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Subject: Freedom of Speech, is it only there for people with a foul mouth.  What are the effects. America's Biggest Lie.  

Why is it that it is OK to be filthy, violent and hypersexual in the media, but if a high school student, Allen Lee,  repeats or mimics what he has been taught, he is arrested, expelled from school and banned from joining the armed services.  Ref. Chicago Tribune 28 April 2007 front page.  Walter Murphy, Professor at Princeton University is on the suspected terrorist list and has been banned from flying because he spoke against the President.  Yet, a rapper sings about killing cops in a song called Virginia Beach Cops, but that is considered freedom of speech.  Imus is fired because he used the word Ho, but at the same time, not just in rap music, but in all types of music and movies use this word plus "F" words and "GD" and everything else, and that's ok.   You go and say this to your ten year old neighbor girl and see what her parents will do to you.

Just a couple of days after the rappers song was said to be freedom of speech by one of the guest on the O'Reilly Factor, There were 32 people killed at Virginia Tech.  At Fresno State there was one person killed and two wounded.  Where did these people get the idea to mass murder fellow students?

Look at the TV Guide.  Just about every program is murder.  Even the older programs like Colombo, Murder She Wrote, Diagnosis Murder, etc. are all entertainment based on violence or murder.  I remember a huge sign in our town that said, "A Time To Kill,"  how many people died because of that sign.  The new programs are much worse, but your kids are glued to the tube.  What do you think TV Programming is?  TV Programming is programming you and your kids on how our culture should act or react.  Garbage in, Garbage out, as the old saying goes and the programs and advertisement are all pushing for garbage in your kids brain. 

The news is continuously talking about "Sexual Misconduct."  Just watch the TV.  You need Viagra or some other sexual stimulant or you don't measure up.  "Sex in the City" is the new way.  A female masturbation scene by a popular singer is teaching your little girls the wrong things.  Almost any actor today can be found on porn pages setting the wrong example for your little girls and boys.  Michael Jackson grabs his crotch in front of millions of viewers and that is considered cool.  And, if anyone does what they are continuously taught by our academy award winners or what is on TV, they are committing sexual misconduct.

Where is it all heading.  Your little girl is no longer a virgin at eleven years old.  Kids don't know who their dad really is or their dads are considered to be sperm donors.  Entire families have every kid with a different last name.  Kids are killing each other in the schools.  America is one of the most violent countries on the planet.  Make war not love, but have all the sex that you possibly can is the new move.  Divorce is a common event.  Oral sex is no longer considered sex.  Kids are using foul language in their regular speech.  Murder is a way to solve your problems.  And picking your college is determined on how many parties the school has, is depicted in the DVD "Top Ten Party Schools.  

We have lost.  We are going to have tremendous problems beyond anything we can imagine, and it's not too far away. This is the truth, it's already happening.  Our country is quickly becoming the biggest hypocritical country on earth.  Do what we say, not what we do will be our new countries motto.  And it's all heading that way, I'm telling you the truth, and it makes me sick.  This is really psychological warfare against all Americans, someone wants us to lose.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

It's not just rap music that is filthy, drug related, and violent, all of our media is giving feedback to our kids telling them that all women are only for sex, drugs are the new thing and the best way for recreation, and killing is the new way to relieve tension.
With freedom of speech comes responsibility in speech. Did you ever see a kid walking down the street, bobbing his head around while having a headset over his ears? What is he listening to? Almost all music today is filled with hate, sex and drugs.
Television programming is almost always murder and sex. Our commercials say you aren't hard or big enough, so take these drugs and hope you don't go blind in the process.
When I hear the President call Iraq, Iran and North Korea the root of all evil, I wonder how do you really know who is really the devil and how can you actually tell. Just look at what the country is teaching their kids. American media is the most violent and filthy programming in the world. Our kids are raised with a TV in their eye and a headset on their heads. The kids are learning magnets and our country is teaching them to kill as a solution to stress. Take drugs for recreation. And, sex with as many as you can makes you popular.
Guess what? This is what the devil would teach his kids, so we must be living in the devil.
C. Jeff Dyrek
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Watch These Movies, What did these men fight for.
Was it for all of the filthy language and programs that we now claim
to be Freedom of Speech.  With Freedom of Speech
there is Responsibility in Speech too, just like the freedom to
drive your car, you must be a responsible driver.



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