Global Warming and the Upcoming World Wide Food Shortage

Global Warming is Causing a World Wide Food Shortage, You must be prepared

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With Global Warming do you think that it is just going to be
a change in the weather, and sea level rise.  Absolutely not,
the most immediate risk is a Global Food Shortage and
You Must Be Prepared.
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The Food Shortage Problem is the next big step in the Global Warming Crisis

What exactly is happening.

1. In 2007 - 2008 Summer in Africa, there was a 70% to 100% loss in wheat due to a fungus on the crops.  This huge loss in wheat has left the African people and their animals starving and moving in a mass exodus to the cities.  South Africa had riots over the super inflation of the cost of wheat and other foods.  New York Times, New Strain of Wheat Rust Appears in AfricaReuters lobal Wheat LossAfrican Agriculture, Agricultural Practices causing Global Loss of Top SoilNews International, World Wheat Production in Peril from Stem Rust Outbreak in East AfricaBeliefnet, Wheat Rust and Food Africa Sounds Alarm on New Wheat Disease

2. Topsoil Loss, a super threat to future food production.  Through the so called modern farming methods, we have been plowing our top soil up for many years and allowing it to be removed by the erosion of water and wind.  This top soil is a thin layer of fertile, life giving earth that has been removed from our farms by about an inch per year. The topsoil contains countless numbers of beneficial bacteria and other life forms  that are required to breakdown plants and minerals so that they can be used as a source of food for our crops.  The soil has now been removed, in most areas, that it is already causing a problem with our plant production causing a reduction in the size of our crop yields.   Topsoil Loss and Degradation:   Dirt, the erosion of civilizationGetting the dirt on topsoil lossSeattle Post, The Earth's Disappearing Topsoil:  Erosion and Soil ChangeAge-old farming practice leads to topsoil loss:   WordPess, Topsoil Loss

3. In the Summer of 2007 the North Pole's Arctic Ocean flushed out its ice.  The Arctic Ocean turned into what is called Pancake ice, small pieces of ice that may be as large as a state or as small as your yard.  The Arctic Ice Cap is normally a single unit of ice that prevents it from being flushed out of the Arctic Ocean. But in 2007 the smaller pancake ice allowed the ice to be flushed out of the Arctic Ocean taking with it the algae and plankton that grows under it.  Because of this loss in algae and plankton, the Krill, a shrimp like creature, had no food and it is now claimed that 80% of the Krill have died.  The Krill are the major food source for seals, whales, salmon and other sea life in the Arctic Regions.  There was one article that was titled, "Salmon 40 per pound."  Have you ever watched the program, "The Deadliest Catch."  Well, the deadliest catch is the fishing expedition that brings back no fish.  Discover Science and Conservation, 80% Reduction of Biomass of KrillPolar Discovery, The Circle of LifeNewScientist, Farmed Salmon threat to Antarctic KrillWarming Pacific Hurts Food Chain

4. In the costal waters of France, 2008, they are having an 80% to 100% loss of oysters due to a herpes like virus.  This is causing a food shortage right now, but they are saying the real food shortage will come two years from now. Already it is bad enough that many restaurants are closing because a lick of oysters.  If this is happening in France, as the report states, other Mediterranean states are having the same problem.

5. CCD, Colony Collapse Disorders  of our bees have been costing American fruit farmers billions of dollars in crop loss over the last several years.  This dollar loss represents the reduction of fruit being produced.  The bees are dying due to an intestinal virus killing complete bee colonies. Also it is found that insecticides, fungus, loss of habitat and inbreeding are causing the bumble bee Colony Collapse Disorder  NewScientist Paralyzing Virus a Suspect in Disappearing BeesUK Telegraph Government Figures Show Decline of UK Bees,  The Sydney Morning Herald Eerie Saga of the Vanishing BeesThe Milford Daily News Honeybee Deaths Still on the Rise

6.  Ethanol is using anywhere from 10% to 20% of American corn for the production of this alternate fuel source. In some countries, there is a 50% usage of their crops to be sold as fuel, reducing the amount of food for our worlds ever growing population.  In some countries the rice s have inflated to more than 600% making the Dollar a day wage not enough to feed their families.  Recent television articles, on Free Speech TV, said that it takes 10 calories of carbon fuel to make one calorie of Alcohol Fuel.   This means that we are far better off not using the Gasohol at all.  For every gallon of Ethanol (Gasohol) we are using ten gallons of carbon fuel to make it. 

