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Subject: Boys Arrested for Making Drawings.  Who's the real Terrorist?


Boys arrested for stick figure drawings.  Where do these Roots of Terrorism come from and what do we do.

OCALA, Florida (AP) -- Two boys were arrested for making pencil-and-crayon stick figure drawings depicting a 10-year-old classmate being stabbed and hung, police said.

Arizona School Suspends 13-Year-Old Boy for Drawing Gun
MESA, Arizona  —  Officials at an Arizona school suspended a 13-year-old boy for sketching what looked like a gun

The stick-figure sketches were drawn on index cards and depicted a cartoon of a stick figure pointing a gun at another stick figure.

Lenwill Elementary School in West Monroe, La. A picture of a soldier holding a canteen and a knife has earned the third-grade boy who drew it a suspension from school.

Bemiss Elementary School in Spokane, Wash.,  Three boys were suspended for bringing to school miniature toy guns from G.I. Joe action figures.

Jonesboro, Arkansas Eight year-old  was suspended from school last week for pointing a piece of chicken from the school's cafeteria at a teacher and saying "Pow, pow, pow." The boy received a three day suspension.

One article that I was searching the internet for was a kindergarten boy who was suspended for drawing a picture of the school burning and a person standing outside killing the kids as they ran out of the school house.

Terrorism in our own country revealed.

From the Webmaster:  Where do these kids get these ideas?  What is the real source of the problem?  Is there psychological warfare being waged against the United States? 

Turn on the TV and just look at the program line up.  Almost every channel is showing a kill movie or program.  "Murder She Wrote,"  "Diagnosis Murder"  "Colombo"  "The Ultimate Fighter"  "War Movies"  "Horror Movies" even the cartoons are incredibly violent and sexual. 

Listen to the music.  It's filled with drugs, "Cocaine"  is one old song but the new Rapp Music is really infested with hate, violence, sex and drugs.   Watch the kids headbanging as they listen to the music.  Just think what is being put into their heads over and over to a point that they are singing the filth and violence. 

Look at the video games.  "Grand Theft Auto" is a popular game teaching how to steal a car, grab a gun, or kill a cop.  Almost every game is a kill or sex game that your kids can buy and play until they start killing other kids in the school.

What about commercials?  Do you have E.D.?  Do you need to be ready any time that you feel an urge?   Is your thing long enough?  No it's not long enough, hard enough and if you are not ready twenty times a day, your love life doesn't rate.

How about the news.  I mostly watch FOX News and they show kids beating on other kids over and over.  Girls on girls, or gangs of kids beating on individuals, the same thing that webmasters are being put in jail for, FOX TV is playing on their stations and making money and at the same time they do it legally because it's called NEWS.

FOX TV is also showing sleazy women getting their photos taken over and over as they lay on a bed in a sexual pose.  FOX TV is showing these females like they are something important and giving most of their show, day after day, to someone who is a sleaze while the Veterans are being left on a ticker.  Ten soldiers have been killed today, twenty yesterday, and at the same time the FOX TV shows a whole article on how Columbia University doesn't want the ROTC on their campus. 

Are you starting to get the point?  We are arresting little kids for expressing the exact same thing that they watching day after day on the cartoons. 

When I was in the U.S. Navy we took a course on firefighting.  One thing that we learned was that we were supposed to spray the source of the fire, not the flames.  Suspending the kids is spraying the flames.  Suspending a kindergarten did is spraying the smoke ten miles from the flames.  We need to stop the psychological warfare against our people by stopping the source of the problem, instead we call the source of the problem a freedom of speech.  But don't say the work God or Jesus, that's a No-No.  Yet, almost every new movie says G.D. and F. You, that's ok, that makes you cool, that makes you a man. 

Let's look at the lyrics from one of the top hit groups, Eminem, to give us an example.  Here are some extracts from their lyrics.

Song Title.  Evil Deeds.  Click here for the full Lyrics to this song.

Mama had a baby and its head popped off
(Head popped off repeat 5X)
But mama don't want me, the next thing I know I'm gettin' dropped off

(Getting dropped off repeat 4X)

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
Debbie had a satan spawn, satan spawn

Mama why do they keep saying this I just don't understand understand
And by the way where's my dad?

I think if I hear that fuckin' word again I'ma scream
While I'm projectile vomiting
What do I look like a comedian to you?


Evil deeds, while I plant these evil seeds

What is going through your kids minds when they are listening to this crap over and over and over again.  They sing this as they bang their heads and they call it cool.  But, these kids have no knowledge of reality and psychological warfare.  Their heads are being filled with hate and depression.  F. words are being pushed on them as sit back and become a projectile vomiting like the song implies. 

When your kids are growing up they hear the nursery rhyme, "Mary had a little lamb."  Using the techniques of psychological warfare, "Mary had a little Lamb" becomes entwined with Debbie had a Satan, then the chorus repeats again and again, "Evil Deeds, while I plant these evil seeds." 

Can you see the connection.  This song is filthy and perverted.  If your kid drew a picture of a baby with it's head popping off in school, he would be suspended and you may get in trouble too, but it is freedom of speech for Eminem. 

