

Painting by Daniel Bechennec
Visit Daniel's Website for some fantastic Paintings

  "HMS Glasgow's Lynx engages ARA Alferez Sobral with its Sea-skuas"
(crew : Dick Ormshaw & Andrew Lister ) 

"Lynx HMS Glasgow compromete ARA Alfrez Sobral, con su mar-skas"
(tripulacin: Dick Ormshaw y Andrew Lister)


  Rockets fire in the night 
  and the sky lights up with the grandest fire show on earth. 

   Cohetes de fuego en la noche 
  y el cielo se ilumina con el espectculo ms grande del fuego en la tierra.

   Raid on Stanley 

Painting by Daniel Bechennec
Visit Daniel's Website for some fantastic Paintings

"Raid on Stanley", Peter Manley and Arthur Balls operating in the Wessex chopper. 
( made it with P. Manley, so, everything must be correct: chopper,  weather, altitude, launch-point,
bushes & patches of the landscape included ...  )

"Raid de Stanley", Peter Manley y Arthur operativo en Bolas el helicptero Wessex.
(Hecho con P. Manley, as, todo debe ser correcta: Chopper, el clima, la altitud, el punto de lanzamiento,
los arbustos y parches del paisaje incluye ... )


  The Port of Stanley had to be recaptured 

  El Puerto de Stanley, tuvo que ser recapturados 

Rapier Missile firing in the Falklands War.
   Hookers Point 

Painting by Daniel Bechennec
Visit Daniel's Website for some fantastic Paintings

Hookers Point 's MM 38 earth battery ITB of Julio Perez firing against
the HMS Glamorgan

Hookers Point 's mm 38 ITB batera tierra de Julio Prez disparando contra
el HMS Glamorgan


  Rockets fill the night again, 
  the battle wasn't over, it just got worse. 

  Rockets llenar la noche de nuevo,
  la batalla no ha terminado, slo empeor.



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The finished documentary of the meeting between his Former Enemy and Neil Wilkinson after the Falklands / Malvinas War.

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Enemy Contact Movie

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