7. The ground water levels are going lower and lower as in the Ogallala Aquifer. The Ogallala Aquifer covers parts of Wyoming, most of Nebraska, down into Kansas, Oklahoma, and into Texas which in size makes the Great Lakes look like a pond in comparison.  The problem is that these states have been heavily pumping water from this aquifer, very heavily, for about thirty years now.  A recent article talked about an irrigation manufacturing company, making seven thousand of these huge water sprayers a year.  The water in this now 80% gone leaving only 20%.  The replenishment rate is mush lower than years earlier due to lower rainfalls and thinner snow caps.  In less than five years these states will not be producing crops due to lack of water. Water Encyclopedia Ogallala Aquifer,   Wikipedia Encyclopedia Ogallala Aquifer,   Choices Magazine Ogallala AquiferUSDA Ogallala Aquifer, USGS Newsroom Water Level Changes in the High Plains AquiferEnvironmental Defense Fund, Planned and active ethanol plants in the Ogallala Aquifer.

8. Midwestern U.S. Floods destroyed more than nine million acres of farm land In the summer of 2008 tremendous rains, called the five hundred year flood,  has destroyed huge sections of farm land.  One of the suspects in this five hundred year flood were the fires in California creating condensation nuclei for rain droplets to form, just like seeding a cloud.  This resulted in a huge loss of crops in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.  But the floods and droughts are both getting worse.

9.  Glacial Melt. Many of the rivers around the world are fed by glaciers. Glaciers store the water from snow in the winter to be used to feed the rivers in the summer.  In the Tibetan Plateau, over the past ten years, the glaciers are two thirds gone.  These glaciers feed the huge Yellow and Yangtze Rivers in China which are used to irrigate the rice fields for the 1.4 billion population.  these same glaciers, on the other side of the Tibetan Plateau, feed the rivers flowing into the one billion plus population of India.  When these glaciers are gone, the food supply is gone and billions of people will have nothing to eat.  This is happening all over the world.  One glacier that I climbed in Longyearbyen Norway was two thousand feet thick in 2005.  In 2006 the glacier was gone., Collapse of Greenland Glaciers.

10.  Dead zones in the oceans.  These dead zones are caused by pollution of various types flowing from the mouths of rivers emptying into the ocean.  For example the Mississippi River dumps into the Gulf of Mexico and there is a two hundred mile dead zone as a result.  The source of the pollution was traced to the use of tiles so farmers can drain and make more land usable for farming.  The herbicides, insecticides, and mainly the fertilizers that are used to enhance the growth of the crops are causing algae to grow around the mouth of the Mississippi depleting the oxygen content of the water and causing the fish and shellfish to die. The tiles also reduce the amount of ground water and subterranean aquifers are drying up as mentioned with the Ogallala Aquifer.   Also the plastic bottles are accumulating in the oceans.  A recent TV program said that in these mid ocean garbage patches that they were finding, in 2010, that there are 46 parts of micro plastic particles than there were plankton.  The plankton is the very bottom of the food chain and now the filter feeding fish are eating 46 times more plastic than food, in these ocean garbage patches around the world.

11.  Rising sea levels are now invading lowlandswith salt and brackish water preventing many plants from growing.  This is happening in the southern United States, Bangladesh. and in many parts of southeast Asia.  As the glaciers and surface ice melts, the sea level rises. As the polar ice melts, the oceans have a tendency to raise in temperature and also rise in volume. This is a cycle that Global Warming is causing and if we don't immediately do something to stop it, we don't have a chance.