Click Here is the "Final Thought" the last song on their Encore album.

People chanting Eminem
Paper folding/tearing

Door open and slam shut

More footsteps
Gun reloading

Almost forgot
You're comin' wit me'

repeat 4X
Let's go baby
Let's go


Do you see the chant?  Paper folding and tearing is a sound of destruction.  Then they hear footsteps and a gun reloading, which means that it had already been loaded.  The door was slammed shut, showing that you have no chance and no way to get ahead in life, your destiny is set and you cannot do a thing about. But don't point a piece of chicken at a teacher and Pow Pow or bring a little one inch long gun from a GI Joe Soldier, or don't draw a picture of a gun.  At the same time it's music and pleasure and relaxation to hear the Gun Reloading.  The chant pushes these ideas deeper and deeper into the Id, the most inner parts of our kids minds.  The chant twist Mary had a little lamb into Debbie had a Satan.  Tell me, who needs to be suspended.  Who is tearing our country apart. 

Columbia University

Columbia University doesn't want the ROTC on their campus, but after the protest by the students, they go and listen to lyrics from many other groups including Eminem.  After their protest they watch the video "Top Ten Party Schools."  After the protest they get drunk and watch porn.  After their protest they go and shoplift, as many of the close by store owners have told me.  What are these kids protesting?  They're protesting against the one thing that gave them the right to be what they are.  Yet, why don't they protest against what is killing America. 


With Philadelphia having three hundred murders a year these supposedly intelligent college educated students don't see the connection.  That's because they never studied psychological warfare.  They never looked deeply into mass marketing.  They don't know the power of mental feedback.  They have grown up in a generation where everything in life is free and they have no responsibility and have never been taught responsibility.  They have grown up in a generation where they grew up singing and banging these songs into their heads. 


We need to stand up as Veterans and parents and put a stop to this kind of music and put these singers and song writers as well as their promoters in prison.  Would you like it if I came up to your ten year old and said "I think if I hear that fuckin' word again I'ma scream?"  No way, you would want to shoot me then reload your own gun and shoot me again.  Did you know that you can be arrested for quoting a song or a cartoon, it's true.  You can go to jail for quoting a .  We need to hold the promoter, FOX TV accountable.  We need to hold Eminem Responsible for your kids foul language and drawing guns.  These promoters are the real Terrorist.  Three hundred murders a year in Boston alone!  2200 Murders in New York a year.  Yes, they are the big terrorist and it needs to stop, and it needs to stop now!   They are terrorist and they are breaking the law!   C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster and Disabled Vet. 

If the Law Isn't Equal For All,   Then There Is NO LAW.
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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron

USS Kitty Hawk

Read the Webmasters Story, "Why God Sent Me to the North Pole." You will Be Surprised.

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guns, gun
Click Here's a follow-up on the above article.

