Global Climate Change and Global Warming 

Global Climate Change and it's effects on the weather and you

What kinds of effects are we going to see in the near future with Global Climate Change.  Are these effects going to change your life?  You can bet that it will happen sooner than later and unless we stop the global climate changes right now, we will lose.

We are seeing Global Climate Change RIGHT NOW and it's effects will effect all of our lives.

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Please note:  The background picture is an actual picture of the Ice on the North Pole taken by C. Jeff Dyrek.

Global weather changes, Global climate changes and Global Warming, these are serious events.

   It's Not Going to Happen, It's Happening Now! 

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Global Climate Change is happing right now and is affecting many people all around the world.  The links below will give you an idea of what is happening. 
Harvesting the Cold, how to use our oceans to cool themselves


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Notice the background pictures on this page.  On the page itself is a picture of the snow on the Geographical North Pole.  I took this in 2002.

  There are two photos on the background of this page.  The slightly red background is a picture of the clouds over Northern Siberia between Norilsk and Khatanga, the lighter photo was taken of the ice floes near the island of Spitsbergen Norway on the 2003 North Pole Expedition.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

Some People to watch.

List of Climate Change and Global Warming Organizations, Groups and Web Sites


Fukushima Tsunami Nuclear Accident and You.
Does the Earth have a Brain?
What are Cities around the world doing to fight against Global Climate Change and Global Warming.  
Sea Keepers 11 problems that the oceans face.
From massive krill die offs to an increase acidity level of the oceans, this link will show you the problems that we are facing and what we can expect in the near future.  Be sure to click on the picture of the book to read the article in PDF format.
A Super NASA Video Page.  You need to see this.
2009 Reports on the Glacier Loss in the Tibetan Plateau.
The glaciers are disappearing much faster than expected, these links will describe the problem of the loss of irrigation and drinking for most of Asia in the next few years.

Pax Arctica Himalayas Expedition - 2009
This Expedition is designed for the Monitoring the glaciers in the Himalayas.  This a study of climate change in the high altitude places in the Himalayas. They till study the water resources from the glaciers and the glaciers future changes

Really interesting web sites to view
United States Coast Guard ICE PATROL, Global Images  

Barbara Hillary, The first black lady to the North Pole.

Global Climate Change, NASA's Eyes on the Earth
This is a fantastic website with the very latest on information on Global Warming and Global Climate Change.  Look at the drop down tabs for Arctic Sea Ice, Carbon Dioxide, Sea Level Rise, Global Temperatures and the Ozone Hole.  These drop down menus will show you what state our climate and the Earth is in at this very moment and the entire series of charts from historical research.
Top 100 Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change
Research Articles by Dr. James E. Hansen
Global Temperature Analysis - Tell Barack Obama the Truth, the Whole Truth, and a lot more great articles that will make you think.
Another Antarctic Tourist Ship in Trouble
Arctic Travel can be dangerous, even on a huge ship.  Read this article.
Melting Arctic Ocean Raises Threat of ‘Methane Time Bomb’
Capturing the Ocean’s Energy
Here's a good article that shows many other ideas on alternate energy and the stoppage of Global Warming.
The Great Ocean Conveyer Belt
Are We on the Brink of a 'New Little Ice Age?'
United Nations Environmental Knowledge for Change.
European climate could change rapidly, over decades rather than centuries
A photo of the Ice Coverage for every day from 1978

Click on any day and you can see the ice coverage for any day from November 1 1978 until today.  This is a great link.

The Cryosphere Today. 

These are some fantastic NASA photos of both the North and South poles, plus graphs showing the ice extents in both areas along with comparison to previous years.  Also included are a number of animations.    Another great link packed with information.

Prison Planet

Where are we heading, read this page and you will see, it's not good, but it's the truth.

Climate Change News

This is a super list about Global Warming and Climate Change all the way from the North Pole to Antarctica.  What's happening to our birds.  The Worst Storms in history.  The drought in Australia and a lot, lot more. 

Global Warming Timeline,
What is the History of Global Warming

When we first starting about Global Warming and Global Climate Change?  When did we know when it was happening?   Here's the answers and a FREE Video, You will be shocked.

