the tv sitcom, mad about you, should not be shown in front of kids
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This program really makes me mad!!!!

Mad About You.

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  your childrens future is at sake. mad about you,  should not be shown to your kids


     Would you be mad if some guy and girl were talking about sex in front of your ten year old daughter. 

If they were moaning and groaning and talking about how well they get off with each other.   Do you think that you could probably have them arrested?  Would you?   How about this.  Would you let your daughter or son hang around someone with a filthy mouth who is constantly talking about getting it on? 
    If you wouldn't, then why do you believe we allow this type of program to be put on Prime Time TV.   I watched my first episode of Mad About You tonight.  2-17-99.   That's all that this program was about.  The man and woman rushed into the bedroom in a frenzy to have mad sex.  Then they came back out pulling their new born babies crib into the living room and said, "We can't have her hearing this."   They ran back into the bedroom and got it on with lots of moans and sounds of sexual pleasure. 

     When they were satisfied they came back into the living room.  To their surprise, they left their  Babies Monitoring device next to their babies crib.   The baby heard the everything.  They felt so bad that they took their baby to a counselor to keep her from having bad problems with what she just heard. 

    They knew it was a terrible thing.  It's interesting that television companies are allowed put this kind program on TV in the form of a comedy where my ten year old girl could watch the whole thing, including seeing them in bed and listening their sounds of sexual pleasure.

    It's not just this program.   Almost every program has large portions of it, concerned with filth.  If your kids watch prime time TV, they will be thoroughly indoctrinated into world of sex, cheating on your spouse, and listening to the sounds of extended orgasms.  Programs like Friends, or the Love Line, and especially Jerry Springer, constantly talk about total filth, all in front of your kids, and calling it entertainment. 
Click Here's some other tv programs that shouldn't be allowed on tv.  " the Blame game,  friends, mad about you, jerry springer,  PJ's, Simpson's, family guy, south park.  These and many more are directed directly to your kids and are filled with bad ideas and foul language and messages
This needs to stop!
You need to write to your congressman.
You need to stop buying products which are advertised on these programs.
You need to get mad, just like me!

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