How to Lose America in Three Easy Steps.

What is killing our Country?
What are the Weapons of our Enemies?
Do we have Domestic Enemies?

The History Channel is the best channel on TV, and it is. 
But what are the marketers of the History Channel (ElectricArtist) marketing to our country
that is designed to cut our throats and teach our children how to lose America. 
 How are they undercutting the integrity of the History Channel.

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How to lose America in Three Easy Steps.

Did you ever travel to Russia, China or Japan?  When I travel to these places I always ask young kids what are you going to do when you grow up.  They always know what they want to be, engineers, scientist, doctors, they give you an answer that is a respectable job, that is better for their country, and which makes their country grow.  I'm telling you the truth.  When I ask American kids what they want to be, even kids as old as college kids, it's almost always the same answer, "I Don't Know."  If they don't know by the time they are in college, they are way behind in the ball game, and by that, our country is also way behind. 

When you read this article you  will be shocked to know that terrorist cells exist right in our own country and we are paying them to be terrorist.

When I go to Russia, the model airplane section is huge in their toy stores.  They have airplanes, ships, helicopters and everything else that you can build.  The last time I went to Toys R US, they didn't even have a single model in the entire store.  Why is this?  It's because Americans are being pushed down in the engineering and scientific fields.  Instead of teaching our kids to enjoy learning, companies that are filling our TVs with trash and are teaching our kids that life begins at the party.  "Sex in the City," the advertisements are saying on Primetime TV.  "Come on Lets Party" the Barbie advertisements say.  Party, Party, Party, the Radio yells between songs. 

Our kids are being taught that it's cool to be drunk, gambling is the only way to be financially successful, going to a party is the only way to have fun, and that being the most popular means being the most sexually active.  What kind of future is this going to make for our country.  We can already see the effects by the sales of models in our country.  Kids don't build anything anymore, they want it already made.  Our kids think that everything is granted and that the future is always going to be good and easy no matter what they do.  But that's not true.  Our future depends on what we teach our kids today and what they do tomorrow. 

Keep on reading to see the ultimate shock and the truth.

Above I wrote that the History Channel is the best channel on TV because they teach about engineering greats, about great people and great historic events.  But what are many companies pushing on us

"New TV Programs." 

I've been advertising for TV Companies on, for many years now.   The account executives send me information about all kinds of real neat and educational stuff that they are going to be working on in the future.  Today, 7/10/2006, I received an email from one of these executives about the projects that they are working on which will appear on channels other than the History Channel.  

Look at these descriptions of the programs that they are going to be showing in the near future as one executive said.

Step 1
Top Ten Party Schools.

GOAL: To find the top ten party schools in America and of course, to capture it on film. The result? A DVD filled with a ton of parties at a ton of schools, a ton of girls going wild and plenty of partying.  It's all here and it's all real. Find out who made it to the top of the list. Top Ten Party Schools Uncensored!

The Real Goal:  To teach our kids that the main reason to go to higher education is to go to the wildest parties and not for their best education.  And remember, this is uncensored which means that everything goes and definitely the clothes.
Look at the link above, it's true.  If you are sending your kids to school, be sure to look at the list at the right and write to the president of the schools and tell them that you will definitely not send your kid there.  I am watching clips from this video right now, it's filthy and shows what these schools will do to your kids and what they are doing to America.  Girls are feeling up girls, girls are kissing girls, everyone is drunk.  And the boy yells, " My parents pay for all of this "  What!  You don't believe me!  Click Here to see the truth.
This is not the America that I joined the military to fight for.  These schools are killing our future and making us look very bad to every decent country in the world.  Did you join the military to fight?  Well, it's time to fight now or lose everything.  I am a Service Connected Disabled Vet and my disability isn't going to stop me from fighting.  Write me a letter at the bottom of this page and join with me in the Battle for our Homeland, the battle for America. 

When I travel to other countries, I meet many people.  I love to talk to them and ask them a lot of questions.  I have met some Islamic people.  They told me that they hate America because we are pushing our morals on them.  President Clinton often said that they need our morals.  What morals is he talking about.  Keep reading and you will see why America is under attack from terrorist and what our television networks don't want you to know.
I have ordered the DVD myself and at the right is a list all of the schools and contact numbers so you don't have to buy this DVD yourself. 

Step 2

A new original series on AMC premiering Jan 14, 2006. Following the intricacies of the cons and the relationships and personalities of the grifters who pull them off.  The audience roots for the criminals as they exploit the greed of their wealthy marks. Hustle draws its viewers in by always staying one step ahead, but never losing them. There is an inherent interactivity to the series as the audience tries to figure out “what’s the con?”