Al Gore Global Warming Hoax

Is Al Gore telling the truth about Global Warming and how accurate are his predictions?  Watch both sides of this story from this page then read what the webmaster has to say.

Climate Scientist have long predicted that a warming climate would bring an increase in the frequency and intensity of Arctic Storms.

As the Arctic Ocean becomes warmer, the intensity and frequency of storms has increased making Arctic and North Pole travel even more unpredictable and more dangerous. 

August of 2008 shows a Larger Sea Ice Loss than Any Time Before.

Following a record-breaking season of arctic sea ice decline in 2007, NASA scientists have kept a close watch on the 2008 melt season. Although the melt season did not break the record for ice loss, NASA data are showing that for a four-week period in August 2008, sea ice melted faster during that period than ever before.

Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Loss is Accelerating

A series of links and information about the loss of Arctic Ice Loss. The North Pole will still be the North Pole, but you will not be able to stand on it.

Driving the Cost of Wind Power Up, The Lie about Energy

How is the cost of wind power being driven up and some even newer technology that will eliminate your energy bill and gasoline completely

Food Shortages on a World Wide Scale due to Global Warming and Climate Change

We are soon to see a tremendous reduction in our food reserves in the next couple of years.  It's not a maybe, it's happening NOW.  We are in big trouble and their may be no way out.

Solutions for the Effects of the Permafrost on the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline

Permafrost melting is a big problem that is coming up for the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline, here's the problem and a solution

A Letter that was Started by Lee Iacocca

But what is happening to our country and our planet.  If we don't take action, Right Now, We are in BIG TROUBLE.

Winning or Losing,
Using Farm Waste to Power Our Country

Methane from Cows.  Going from the North Pole to the South Pole you will discover new ways to prevent Global Climate Change and prevent the Ice From Melting.

TerraNature | Methane from melting Siberian permafrost

With a more accurate method of measuring methane bubbling from two ... As the permafrost melts, water collects on the surface, forming ponds that do not ... - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

Melting permafrost may release methane - Breaking News - World ...

Methane trapped in a special type of permafrost is bubbling up at a rate five ... because the water, although cold, helps warm and thaw the permafrost, ... Melting-permafrost-may-release-methane/2006/09/07/1157222212140.html - Similar pages

Seed: Greenhouse Gas Bubbling from Siberian Permafrost

Sep 13, 2006 ... When the carbon trapped in the permafrost decomposes under water, it provides microbes with "a banquet from which they burp out methane as a ... - 42k - Cached - Similar pages

Methane Bubbling From Arctic Lakes, Now And At End Of Last Ice Age

This study’s findings indicate that methane bubbling from thermokarst lakes, which are formed when permafrost thaws rapidly, is likely a third and major ... - 49k - Cached - Similar pages

Potential feedback of thawing permafrost to the global climate ...

Keywords: climate change, permafrost, wetlands, methane, modeling ... the atmosphere by bubble emission and diffusion through water as well as through the ... 2/4/045016/erl7_4_045016.html - Similar pages


Could Methane Trigger a Climate Doomsday Within a Human Lifespan ...

May 28, 2008 ... It's likely that the smaller land permafrost deposits will be the first to let loose. Land deposits may already be bubbling methane into the ... 2008/05/could-methane-t.html - 119k - Cached - Similar pages

Scifri Videos: Bubbling Methane; Melting Permafrost

Watch methane bubble up as Jorgenson stirs up a melted permafrost pond. ... choose topic --, show all videos, Agriculture, Air and Water, Anatomy, Animals ... - 38k - Cached - Similar pages

Methane bubbling from Siberian thaw lakes as a positive feedback

Contrails or Chemtrails, what are they, look at this link and you will know.
Weather effects can be manipulated by chemical means popularly know as Chemtrails made up of barium, and aluminum oxides. 
Our Social Environment
We have a Physical Environment to worry about, but what about our Social Environment?
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Weather Modification Programs and Ideas for making change. 

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Food Shortages on a World Wide Scale due to Global Warming and Climate Change


  South Pole News

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