12. What is the Amero Dollar?  The Amero Dollar is the new currency for North America, which include Canada, the United States and Mexico.  This new currency will completely replace the dollar and leave North America with a single currency. 

Step by step and in an ever increasing rate, we are losing our life giving sources of food that we need to feed the ever growing population of planet earth.  We are sucking everything out of the ground and from under the ground and putting it into the air and oceans.  We are seeing the effects of Global Warming and Global Climate Change right now and we need to act NOW!  With man's influence in the temperatures of the earth, combined with the natural temperature cycles and all in coincidence of the increase of other pollutants, increase in population, destruction of carbon storage mechanisms, wars, political unrest, social pollution, and the increase in the intensity of solar storms, we are going to have a very rough ride on a soon to be sinking ship, the spaceship Earth.

Article by C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster, Arctic Explorer and North Pole Expedition Leader. 8-8-2008







Click Here's just a quick thought that I was writing to my friend about the thoughts of animals. 4-5-2009

But here's one for you about what happened last night.  The thunderstorms were really coming into the area.  They came in three waves and between the waves the sky cleared out and we had the stars and moon shining.  My mom's dog is still staying in her house and I keep the heat off and the back door open so she can come and go as she wishes.  All of a sudden, as we could the thunder of the first storm approaching, she came to the garage and started to bark for me.  I've watched this for years because she would do the same thing on regular basis.  All of the time I thought that she was scared and wanted me to come and keep her company.  Last night, I realized something that I have never realized before.  She was coming to tell me a storm was coming and to check to see if I was alright.  She was indeed scared, but she was trying to warn me and check up on me.

My brother used to live in Viet Nam for three and a half years, in the Philippines for a year, Korea for a year, Ethiopia for a year, Alaska for a year and I'm not sure where else.  So he's always been around.  He was telling me about what happened in Thailand when the tsunami hit.  He said that some people were sitting at a picnic table and a black bird kept coming up to the table, over and over again, yelling at them.  Of course we are humans and what can a bird tell a human.  He was telling them that there was a danger coming and to leave, NOW!    My brother went on to say that after the tsunami hit they didn't find a single animal body among the dead.  All of the animals went inland ahead of time because they knew about the danger. 

Today I was thinking on how did these animals know that there was an approaching danger.  A long time ago, I was reading about the whales before motorboats.  The book said that the whales were able to talk, maybe, across the ocean.  After motor boats the article said that due to propeller noise, they were able to talk about twelve hundred miles.  After sonar was introduced, they said that the communications were limited to, sometimes, four hundred miles.  Now, my thoughts started to come together.  How did these animals know about the tsunami.  The scientific programs that I watched talked about the changing waves that went through the ground and maybe the animals could sense these long waves and discriminate the difference between them.  I'm starting to think differently now.  Maybe this is because we cannot understand a single word that an animal says.  They can understand our language, but we're so smart that we can't understand their language.  There is a possibility that the whales sent out messages that there was an earthquake under seas and other sea animals, hundreds of miles away, communicated this to the land animals and the birds, who then did the same throughout their communities.  This is what the blackbird was trying to tell the people at the picnic table.

One person that I would really like to meet is David Suzuki.  Someday, if I ever go to Washington, I may be able to head north and track him down.  He did a study of the wolves in Northern Canada and Alaska.  He said that they told stories to their young of times, even from past generations.  David went on to say that the wolves of Alaska are protected and do pass these stories on from a long time ago, but the wolves in Canada are hunted and there are very few old wolves to continue on with the stories. David Suzuki realizes that these wolves, animals, do indeed communicate with other about past times and have a language that can be communicated.    I have also read articles about whales doing the same thing, but old whales are scarce now because of our hunting.   Another article talked about there were no old birds anymore, that our insecticide is killing them off because of toxic increases in their bodies after only about five years.  I think all of these articles were in Scientific American magazine, except for the David Suzuki one.  But we do have to listen to the animals and learn to listen to what they are telling us about current events and what is coming up. 




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