Are YOUR KIDS watching Dangerous Cartoons or playing Dangerous Video Games?

Our Social Environment.

It's actually no different than our physical environment.

What is happening to our kids do they have have good role models?

Did you ever watch the Simpson's.  Homer Simpson walks in a bar and says that he needs more testosterone.  How about family guy, they say that they ought to have an all girl sex orgy, or how about the prime time program called friends, one actor said that his sister is a whore, the other actor said that he should have had sex with her.  Look at the cartoons and the movies and see if Hollywood is for or against our kids.

Did you ever listen to Bruce Willis in Die Hard, or Eddie Murphy in L. A. Cops?

These actors are supposed to be the good guys, they are the hero's that your kids watch and base their future actions and ideas on.  What about Pam Anderson or Brittney Spears.  Are they nice lady's?  Just type the following string into any search engine and see what you will come up with  "Brittney  spears nude."      Pick any actress and use their name in a search string along with the word nude.  You will see if they are nice girls that your kids should be using as a role model.  Next type in the words,  Teens Nude  and see if your daughter is in there.  These people are all in the movies or in the bookstore, they're taking your kids on a tour of film reviews guiding your kids into a vacation that will lead them and our country to total disaster.

Our Social Environment is actually no different than our Physical Environment
brittney spears nude and pamela anderson nude, that's what the movies and bookstore bring your kids
If we want truth, justice and the pursuit of happiness
to be the American way, we must take action now.

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Just like our physical environment, our social environment can become polluted and cause sickness. 

Look at it.  Do you remember the days when the air was so polluted that the sky looked red.   The times when the rivers and lakes were dead and the fish were lying on the shores.  People in the cities were dying from lung disease always talked about going to the country for some fresh air.   There were many problems involved with pollution and we had to take immediate steps to keep our country alive. 

This is exactly like what is happening now, except on the social pollution level.   Our children are the ones who are becoming infected with these terrible toxins.  The polluters are calling it freedom of speech and the courts have modified the Constitution to call it freedom of expression.  The results are children killing each other in the schools, our streets filled with worthless drug addicts and our women being regarded as a piece of meat.   Violence, sexual crimes and drug abuse are the results of pollution on the social level.   Our social environment is an environment that the Environmental Protection Agency needs to address.

Who our polluters?   The drug dealers,  Hollywood,  Organizations against morality in the media,
and on an unintentional level just like the guy who changes his own oil and pours it onto the ground or down the sink,  the person who tells dirty jokes.  When I go to the video store I see movie titles and video boxes showing extreme violence and sexual perversion predominately lining the shelves,  television comedies are loaded with sexual explicitness,  and movie theaters have big signs in front of them saying, "A Time to Kill."

Who are we trying to kid.   This is industry praying on the interest of human nature.  People are attracted to the naked body.  Everyone looks at the streaker running past the crowd rather than turn their head.  When the sirens blare, crowds rush to see the excitement and the tragedy and horror of a burning house.  People talk about the terrible events that they have seen in their lives.   Except now the terrible things are every day, all day, and day after day without end because someone has found out how to make money with something that attracts the eye. 

There used to be laws against these types of pollution's. 
But, because of advocacy groups and lobbyist who pay off the politicians in the name of campaign funding, lawmakers let the little things, so they call it, slide by.  Filthy programs cloud our airwaves in the name of free speech while perpetrators of these environmental crimes reap the harvest of the cash influx to their bank accounts.  Other groups founded on Communism or other hateful doctrines are employing tactics laid out in Carl Marks' book the "Communist Manifesto" in a socially chemical warfare attack against the health and standards of the United States of America.  All this is done in the name of free speech and now the modified version of the Constitution  with a name of freedom of expression.

Just because we can't touch it or see it or taste it doesn't mean it's not there.   You can't see, touch or feel nuclear radiation but we can see the results of hair loss, bleeding gums and death.  This is what is happening to our country now.  We are under attack from the polluters who are filling their pockets with cash or are watching our children and our country die just as the demented person who watches his birds die when he subjects to poisonous gas, just to watch them die. Not too long ago the steel industry severely polluted our rivers, knowing that they were causing the death of the rivers and lakes, just to make that extra profit.  Now the video stores are selling programs like, "Groping America," or "Playboy," videos on their open shelves just because it makes that extra profit margin that was demanded in the business courses taken at the university. 

We have to wake up and open our eyes 

because the social environment that we are creating is the environment that we must live in.  We are polluting our minds and eliminating any standards that our veterans have ever fought for.  We are allowing the all mighty buck to eat up all of our lives by letting these stores, yes the video store, the cable TV companies, the pornographic magazine dealers and the violent game manufacturers, grope America.  We need to do something now.  We need to stop buying products advertised on perverted television shows.  We need to protest the theaters when they put up antisocial film titles.  We need to protest the video stores when they put perverted, "R" rated titles and images in the area where our children or the God respecting person comes into their store.  We need to vote out of office anyone who does not conform to the betterment of America. We need to do it now and never quit until our polluted environment is cleaned up with the fresh air and clean water or our social well-being originally stipulated in the Unites States Constitution and the dreams or our forefathers.

brittney spears, pam anderson, bruce willis and eddie murphy, not to mention others in the movies, are a big problem


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