The Real Goal:  To teach everyone that it is exciting to break the law and exploit others.  Greed is the way of the future.  Hustle is the cool way to live.  Root for the criminals and increase crime in our country.  The next time that you are cheated or ripped off, think of this great program and the AMC Channel.  They are not only ripping you off, they are ripping all of America off.
Are we trying to stop crime?  NO WAY!!!  Crime is a huge industry and the AMC Channel wants this industry to grow.

Step 3
Campus Ladies.

New Series Premiere on OXYGEN NETWORK - Jan 8th, 2006. Campus Ladies follows Joan & Barri, two middle-aged housewives who decide it’s better to be a freshman at 40 than unhappy housewives forever. Ditching the suburban life of minivans and malls for keg stands and co-ed dorms, Joan and Barri enroll in school in search for the wild college years they missed the first time around. Throughout the ten half-hour episode series, the co-eds take on the fictional University of the Midwest (UMW) with wild naivet and optimism, gliding through the raunchiest of situations with cheerful abandon.

The Real Goal:  To teach housewives, in their 40's, that they are not happy at home and that they will be unhappy forever if they stay there.  Ditch your husband and go back to school for wild parties filled with coed sex parties because they missed out on life to begin with, the program teaches.   They are unhappy and their husbands are the blame.
The real life program that will probably follow this series is Divorce Court.  Your wife will divorce you and take you to the cleaners.  She will hate you because you didn't let her have sex with every man that ever walked.  They will despise you because you cheated them out of life and they have not only been unhappy, they will be unhappy with you forever. 

All of these programs are psychological warfare against our countryand our families where the end result is a broken family, increased crime, and worthless drunken, drugged citizens that cannot hold down a decent job.  They want our country to fall way, way behind in our technological standing so that American's can become the champions in hamburger flipping and car washing.  These programs are purposely designed to destroy Americans and if we don't do something now, we won't have an economic future or any future at all.  America will fall.  If you didn't like the World Trade Center bombings, you won't like it when your kids end up with AIDS, your wife divorces you, and you are sued and ripped of for everything that you have or ever will have.  That's what these programs are designed to teach.

On one of my North Pole Expeditions through Russia and Siberia, I talked to a man who was a former KGB agent and told him about the programming on our TV's, how the soaps and Divorce Court are designed to break up the family.  He replied that, before the cold war ended, the Soviet Union sent a lot of money to America to support programs just like the ones that I was describing to him.  (Psychological Warfare)  Is this what TV Companies are up to?  Are they terrorist too with the designing of the fall of America?  Must be. 

Tell these companies what you think.  Tell them that if his company keeps marketing this kind of program that we will all stand up and boycott all of these programs and send them so many emails that we will melt down his computer.  I'm serious.  Why did all of your soldiers fight in all of those wars, was it so we can have crap like this on TV, teaching our future generations that educational institutions are made for parties, perverted sex, and not education?  Was it to tell your wife that she is unhappy and she should go back to school with the single reason in her mind to screw every freshman in the school.  Well that's what's happening and if you don't help do something about this, you are not only part of the problem, you are allowing terrorist to tear our country apart from both outside and from within.  TV companies are with no doubt, the largest of all terrorist. 

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

Now you know the three steps to destroying our family and our country and these companies are making money while teaching our families how to fail.

We have Foreign Enemies, but do we have Domestic Enemies?  You bet, and these programs and the ideas that they are spreading are the weapons of the enemies.

Why has our flag fallen to the bottom of this page? 
Because we are teaching our kids to put it there!



Click Here's the countdown of the top ten party schools.

10.  Indiana University

Party Places: Jungle Room, Bluebird, Killroy

9.  University of Florida

Party Places:  Library, Rue-Bar

8.  University of Wisconsin

Party Places:  Kollege Klub aka KK.

7. College of Charleston

Party Places: Market Street Saloon

6. University at Albany

Party Places: Pearl, Stinky P's

5  University of Illinois

Party Places:  Joe's, Kams,  CO Daniels.

4.  University of Tennessee

Party Places:
Red Iguana, Tonics

3.  University of Kansas

Party Places:
Jet Lag, Abe & Jakes

2.  Florida State University

Party Places: 
Bullwinkles, Big Daddies.

1.  University of Georgia

Party Places:
Flannigans, Annex.



10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blastoff.
If you wrote letters to these schools, we are blasting off to a better future. 

If you didn't write letters, we are blasting off to economic and moral disaster for the future of our country.

Don't let our country fall any farther behind.

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