Dear Brother Stair,
I listen to you over the internet almost every night, all night for about four years now. When I first started listening to you, it was on my ham radio but a storm blew the antenna down and I'm disabled so I found you on the internet and from there I am always able to listen to you anytime I want, so thank you very much for putting your broadcast on your web site.
I'm reading an article on the Web that is talking about a five year old boy being suspended from school for drawing a picture of his school burning and a stick figure outside the school shooting the kids as they were trying to escape.
Another article from Ocala, Florida. Two boys were suspended for making pencil and crayon stick figure drawings depicting a ten year old classmate being stabbed and hung.
Mesa Arizona School Suspends thirteen year old boy for sketching what looked like a gun.
In Bemiss Elementary School in Spokane, Washington, three boys were suspended for bringing miniature toy guns to school from their toy GI Joe Soldiers. The gun was made of plastic and was slightly over an inch long.
In Lenwill Elementary School in West Monroe, La. a third grade boy was suspended for drawing a picture of a soldier holding a canteen and a knife.
Jonesboro, Arkansas, an Eight year old boy was suspended for pointing a piece of chicken at a teacher and saying Pow, Pow, Pow.
Why did these kids get in trouble and why did they draw pictures like this? The answer is obvious, just read these TV program titles that I copied from Satellite TV listings that were playing in just one hour. The list starts out like this: Most Evil, The Occult Conspiracy, Dancing on Dangerous Ground, Notorious, The Bad Girls Club, The Big Tease, The Girls Next Door, Make Me a Super Model, 25 Most Memorable Swimsuit Moments, Death Professor, Shoot em up, I Know Who Killed Me, Super Bad, The Joint, RAW, Boneyard, The Heat, Best Damn Top 50 Specials, Big Natural Breast, Teen Hitchhikers, Big and Hard 6, Wife Bangers, Primal Urges 5, Real College Girls Exposed, Unzipped, The Slaughter Rock, Blue Demon, Ultimate fighting, Ninja Warrior, Family Guy, South Park.
The list really covers over 500 channels and this is just a few programs of what your TV guide reads like, just think of what the programs themselves are like. Filth, Sex, Crime, Hate, Murder, Cheating, Occult, these are the words that your little kids are learning while just trying to read what programs to watch.
Why are Family Guy and South Park listed, these sound like great family programs and were featured on Fox Kids Saturday morning programming. Try watching Family Guy or South Park and you will soon find out how Fox TV as well as other programs are programming your kids to be cheaters, murderers, haters, devil worshipers and drug addicts.
I doubt that you can read this on your program because it came from a kids program, Family guy, and it is not appropriate for your listeners. One day I woke up and went into the living room to see what the kids were watching on TV. It was Fox Kids Family Guy. You can trust Fox Kids and Family is obviously teaching family values. Well here is what I saw in the first ten seconds of watching the program. It showed the characters in the cartoon, in the seconds that I watched, then the picture went blank and a voice said, "We need a massive all girl sex orgy, we're all turning Gay." I got real mad and shut the TV off.
Now years later, Family Guy is on at eight p.m. I was sitting with my mom and I said let's watch this program for a little while. The program showed only a man and woman's hands touching each other as they were talking about this new butter and how good it was. Their voices were tender and loving and they gently touched each others hands as they talked. Then the woman said can I look at the butter, as she tried to open the lid. The man took a knife and stabbed her in the top of the hand and yelled "No way Bitch" as blood flowed everywhere.
So far I talked to the Former Chief of Police about this "Sex Orgy" Statement, and he almost hit me. I talked to our Sheriff about this and he told me that I would go to jail for saying something like this to a ten year old girl. The lawyer in the courthouse told me it depends on the context in which I said it. The States Attorney said that I would go to jail, a former police investigator said that I would definitely go to jail for saying this to a ten year old girl.
Isn't it interesting that if an adult quoted a kids cartoon that the adult would go to jail and the TV station can continue making these statements because it was freedom of speech.
Why does this happen? Well let's jump back to the 1960's when Divorce Court first came out to hear the answer. My brother was in Law School, back then, and he had a lot of lawyer friends. They said that when Divorce Court first came out, their incomes increased ten times. Yes, psychological warfare against the United States can increase lawyers incomes ten times. Wouldn't you like a ten times increase in your income. Absolutely, almost any person would reply.
Look at the program titles above. They are all violent, hateful, sinful, etc. Now listen to the News. School Shootings, Murders, Kidnappings, Rapes, and Sexual Misconduct. The lawyers are making a bundle, many of them making ten thousand dollars an hour. It's true. Yet, on the other hand, if there was no crime they would be sitting in a soup kitchen.
The little five year old kid didn't know that he was doing wrong by drawing a burning school, he was just drawing what he learned to do on TV. Yet he was suspended and now has been set up with a criminal record just for drawing what he has been taught by the worlds biggest role models from Hollywood.
Bringing an inch long plastic gun to school was not something that these kids realized would be wrong, they just watched three hundred murders in just the last weekend. Every top star is killing someone and saying G.D. over and over, Sex in the City is advertized every day.
Can you see the point. Lawyers run our country: Lawyers become Judges: Lawyers become Supreme Court Judges: Lawyers become Politicians: It is A Legal Industry. Yes, it's an INDUSTRY. An industry is there to make profit and what better way for them to do it than to promote divorce, hate, crime, violence, murder and even make it so a person cannot quote a kids cartoon without breaking the law. In all of these cases, Lawyers are making money and lots of it.
We have privatized prisons. In other words these are private companies that are running prisons. They are there to make a profit. Did you ever talk to a prisoner. You have been in prison yourself, Brother Stair, and you know that they do not try to teach the prisoners good things so that they can become responsible adults when they get out of prison. Prisons make money by creating more crime. More Crime = More Money. It's an Industry. They are there to make money. They are there to increase profits. They are not there to reduce crime, that would mean that they would be losing money and would go out of business and that would be very bad for investors and the economy of the community where the prison is located.
TV is programming our kids to do the wrong things so that Lawyers can make more money. That's a Fact.
The Bible says that in the end days, people will not know the difference between right and wrong.
The little five year old kid must be really confused. Every top super star has a filthy mouth, cheats on everything, breaks every law, has multiple sex partners and is a super bad role model, yet when the kid goes to school and tries to act like an adult, he acts like the super stars that he learned from all day and all night long. And the news said that the schools are not doing their part to curb crime, it's the schools fault. This kid did not know the difference between right from wrong.
I'm sorry to say, Proud to be an American, What are we proud of. I'm ashamed to be an American.
One more thing, I'm sorry to have to write such a terrible letter to you, but it is necessary. Please excuse me.
Thank you very much and God Bless You Brother Stair. I have never heard you tell a single lie. The Lord is indeed coming soon, very soon.
Jeff Dyrek.

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Watch These Movies, What did these men fight for.
Who is really a Hero?
They didn't fight so America can be a haven for the filthy.

Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools
From the Webmaster: I'm absolutely sick of you punks who do nothing but party and protest.  Do something worth while and put your efforts where they improve our country.  Get the violence and sex off of our media and the headsets out of your ears.  Listen to our current music and open your mind to what it is really telling you.  You are being programmed to be a pervert, violent and an anti-American.  The problem is not the military, it's the politicians, protest them, not our soldiers.  I have read many of the commentaries on this page and they are written by people who "Claim" that they know, but don't know anything.  Any school that has this program on it should not receive any government funding, period.



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